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Create Notion Templates Easily in 4 Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 8, 2024

Learn to create, share, and sell Notion templates, including database templates, to streamline your workflow and potentially monetize your creations.

  • Build a Notion page for your template and enable 'Allow duplicate as template' for sharing.
  • Share your template by publishing to the web and sharing the link.
  • Monetize your templates by selling them on digital marketplaces or your website.
  • Create database templates within Notion for automated repetitive tasks.

Automate your Notion tasks with Bardeen to enhance productivity and keep your workspace organized. Learn more at

How to Make a Notion Template

Creating a Notion template allows you to replicate your favorite workflows and share them with others. A Notion template is essentially a prebuilt Notion page that can be added to your workspace. Templates can range from simple to-do lists to complex project management boards. To create your own template, start by building a Notion page that serves your intended purpose. This could be anything from a daily journal layout to a comprehensive project tracker. Once your page is set up with the desired content and structure, you can turn it into a template by sharing it publicly and enabling the 'Allow duplicate as template' option.

How to Make a Notion Template to Share

To share a Notion template, click on the 'Share' button at the top right of your template page, then select 'Publish to web'. Ensure the 'Allow duplicate as template' toggle is on. This makes your template available for others to duplicate into their own workspaces. You can then share the template link with anyone you wish. For broader sharing, consider submitting your template to the Notion Template Gallery or sharing it on social media and relevant online communities.

How to Make a Notion Template to Sell

If you're interested in monetizing your Notion templates, start by identifying a niche or need that your template addresses. Create a high-quality, visually appealing template that offers real value to potential buyers. Once your template is ready, you can sell it through your own website, digital marketplaces like Gumroad, or through social media platforms. Be sure to include clear instructions and possibly a video tutorial to make your template more attractive to buyers. Pricing can vary based on the complexity and demand for your template.

How to Make a Database Template in Notion

Database templates in Notion are powerful tools for automating repetitive tasks within a database. To create a database template, open your database and click on the 'New' button's dropdown menu, then select '+ New template'. You can then customize this template by adding specific properties, content, and structure that will be replicated every time you use this template for a new entry in the database. This is particularly useful for maintaining consistency in entries such as project tasks, meeting notes, or inventory items. Remember, templates created in one database are not automatically available in others, so you'll need to create specific templates for each database as needed.

Boost Your Notion Workflows with Bardeen Automations

While creating a Notion template manually is a great way to systematize your workflow, automating your Notion tasks can take productivity to the next level. Thanks to Bardeen, you can automate various Notion-related tasks, from page creation to data import, enhancing your productivity and ensuring your Notion workspace remains organized and up-to-date.

  1. Save the currently opened ThemeForest search results to Notion: Automatically transfer your curated ThemeForest search results into your Notion workspace. Ideal for designers and developers looking to streamline their design inspiration collection process.
  2. Copy all Jira issues to Notion: Seamlessly integrate your project management and workspace tools by copying all Jira issues into a Notion database. This playbook ensures that your team's tasks and progress are centralized in Notion for easy access and collaboration.

Explore these automations to enhance your Notion workflows, and download the Bardeen app at to get started.

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