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Get LinkedIn Contacts Without Connection: 3 Steps

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February 12, 2024

Accessing LinkedIn contact info without a connection involves using LinkedIn's features, engaging in groups, and leveraging automation tools like Kaspr, GrowMeOrganic, and Spylead.

  • Check the 'Contact Info' section on profiles for public details.
  • Join LinkedIn groups and utilize mutual connections.
  • Use tools like Kaspr, GrowMeOrganic, and Spylead for efficient data retrieval and outreach.

Automate your LinkedIn networking with Bardeen to enhance efficiency in sales, marketing, or recruitment.

How to Get Contact Info from LinkedIn Without Connection

Accessing contact information on LinkedIn without a direct connection can be crucial for networking, recruitment, or sales prospecting. While LinkedIn restricts access to contact details to protect user privacy, there are several methods and tools available to bypass these limitations legally and ethically.

Using LinkedIn Features and Manual Search

One basic approach involves leveraging LinkedIn's own features:

  1. Visit the profile of the person you're interested in. If they have chosen to make their contact information public, you can find it under the 'Contact Info' section.
  2. Engage with LinkedIn groups related to your field. Joining and participating in discussions can provide opportunities to connect with professionals and access their contact details indirectly.
  3. Utilize your existing network. Mutual connections can introduce you to their contacts, providing a legitimate way to access someone's contact information.

However, these methods can be time-consuming and do not guarantee success, as they rely on the willingness of users to share their contact information publicly or through mutual connections.

Using LinkedIn Automation and Email Finder Tools

For a more efficient approach, several tools and services can automate the process of finding contact information:

  • Kaspr: A LinkedIn Chrome extension that pops up on profiles, offering access to phone numbers and email addresses without sending a connection request. It also provides data enrichment features for bulk contact information retrieval from LinkedIn groups, posts, events, or lead lists.
  • GrowMeOrganic: This tool allows for the extraction of unlimited emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, offering access to a vast database of companies and B2B emails. It includes features like email verification and drip campaigns for effective outreach.
  • Spylead: Known for its fast finder feature, Spylead helps find emails on LinkedIn in seconds and supports bulk email search. It integrates with automation tools for seamless lead management and outreach.

These tools not only provide access to email addresses and phone numbers but also offer features for verifying the accuracy of the data, managing leads, and automating outreach efforts. They are designed to save time and increase the efficiency of prospecting activities on LinkedIn.

Considerations and Best Practices

When using these methods and tools, it's important to respect privacy and comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Always use the information gathered for legitimate business purposes and avoid spamming. Additionally, personalizing your outreach and providing value in your communication can significantly increase your success rate in making meaningful connections.

While obtaining contact info from LinkedIn without a connection is possible through various means, combining LinkedIn's own networking features with powerful automation tools can provide the best results. Remember to choose tools that align with your specific needs and ensure they are compliant with data protection laws.

Automate LinkedIn Networking with Bardeen

While manually searching for contact info on LinkedIn can be a time-consuming process, automating these tasks using Bardeen can significantly enhance your efficiency. Whether you're in sales, marketing, or recruitment, having direct access to contact info without needing a connection opens up a world of networking opportunities. Here are some ways LinkedIn data can be automated and utilized effectively with Bardeen:

  1. Connect with a list of LinkedIn contacts: This playbook automates the process of connecting with a list of LinkedIn profiles and collecting their basic information, ideal for networking and lead generation.
  2. Get a Pipedrive person link from a LinkedIn profile page: Seamlessly integrate LinkedIn profiles directly into your Pipedrive CRM, transforming your sales prospecting activities.
  3. Get mutual connections from a LinkedIn profile: Leverage LinkedIn's mutual connections feature to enrich your leads and improve your sales prospecting efforts.

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