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Get LinkedIn company headcount from the currently opened profile

This playbook will find the company of the currently opened LinkedIn profile and display the company's headcount on the screen.
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How does this automation work?

For professionals focused on sales prospecting and data sourcing, understanding the size of a company is crucial for tailoring outreach strategies. Bardeen's playbook leverages automation to streamline the process of fetching a LinkedIn company's headcount directly from an open profile. This workflow is especially beneficial for those who need quick access to company size data without manually searching for it.

Here's how you can automate the retrieval of a company's headcount from LinkedIn:

  • Step 1: Scrape LinkedIn profile - The Scraper integration is used to extract data from the currently opened LinkedIn profile, identifying the company associated with the profile.
  • Step 2: Prepare company URL - Bardeen then takes the company's LinkedIn URL and prepares it for the next scraping action.
  • Step 3: Scrape company page - With the URL ready, the Scraper goes to the LinkedIn company's 'About' page in the background to extract the headcount information.
  • Step 4: Split headcount data - The scraped headcount data is then split into a manageable format.
  • Step 5: Display headcount - Finally, Bardeen extracts the specific headcount number from the data and displays it on the screen for the user.
Run this LinkedIn automation with Bardeen in minutes.

How to run the workflow

Ever felt the frustration of manually searching for company information while browsing LinkedIn profiles? Say goodbye to that hassle with this automation! It seamlessly fetches the headcount of the company linked to the profile you're viewing.

Consider the plight of recruiters or HR professionals who juggle multiple profiles daily. This automation becomes their time-saving companion, instantly providing crucial company details. No more toggling between tabs or combing through websites!

Additionally, business analysts seeking to gather competitive intelligence will find this tool indispensable. Knowing a company's headcount offers valuable insights into its size and growth trajectory, enabling better decision-making.

Simple yet effective, this automation streamlines your workflow without any exaggeration. It's the perfect solution for professionals seeking quick and accurate LinkedIn profile analysis. 

Let’s set it up!

Please be aware that the excessive or abusive use of extensions, bots, or automation tools on some websites can lead to penalties, including temporary or even permanent restrictions on your account. We recommend you read and adhere to the specific terms of the websites you are visiting and using to avoid any disruptions or issues. We do not assume any responsibility for the consequences of abuse.

Step 1: Pin the playbook

You will be redirected to install the browser extension when you run it for the first time. 

Click the “Pin it” button at the top of this page to get this automation saved to your Playbooks, if you already have the Bardeen extension installed.

To use the Playbook, navigate to the LinkedIn profile.

Activate Bardeen (or hit Option + B on Mac or ALT + B on PC on your keyboard) and click to “run the playbook” to get the company from the currently opened LinkedIn profile and extract the headcount. 

Step 2: Run the playbook to get LinkedIn company headcount from the currently opened profile

To get the current company and the headcount of that company from the currently opened LinkedIn profile, run the playbook. It will find the company profile and get the headcount.

The playbook will then show you the result on the screen. 

You can also edit the playbook and add your next action to further customize the automation. You can send the data to Google Sheets, Notion, Coda, or your CRMs, etc. 

Learn more about how to scrape LinkedIn company data.

You can also find more about how to increase your personal productivity and automate your data sourcing and research process.

Run this LinkedIn automation with Bardeen in minutes.

Available actions & triggers

Get LinkedIn company headcount from the currently opened profile
Get LinkedIn company headcount from the currently opened profile
Get LinkedIn company headcount from the currently opened profile
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Bardeen - Playbook / Autobooks: Is it possible to create a Playbook that scrapes data from a website and sends it as an email attachment?

You can create a Bardeen Playbook to scrape data from a website and then send that data as an email attachment.

Youtube: Can I download a Youtube video to my computer using Bardeen?

Unfortunately, Bardeen is not able to download videos to your computer.

Google Sheets: What is the best way to export data to Google Sheets?

Exporting data (ex: scraped data or app data) from Bardeen to Google Sheets is possible with our action to “Add Rows to Google Sheets”.

Meetings: Is there a playbook to record and summarize meetings?

There isn't a specific AI use case available for automatically recording and summarizing meetings at the moment

Playbooks/Autobooks: How do I edit an action in a Playbook or Autobook?

Please follow the following steps to edit an action in a Playbook or Autobook.

Scraper: How can I get data from multiple sections of a profile (Eg: getting the experience section on a linkedin profile)?

Cases like this require you to scrape the links to the sections and use the background scraper to get details from every section.

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