Understanding HubSpot Deals: A Comprehensive Guide

Jason Gong
June 6, 2024

HubSpot Deals track progress from contact to sale.

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HubSpot Deals are a crucial component of the platform's sales pipeline management system. They represent potential revenue opportunities and help sales teams track progress from initial contact to closing the sale. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explain what HubSpot Deals are, how they work, and provide best practices for managing and tracking deals to optimize your sales process and revenue forecasting.

Understanding HubSpot Deals and Their Significance

HubSpot Deals represent potential revenue opportunities within your sales pipeline. They help you track and manage the progress of each sale, from initial contact to closing the deal. Deals are a crucial component of HubSpot's CRM, enabling you to:

  • Visualize your sales pipeline
  • Predict revenue
  • Identify selling roadblocks

Deals progress through various stages in HubSpot, from initiation to closure. These stages typically include:

  1. Appointment scheduled
  2. Qualified to buy
  3. Presentation scheduled
  4. Decision maker bought-in
  5. Contract sent
  6. Closed won
  7. Closed lost

HubSpot offers customization options to tailor deal stages to your unique business processes. You can create, rename, and reorder stages to align with your sales workflow. This flexibility ensures that your deal pipeline accurately reflects your sales process, making it easier to track progress and identify areas for improvement. For more tips on improving sales processes, check out sales prospecting tools.

Best Practices for Managing Deals in HubSpot

To effectively manage deals in HubSpot, it's crucial to set up and use properties and automation to streamline the deal management process. Here are some best practices:

  • Customize deal properties to capture relevant information for your sales process
  • Use required properties to ensure consistent data entry
  • Leverage automation to move deals through stages based on specific criteria
  • Set up notifications to alert team members of important deal updates

Associating deals with the correct contacts and companies in HubSpot is also essential for maintaining organized and efficient sales operations. This allows you to:

  • View a complete history of interactions with a prospect or customer
  • Easily identify key decision-makers and influencers
  • Personalize your sales approach based on contact and company data

By implementing these best practices and ensuring proper data association, you can optimize your deal management process in HubSpot, leading to more accurate forecasting and improved sales performance. For more tips, check out our guide on building a robust prospect list.

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Leveraging HubSpot's Tools for Deal Tracking and Revenue Forecasting

HubSpot offers powerful reporting tools that enable you to track the performance of deals and forecast revenue accurately. With the revenue analytics report, you can:

  • Analyze and track the projected value of deal amounts over time
  • Understand the impact of renewals, upgrades, downgrades, and churns on revenue
  • Monitor how much revenue you're generating or losing in a specific time range

To set up recurring revenue tracking, create the necessary recurring revenue properties in your HubSpot account and add values to these properties for each deal. The revenue analytics tool will then report on the data, allowing you to forecast based on known revenue by selecting a date range beyond the current date.

HubSpot also provides integration capabilities that automate sales prospecting and allow for enhanced data analysis and decision-making processes. By connecting HubSpot with other analytical tools, you can gain deeper insights into your sales performance and revenue trends. This integration enables you to:

  • Visualize data in custom dashboards
  • Identify patterns and correlations
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategy

By leveraging HubSpot's deal tracking and revenue forecasting tools, along with its integration capabilities, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales performance and make informed decisions to drive growth.

Automate Your HubSpot Deals with Bardeen

Deals in HubSpot can be created and tracked manually, but with Bardeen's automation capabilities, the process becomes more streamlined and efficient. Automating your HubSpot deals can ensure timely actions such as notifications, data synchronization across platforms, and creating structured databases for advanced analysis. Here are a few examples of how Bardeen can transform your deal management experience:

  1. Send a WhatsApp message when a HubSpot deal is created: Instantly notify your team or stakeholders through WhatsApp whenever a new deal is created in HubSpot, ensuring immediate attention and action.
  2. Copy all HubSpot deals to Coda: Seamlessly synchronize your deals from HubSpot to Coda, keeping your project management and CRM data aligned and up-to-date.
  3. Add new row to Coda, when HubSpot deal is created: Automatically add a new row in your Coda table whenever a deal is created in HubSpot, facilitating better project tracking and management.
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