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How to Add Images to Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Google Sheets
February 3, 2024

Learn to insert images into Google Sheets, either in cells, as clickable links, or simulating a background. Key methods include using the IMAGE function or the Insert menu.

  • Insert image into a cell using 'Insert' > 'Image' > 'Image in cell' or the IMAGE function.
  • Simulate a background image by overlaying a drawing on an inserted image.
  • Add clickable links to images using a hyperlink formula in an adjacent cell.

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Add Image to Google Sheets

Adding images to Google Sheets can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your spreadsheets. Whether you're looking to insert images into individual cells, set an image as a background, or add clickable images that link to external resources, Google Sheets offers several options to accomplish these tasks.

Google Sheets Add Image to Cell

To insert an image into a specific cell in Google Sheets, you can use either the IMAGE function or the Insert menu. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open your spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Click the cell where you want to add an image.
  3. Click on 'Insert' then 'Image', and select 'Image in cell'.
  4. Choose an image from your computer or the web. You can also take a snapshot if your device supports it.
  5. Click 'Open' or 'Select' to insert the image.

Alternatively, you can use the IMAGE function to add an image to a cell. The syntax for the IMAGE function is '=IMAGE("URL", [mode], [height], [width])', where 'URL' is the link to the image, and 'mode' is optional and determines how the image fits into the cell. The modes are:

  • 1 or omitted: Image is sized to fit the cell, maintaining aspect ratio.
  • 2: Image is stretched to fit the cell, possibly distorting the aspect ratio.
  • 3: Image is inserted at its original size.
  • 4: Image is sized to a custom width and height in pixels.

Add Background Image to Google Sheets

Setting an image as a background in Google Sheets is not directly supported. However, you can achieve a similar effect by inserting an image and then overlaying it with a drawing. This method is not a classical "set as background" feature, but it allows you to place an image behind your data visually. The steps involve inserting an image using the IMAGE() formula or the UI, and then overlaying it with a drawing to simulate a background effect.

Google Sheets Add Link to Image

To make an image in Google Sheets clickable, linking it to an external URL, you currently need to use a workaround since the direct option to add a link to an image might be greyed out or not available. One method is to insert the image into a cell using the 'Insert' > 'Image' > 'Image in cell' option or the IMAGE function, and then use a hyperlink formula in an adjacent cell that points to the desired URL. Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not support directly embedding clickable links into images within the spreadsheet environment.

Automate Your Google Sheets with Bardeen: A How-To Guide

Adding images to Google Sheets not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a layer of information that can be crucial for analysis and presentations. While manual insertion is straightforward, automating this task with Bardeen can significantly streamline your workflow, particularly for tasks such as aggregating news or data from various sources directly into your sheets.

Here are some powerful automations you can create with Bardeen:

  1. Save data from the Google News page to Google Sheets: Automatically aggregate the latest news related to your industry or interests directly into your spreadsheet, keeping you informed and your data up-to-date without manual effort.
  2. Save full-page PDF screenshots to Google Drive from website links in a Google Sheet: This workflow is perfect for capturing and archiving web pages for research, competitive analysis, or compliance purposes, directly from links stored in your sheets.
  3. Save reviews from Google Maps to Google Sheets: Collect customer feedback or monitor your business's online reputation by saving Google Maps reviews into your spreadsheet for easy analysis and tracking.

These examples showcase just a slice of what's possible when you integrate Google Sheets with Bardeen's powerful automation capabilities. Start exploring these automations to enhance your productivity and make your data work smarter for you.

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