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5 Steps to Find a Mentor on LinkedIn in 2024

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Finding a mentor on LinkedIn involves identifying potential mentors, engaging with their content, and sending personalized connection requests. Here's a quick guide:

  • Devote time to nurturing a mentor relationship.
  • Identify and follow potential mentors through LinkedIn Pulse and search functions.
  • Engage with their content and contribute to discussions.
  • Send personalized connection requests and propose one-on-one interactions.

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How to Find a Mentor on LinkedIn

Finding a mentor on LinkedIn can significantly accelerate your professional growth by providing you with guidance, advice, and insights from someone who has navigated challenges similar to those you might be facing. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you find and connect with a mentor on LinkedIn.

Devote Time to Nurturing a Mentor Relationship

Start by dedicating the necessary time to finding and nurturing a mentor relationship. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for identifying potential mentors and building those connections. Look for individuals who contribute to the community both online and offline, as most mentors are leaders who are eager to share their experiences.

Identify and Follow Potential Mentors

Browse LinkedIn Pulse channels or use the search function to find professionals writing about topics in your area of interest. Don't hesitate to view profiles to understand a person's career progression, endorsements, and how they give back to the community. Initially, consider following rather than directly connecting with the person to stay updated on their activities without being intrusive.

Engage and Contribute

Engage with potential mentors by commenting on their posts and participating in discussions within the same circles. It's crucial to contribute positively to their life without being overbearing. Your interactions should demonstrate your interest and value alignment with their professional journey.

Personalize Your Connection Request

After you've established a rapport through engagement, reach out with a personalized connection request. Mention how you've followed their contributions and what you've learned from them. If they accept, consider sending them resources or articles that might interest them, further demonstrating your value as a connection.

Request a One-on-One Interaction

If the initial interactions go well, propose a one-on-one meeting. This could be a coffee catch-up if they're local or a phone call if they're not. Share specific questions in advance to make the conversation productive. If the interaction is positive, look for opportunities to meet in person to deepen the connection.

Use LinkedIn Features to Find Mentors

LinkedIn offers several features to help you find mentors:

  • Use hashtags related to your industry and mentorship to discover relevant professionals and advice.
  • Attend events and engage with speakers and attendees. Events related to your industry can be a goldmine for finding mentors.
  • Join and participate in communities by asking questions and contributing to discussions in LinkedIn groups.
  • Search by commonality, such as industry, hobby, or career path, to find mentors with shared interests.
  • Connect meaningfully by sending personalized connection notes explaining why you're reaching out and what you hope to learn from them.

By following these steps and leveraging LinkedIn's networking capabilities, you can find a mentor who can provide you with valuable insights and guidance tailored to your career goals.

Automate Your LinkedIn Mentor Search with Bardeen

Finding a mentor on LinkedIn can be significantly streamlined and enhanced with the use of automation tools like Bardeen. While the traditional method involves manually searching for and connecting with potential mentors, Bardeen can automate aspects of this process, making it more efficient and effective.

Here are some examples of how Bardeen can assist in automating your mentor search on LinkedIn:

  1. Send mutual connections from a LinkedIn profile to Slack: This playbook can help you identify mutual connections with potential mentors, facilitating an introduction or conversation starter. Sharing these connections with your team on Slack can also help in getting insights or recommendations.
  2. Get mutual connections from a LinkedIn profile: Directly obtaining a list of mutual connections with a potential mentor can give you valuable leads to pursue. This information can be pivotal in establishing a common ground while reaching out.
  3. Save mutual connections from a LinkedIn profile to Airtable: For a more organized approach, saving mutual connections to Airtable allows you to keep track of potential mentors and the shared connections you might leverage for an introduction.

By automating these aspects of the mentor search process, you can focus more on developing meaningful connections and less on the manual labor of data collection and organization. Start automating with Bardeen by downloading the app at

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