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Effective Pipedrive Project & Task Management Guide

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Organize and manage projects in Pipedrive by leveraging its kanban board, creating tasks and subtasks, and utilizing automation for efficiency. Streamline project planning and task management with custom fields, labels, and filters for better tracking and collaboration.

Automate your Pipedrive organization tasks with Bardeen to save time and focus on your sales goals.

Pipedrive Project Management

Effective project management in Pipedrive revolves around leveraging its all-in-one project management solution, which is designed to track progress and maintain focus on goals. The platform facilitates project planning by offering a kanban board view for mapping out complex projects, creating to-do lists with tasks and subtasks, and tracking projects with labels, custom fields, and filters. This intuitive interface ensures that task management, progress tracking, and team collaboration are streamlined, making it easier for teams to reach their milestones.

To start a new project, you can directly create a project from a won deal or use the “+ Project” button on the main Projects page. Each project can be customized with a title, start and end dates, a board for grouping, and a phase for project stages. Assigning an owner and linking the project to deals, people, or organizations helps in organizing and prioritizing tasks effectively.

Sorting and organizing in Pipedrive can significantly enhance your sales process. Let Bardeen automate your CRM tasks and improve efficiency. Download Bardeen now.

Using Pipedrive for Project Management

For those seeking to use Pipedrive for project management, the platform offers a robust set of features to manage, track, and automate tasks. The drag-and-drop dashboard allows for easy oversight of ongoing tasks, grouping activities by phases, and assigning labels to keep plans organized. Automation features within Pipedrive expedite project updates, saving valuable time. Customizable boards and the ability to oversee large-scale projects separately ensure that each project is managed with precision.

Moreover, Pipedrive’s Projects feature integrates seamlessly with its CRM capabilities, allowing for the easy transition from sales to project delivery. This integration ensures that customer data is easily carried over into projects, eliminating the need for duplicate entries and streamlining the workflow.

Pipedrive Task Management

Task management in Pipedrive is facilitated through the creation of tasks and subtasks within projects, which can be organized by phase or custom groups. This organization aids in keeping track of project progress through a detailed view that displays scheduled tasks, subtasks, and activities, along with their completion status. The platform allows for the easy addition, deletion, and marking of activities as done, and even offers a phase for unassigned tasks, ensuring flexibility in task management.

Tasks and subtasks do not necessarily require a due date or owner, making it easier to manage to-dos alongside larger project activities. This feature is particularly useful for tasks that do not need to appear on the calendar but are essential for project completion.

Pipedrive Contact Management

Pipedrive excels in contact management by offering a comprehensive solution that combines communications tracking, interactions, customer preferences, and support tickets in one centralized tool. This approach improves overall customer experience and sales performance through enhanced efficiency and contact transparency. Real-time data access, customer data synchronization from various sources, and effective team collaboration are among the key features that foster personalized touchpoints and leverage valuable customer information.

The Smart Contact Data feature in Pipedrive is particularly noteworthy, as it helps in understanding leads better by retrieving extensive information from sources like LinkedIn and Google with just an email address. This feature not only saves hours of research time but also aids in pre-qualifying leads and prioritizing focus on the right leads, thereby increasing the chances of success.

Explore our LinkedIn + Pipedrive automations, discover the 10 best Pipedrive automations, and leverage OpenAI + Pipedrive automations to supercharge your workflow.

Automate Your Pipedrive with Bardeen: Save Time on CRM Tasks

Sorting and organizing in Pipedrive can significantly enhance your sales process, but doing it manually can be time-consuming. Fortunately, Bardeen offers automation playbooks that can streamline these tasks, saving you time and improving your CRM's efficiency.

Here are a few examples of how Bardeen can automate Pipedrive organization:

  1. Copy all Pipedrive organizations to a Google Sheet: Automate the process of exporting your Pipedrive organizations into a Google Sheet for easy access and analysis.
  2. Copy all Pipedrive organizations to Notion: Streamline your workflow by copying all Pipedrive organizations into a Notion database, keeping all your data in sync.
  3. Copy all Pipedrive organizations to Airtable: Simplify data management by automatically transferring your Pipedrive organizations to an Airtable database.

Implementing these automations can help you focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app.

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