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Send Emails in HubSpot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 27, 2024

To send an email in HubSpot, you can use the one-to-one email feature for individual contacts or the marketing email tool for broader campaigns. Both options are accessible through the platform, allowing for personalized or mass communication.

This guide covers both individual and marketing email functionalities, providing a comprehensive understanding of HubSpot's email capabilities.

Enhance your email efficiency in HubSpot by automating your email tasks with Bardeen, from personalized drafts to contact creation.

How to Send an Email in HubSpot

Sending emails through HubSpot can be accomplished using either the one-to-one email feature for individual contacts or by creating and sending marketing emails for broader campaigns. Both methods offer unique functionalities tailored to specific communication needs, leveraging HubSpot's CRM and email marketing tools.

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HubSpot Send Email

To send a one-to-one email in HubSpot, a connected inbox is required. This feature allows for direct communication with individual contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or custom object records. The process involves navigating to the specific record, composing the email, and sending it directly from the platform.

  1. Navigate to your HubSpot account and select the record type (Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, Custom objects).
  2. Click the name of the record you wish to email.
  3. In the left panel, click the Email icon to compose your email.
  4. Customize the email's recipient, sender, subject, and body. You can also use templates, documents, meeting links, and snippets for efficiency.
  5. Click Send.

How to Send an Email in HubSpot

For more extensive email campaigns, HubSpot's marketing email tool allows the creation of both regular and automated emails, including blog/RSS emails. This feature is accessible through the Marketing > Email section in HubSpot, where users can select an email type, customize the content using a drag-and-drop or classic editor, and send or schedule the email to their contact lists.

  1. Go to Marketing > Email in your HubSpot account.
  2. Click Create email and select the email type (Regular, Automated, Blog/RSS).
  3. Choose a template and customize your email content and layout.
  4. Configure your email settings, including the subject line, preview text, and recipient list.
  5. Preview, test, and send your email immediately or schedule it for later.
Automate your email campaigns by integrating HubSpot with Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Slack for a multi-channel outreach and instant alerts.

Send Email from HubSpot

Replying to, forwarding, and managing email engagements directly from a contact's record are also streamlined in HubSpot. Users can easily interact with incoming emails, ensuring that all communications are logged and associated with the correct records for a comprehensive view of contact interactions.

  1. Navigate to the record associated with the email you want to reply to or forward.
  2. Find the email on the record timeline and choose Reply, Reply all, or Forward.
  3. Compose your message and send it, ensuring it's logged to the correct record for tracking.

Send Marketing Email HubSpot

For users focusing on email marketing, HubSpot provides tools for creating, sending, and analyzing marketing emails. This includes capabilities for A/B testing, scheduling, and segmenting recipient lists to optimize email campaigns. The platform supports both a classic editor and a drag-and-drop editor, catering to different user preferences for email design and content creation.

  1. In HubSpot, navigate to Marketing > Email and click Create email.
  2. Select your email type and template.
  3. Customize your email's content, layout, and settings.
  4. Use A/B testing to optimize your email's performance.
  5. Preview, test, and either send your email immediately or schedule it.

HubSpot's comprehensive email tools support a range of email marketing and communication needs, from individual follow-ups to large-scale marketing campaigns, all within a unified platform.

Automate Your HubSpot Emails with Bardeen

Sending emails through HubSpot can be streamlined with manual efforts or fully automated using Bardeen's HubSpot integration. Automating email tasks can significantly enhance efficiency, allowing for personalized communication at scale, timely follow-ups, and ensuring no contact goes untouched. For instance, automating the creation of contacts or tickets in HubSpot upon receiving an email can save valuable time and reduce manual data entry. Let's explore some automation examples with Bardeen that can revolutionize how you manage email communication within HubSpot.

  1. Create a HubSpot ticket when an email is forwarded: This playbook automatically creates a ticket in HubSpot when an email is forwarded to a specific address, optimizing your customer support workflow.
  2. Create draft email for a HubSpot contact using OpenAI: Enhance your email productivity by generating draft emails for your HubSpot contacts with AI's help, personalizing communication at scale.
  3. Automatically create HubSpot contact from Gmail email: Streamline lead capture by automatically creating a new contact in HubSpot for every email received in Gmail, ensuring no potential lead is missed.

Discover the full potential of automating your HubSpot email tasks by downloading the Bardeen app.

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