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Notion Pricing Plans & Costs Explained (2023)

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Notion offers multiple pricing plans including a free Personal plan, Plus at $16/month, Business at $23/month, and Enterprise (contact sales). Notion AI costs an additional $10/member/month, with discounts for annual billing.

  • Personal plan: Free, unlimited blocks for individual use.
  • Plus plan: $16/user/month (annual), designed for small teams.
  • Business plan: $23/user/month (annual), for multiple teams.
  • Notion AI: $10/member/month, unlimited AI features.

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How Much Does Notion Cost

Notion offers several pricing plans tailored to different user needs, including Personal, Plus, Business, and Enterprise levels. The Personal plan is free and includes unlimited blocks for individual use, but has a limited block trial for teams. The Plus plan costs $16 per user per month when billed annually ($20 if billed monthly) and is designed for small groups to plan and get organized. The Business plan, aimed at companies using Notion to connect several teams and tools, is priced at $23 per user per month with annual billing ($28 monthly). For the Enterprise plan, which offers advanced controls and support, you need to contact sales for pricing. Notion also provides a free version for personal use, making it accessible for individuals looking to organize every corner of their work and life.

How Much Does Notion AI Cost

Notion AI, an add-on feature, is available for all Notion plans, including the free version, at $10 per member per month. A 20% discount is offered to Plus, Business, and Enterprise customers opting for annual billing, reducing the cost to $8 per member per month. This add-on includes unlimited use of AI features such as Q&A, Autofill, and Writer. It's important to note that Notion AI must be purchased for the entire workspace, allowing all members, except guests, to access AI features. Users can try Notion AI for free with a limited number of complimentary AI responses before deciding to purchase the subscription. To add Notion AI to your plan, you must be a workspace owner and use a desktop.

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Automate Your Notion with Bardeen: A How-To Guide

While exploring the cost and features of Notion, it's fascinating to consider how automation can enhance our experience with this versatile tool. By leveraging Bardeen, users can automate various tasks within Notion to streamline workflows and boost productivity. Here are some innovative ways to automate Notion with Bardeen:

  1. Save new tweets to Notion: Automatically save tweets from specific users directly into your Notion database, perfect for tracking mentions or curating content.
  2. Copy all Pipedrive organizations to Notion: Sync your CRM data by copying all Pipedrive organizations into a Notion database, streamlining your sales and client management process.

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