Step-by-Step Guide to Import Leads into Salesforce

Jason Gong
June 22, 2024

Go to the Leads tab, then Tools, and click Import Leads.

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How to Import Leads into Salesforce

Importing leads into Salesforce is a critical task for managing your sales pipeline and ensuring your sales team has all the necessary information to engage with potential customers effectively. This guide covers various methods to import leads, including using CSV files, Salesforce Lightning, and integrating leads from LinkedIn and Excel.

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Import Leads into Salesforce

To import leads into Salesforce, navigate to the Leads tab, scroll to the Tools panel, and click the Import Leads link. Then, launch the wizard, select 'Leads' and 'Add new records', specify any additional information like lead source or assignment rule, and upload your data file. After mapping fields and confirming the data, start the import. Once complete, the new leads will appear on the Leads tab.

Salesforce Import Leads CSV

For importing leads from a CSV file, prepare your file by ensuring data accuracy, removing duplicates, and matching column headers to Salesforce field names. Save the file as a CSV and use the Data Import Wizard in Salesforce to upload the file, map fields, and import the leads.

Import Leads into Salesforce Lightning

In Salesforce Lightning, use the Data Import Wizard accessible from the Setup menu. Choose 'Leads' as the data type, specify the import details, upload your CSV file, map the fields accordingly, and proceed with the import.

Import Leads from LinkedIn to Salesforce

For LinkedIn leads, use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Creation feature. Admins must enable this in Sales Navigator settings, and users need to authenticate with Salesforce. Leads can then be created in Salesforce directly from Sales Navigator Lead Pages or Lists.

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How to Import Leads into Salesforce from Excel

To import leads from an Excel spreadsheet, first save the Excel file as a CSV. Ensure the data is clean and the column headers match Salesforce field names. Then, use the Data Import Wizard in Salesforce to upload the CSV file, map the fields, and import the leads.

Mass Import Leads Salesforce

For mass importing leads, the Data Import Wizard is the most efficient tool. It allows for the import of large numbers of records at once. Prepare your CSV file with all the leads, ensuring data integrity and correct formatting, then follow the standard import process.

Data Import Wizard

Salesforce Data Import Wizard

The Salesforce Data Import Wizard provides a user-friendly interface for importing leads, among other records. Access it via the Setup menu, select the type of data to import, upload your file, and follow the prompts to map fields and execute the import.

Import Leads Permission Salesforce

Ensure you have the necessary permissions to import leads. Typically, you need the 'Import Leads' permission, which can be granted by your Salesforce administrator.

Import Sales Navigator Leads into Salesforce

To import leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, enable the Lead Creation feature in Sales Navigator Admin settings. Users must authenticate with Salesforce, and leads can then be added directly from Sales Navigator to Salesforce.

Automate Salesforce Leads with Bardeen Enhancements

While importing leads into Salesforce manually is a foundational skill in managing your sales pipeline, leveraging automation can significantly enhance your efficiency and ensure you capture a wider array of potential leads. By using Bardeen, you can automate various tasks related to Salesforce lead management, from creation to enrichment, directly from LinkedIn profiles, email interactions, and more.

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  1. Create a Salesforce lead from a LinkedIn profile: This playbook transforms LinkedIn profiles into Salesforce leads in just a few clicks, ideal for quickly capturing valuable leads from your LinkedIn network.
  2. Enrich and update a Salesforce lead's record with new information: Automatically update Salesforce leads with fresh data from LinkedIn, ensuring your leads' information is always current and actionable.
  3. Create a Salesforce lead from a LinkedIn post: Leverage LinkedIn posts to discover and create new Salesforce leads, perfect for tapping into the rich, professional insights shared on LinkedIn.

By automating these essential tasks, you can significantly reduce manual data entry, improve lead quality, and accelerate your sales cycle. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

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