Lemlist Pricing 2023: Plans, Costs & Value Explained

Jason Gong
June 28, 2024

Lemlist pricing varies by plan and features offered.

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Are you considering using Lemlist for your email outreach campaigns but unsure about the pricing? With various plans and features available, it's crucial to understand Lemlist's pricing structure to make an informed decision. In fact, a recent study found that 63% of businesses struggle with selecting the right software due to unclear pricing information.

This comprehensive guide will break down Lemlist's pricing tiers, explaining the costs and features associated with each plan. We'll also discuss additional costs for extra credits and the lemwarm feature. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of which Lemlist plan best suits your needs and budget.

But that's not all! We'll dive deeper and analyze the value you get for your money with Lemlist. Is it worth the investment? We'll examine user reviews, compare key features to the pricing, and discuss potential drawbacks to help you make a well-informed choice.

So, are you ready to master Lemlist's pricing and unlock the full potential of your email outreach? Let's get started on this journey together and take your campaigns to new heights!

Lemlist's 4-Tier Pricing Structure: Costs and Features Breakdown

Lemlist offers a range of pricing plans to suit different outreach needs and budgets. Let's dive into the details of each plan, the costs, and the features you get.

1. Overview of Lemlist's 4 Main Pricing Tiers

Lemlist has 4 main pricing tiers: Email Starter, Email Pro, Multichannel Expert, and Outreach Scale. Each tier is designed for specific outreach goals, from basic email outreach to advanced multichannel campaigns.

For example, the Email Starter plan is great for solopreneurs or small teams just getting started with cold email outreach, while the Outreach Scale plan is built for larger sales teams that need to reach a high volume of prospects across multiple channels.

2. Detailed Explanation of Costs for Each Plan

Here's a breakdown of the monthly costs for each Lemlist pricing plan:

  • Email Starter: $39/month per user for 1 sending email
  • Email Pro: $69/month per user for 3 sending emails
  • Multichannel Expert: $99/month per user for 5 sending emails
  • Outreach Scale: $159/month per user for 15 sending emails

The per-user pricing means the total monthly cost scales with the size of your team. You can also save 10% by paying quarterly or 20% by paying annually.

3. Breakdown of Additional Costs

In addition to the base plan costs, there are some potential additional fees to be aware of:

  • Extra email sending credits: If you need to send more emails than your plan includes, you can purchase additional credits. The cost is $1 for 50 LinkedIn enrichments, 100 email verifications, or 20 email finds.
  • Lemwarm email warm-up: Lemwarm is Lemlist's email warm-up and deliverability booster. It's included for free on the Email Pro plan and above, but Email Starter users would need to pay extra to add it on.

While these additional costs are worth considering, many users find they don't need them, as the generous email limits and Lemwarm inclusion in most plans cover their needs.

The key takeaway is that Lemlist's pricing is structured to provide a range of options for different outreach needs and budgets. By understanding the costs and features of each plan, you can pick the one that's the best fit for your team.

Next up, we'll compare Lemlist's pricing to the value you get to help you decide if it's worth the investment for your business. If you're looking to build a prospect list, understanding these plans will help you choose the right tools.

3 Key Factors to Assess Lemlist's Value vs. Pricing

To determine if Lemlist delivers strong value for its pricing, it's crucial to analyze the key features, consider user reviews, and examine potential drawbacks or limitations. Let's dive into these three critical factors to assess if the cost of Lemlist aligns with the value it provides.

1. Analyzing Key Features Relative to Pricing

Lemlist's pricing tiers unlock access to progressively powerful features. The Email Pro plan, at $69/month per user, includes essential tools like email personalization, multichannel outreach to LinkedIn, and AI-powered writing assistance. Learn more about these tools and sales prospecting tools.

For teams needing more advanced capabilities, the pricier Multichannel Expert and Outreach Scale plans add custom landing pages, premium support, and a dedicated account manager. While costly, these features can deliver significant value for businesses doing high-volume outreach across multiple channels.

2. Examining User Reviews on Pricing and Features

To gauge Lemlist's real-world value, it's wise to turn to user reviews. On review platforms like G2 and Capterra, Lemlist maintains strong ratings, with many users praising the platform's robust feature set and ease of use.

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However, some reviewers do question whether the higher-tier plans deliver enough additional value to justify the jump in price. Examining a breadth of user perspectives can help discern whether Lemlist's pricing aligns with the value businesses like yours actually realize. Check out our guide on cold leads vs warm leads to understand different customer types.

3. Discussing Potential Pricing Structure Limitations

While Lemlist's pricing structure is relatively straightforward, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The per-user pricing can become costly for larger teams, even on lower-tier plans.

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Additionally, key features like the Lemwarm email warm-up tool are locked behind higher-priced plans, which could limit value for budget-conscious businesses. Understanding these limitations is crucial for making an informed decision about whether Lemlist fits your needs and budget. For more on managing email tools, see our article on AI email management.

Carefully weighing Lemlist's features against its pricing, considering authentic user experiences, and being mindful of potential limitations will help you determine if the platform delivers the right value for your investment.

Next, we'll pull everything together with a final assessment of whether Lemlist is worth its cost.


Understanding Lemlist's pricing is crucial to determine if it aligns with your business needs and budget.

  • Lemlist offers 4 pricing tiers with varying features and costs, allowing you to choose a plan that suits your outreach goals.
  • By analyzing key features, user reviews, and potential limitations, you can assess if Lemlist delivers strong value for its pricing.

With this knowledge, you can confidently decide if Lemlist is the right investment for your outbound marketing efforts. Don't risk wasting money on a tool that doesn't fit your needs - become a Lemlist pricing expert today! Consider using sales prospecting automation to further streamline your outreach.

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