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LinkedIn Recruiter Response Guide 2024

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January 27, 2024

Responding to a recruiter on LinkedIn involves expressing gratitude, stating interest or disinterest, and maintaining professionalism.

  • Thank the recruiter and express interest or politely decline.
  • Include contact information and availability if interested.
  • Share your values and what you seek in a company culture.
  • If not interested, explain briefly and express a desire to stay in touch.
  • Ask for more details if unsure about the role.
  • Decline gracefully if not interested, suggesting future contact.

Responding to a recruiter on LinkedIn is an opportunity to make a strong first impression and potentially advance your career. Whether you're interested in the role or not, it's important to reply professionally and strategically. Here's how to craft your response:

If You Are Interested:

  1. Express Gratitude: Start your message by thanking the recruiter for reaching out and considering you for the position.
  2. State Your Interest: Clearly indicate that you are interested in the role and would like to learn more about the opportunity.
  3. Provide Contact Information: Include your phone number and email address to make it easy for the recruiter to schedule a conversation.
  4. Availability: Offer your availability for a call or meeting, including specific times and your time zone.
  5. Share Your Values: Mention the values or aspects of company culture that are important to you in your next role.

If You Aren't Interested:

  1. Be Polite: Thank the recruiter for considering you and acknowledge the opportunity.
  2. Explain Briefly: If you're not interested in the specific role but like the company, explain what you're looking for and express a desire to stay in touch for future opportunities.
  3. Ask for More Information: If you're unsure about the role, ask for more details to help you make an informed decision.
  4. Decline Gracefully: If you're not interested at all, politely decline by stating that you're content in your current position but will reach out in the future if things change.

Remember to tailor your response to the specific message from the recruiter, and keep your reply concise and focused. Even if you're not interested in the current opportunity, maintaining a professional relationship with the recruiter can be beneficial for future opportunities.

Streamline Your LinkedIn Networking with Bardeen

Responding to a recruiter on LinkedIn can be a pivotal step in advancing your career. While personalized responses are crucial, some aspects of engagement can be streamlined with automation using Bardeen. Let's explore how to maintain the personal touch while improving efficiency.

Here are a few pre-built automation examples from Bardeen that can assist you in managing LinkedIn interactions:

  1. Connect with a list of LinkedIn contacts: Automate the process of connecting with multiple profiles from a list and effortlessly gather their basic information into a Google Sheet. Automate here.
  2. Connect with a LinkedIn user and display a message: Prepare personalized messages based on profile information, which Bardeen will display for your review before sending out the connection request. Automate here.
  3. Copy a LinkedIn company profile to Airtable, when I right-click: Instantly transfer LinkedIn company profile data into your Airtable base to streamline your workflow. Automate here.

Start automating your LinkedIn tasks today by downloading Bardeen at

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