Import Contacts into Salesforce: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
June 22, 2024

Save your Excel file as a CSV, then upload it via Salesforce Import Wizard or Data Loader.

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How to Import Contacts into Salesforce

Importing contacts into Salesforce is a crucial task for businesses looking to manage their customer relationships effectively. Salesforce provides several methods to import contacts, catering to different data formats and sources. This guide will cover the primary methods to import contacts into Salesforce, including from Excel, CSV files, and Outlook, as well as bulk upload options.

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Salesforce Import Contacts

To import contacts into Salesforce, you can use the built-in import wizard or the Salesforce Data Loader. The import wizard is suitable for smaller volumes of data, while the Data Loader is ideal for larger datasets. Both tools allow you to map your contact fields to Salesforce fields, ensuring accurate data transfer.

How to Import Contacts into Salesforce from Excel

For importing contacts from Excel, first, save your Excel file as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Then, use the Salesforce Import Wizard or Data Loader to upload the CSV file. During the import process, you'll have the opportunity to map Excel columns to the corresponding Salesforce contact fields.

How to Mass Import Contacts into Salesforce

To mass import contacts, the Salesforce Data Loader is the recommended tool. It allows for the import of large volumes of data from a CSV file. Ensure your data is well-organized and correctly formatted in the CSV file to prevent errors during the import process.

Import Contacts into Salesforce CSV

When preparing a CSV file for import, include all necessary contact information and ensure that the data is clean and accurate. Use the Salesforce Data Loader for the import, mapping each CSV column to the appropriate Salesforce field.

How to Import Contacts into Salesforce from Outlook

For importing contacts from Outlook, first export your Outlook contacts to a CSV file. Then, use the Salesforce Import Wizard or Data Loader to upload this file. During the import process, carefully map the Outlook fields to the corresponding Salesforce contact fields.

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Bulk Upload Contacts to Salesforce

Bulk uploading contacts to Salesforce can be efficiently done using the Salesforce Data Loader. This tool supports the bulk import of contacts from a CSV file, allowing for the rapid update or addition of contact records in Salesforce.

Bulk uploading contacts to Salesforce can be efficiently done using the Salesforce Data Loader

Automatically Import Unstructured Data into Salesforce

For unstructured data, consider using AI-based OCR software like Nanonets to automate the data transformation workflow. This method involves creating a data parser, importing emails or documents, extracting relevant data, and then exporting or automating the workflow to Salesforce. This approach is beneficial for extracting contact details from emails, documents, and other unstructured data sources.

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Automate Salesforce Workflows with Bardeen

Importing contacts into Salesforce can streamline your customer relationship management by ensuring your CRM is populated with up-to-date information. While manual import options are available, leveraging automation can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. Bardeen's automation capabilities seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, making contact management more effective.

Here are examples of automations you can build with Bardeen:

  1. Create a new Salesforce contact: This playbook automates the creation of new contacts in Salesforce, saving time and reducing manual data entry errors.
  2. Create a Salesforce contact from a LinkedIn profile: Enhance your sales prospecting by automatically creating Salesforce contacts from LinkedIn profiles, enriching your CRM with valuable lead information.
  3. Copy all Salesforce Contacts to Google Sheets: This playbook facilitates the synchronization of Salesforce contacts to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, enabling easier data analysis and sharing.

Automating these processes with Bardeen not only saves valuable time but also ensures your Salesforce data is consistently up-to-date and accurately reflected across your sales tools. Start automating today by downloading the Bardeen app at

Automate Salesforce Contact Management

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