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How to Find Who Created a Deal in Pipedrive (5 Steps)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 25, 2024

To identify who created a deal in Pipedrive, access the deal's detailed view and review the 'Activity' or 'History' log for comprehensive action records, including creation details. Alternatively, utilize custom fields or export deal data for broader analysis.

This process enhances accountability and insights into the sales pipeline.

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Finding out who created a deal in Pipedrive is essential for maintaining accountability and understanding the sales pipeline's dynamics. This task can be accomplished through the Pipedrive interface by leveraging its detailed logging and reporting features. Here's how to navigate this process effectively.

Accessing Deal Details

To start, you need to access the specific deal in question. Navigate to the 'Deals' section of Pipedrive and locate the deal you're interested in. Clicking on the deal will open its detailed view, where various pieces of information about the deal are displayed.

Reviewing the Activity Log

Once in the deal's detailed view, look for the 'Activity' or 'History' log. Pipedrive keeps a comprehensive log of all actions taken on a deal, including its creation. This log will list actions in chronological order, starting from the most recent. By scrolling through this log, you can identify when the deal was created and by whom.

Utilizing Custom Fields

If your organization has set up custom fields to track deal creators, you can find this information directly on the deal's page. Custom fields can be configured to automatically capture the name of the user who created the deal. Check the deal's details for any such custom fields labeled accordingly, like 'Deal Creator' or similar.

Exporting Deal Data

For a broader analysis, exporting deal data might be necessary. Pipedrive allows you to export deals into a spreadsheet. This exported data can include the creator's information if it has been set to be captured either through default settings or custom fields. To export, navigate to the 'Deals' section, apply any necessary filters to select the deals you're interested in, and then use the export option. Ensure that the columns related to deal creation, such as 'Created by', are selected for export.

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Contacting Support

If you're unable to find the information following the above methods, or if you believe the data isn't displaying correctly, reaching out to Pipedrive's support team can be a helpful next step. They can provide guidance specific to your account setup and help troubleshoot any issues you're encountering.

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By following these steps, you should be able to identify who created a deal in Pipedrive, allowing for better tracking of sales activities and contributions within your team.

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Boost Your Pipedrive Efficiency with Bardeen Automations

Identifying who created a deal in Pipedrive is essential for managing sales processes and ensuring accountability within teams. While Pipedrive provides detailed logs for tracking such activities, automating these tasks can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. With Bardeen, you can automate various Pipedrive-related tasks, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Here are examples of automations you can implement using Bardeen's playbooks:

  1. Send a Pipedrive deal's information in Slack: Streamlines communication by automatically sending details of a Pipedrive deal to a designated Slack channel or user, ensuring your team stays updated on deal progress without manual intervention.
  2. Add an activity to a Pipedrive deal: Enhances deal management efficiency by automatically adding an activity to a Pipedrive deal, which helps in keeping track of important tasks and milestones.
  3. Copy all Pipedrive deals to Coda: Facilitates better organization and access to deal information by copying all Pipedrive deals into a Coda table, enabling easier management and analysis.

Implementing these automations with Bardeen not only saves valuable time but also ensures that your sales team can focus on what they do best: selling. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app.

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