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LinkedIn Messaging Limits Explained: Maximize Your Outreach

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February 9, 2024

LinkedIn's messaging limits vary by account type and activity, with no strict daily limit for 1st-degree connections but weekly limits on connection requests. Sales Navigator and Premium users receive monthly InMail credits, with the number depending on the subscription.

  • Free accounts have no daily limit for messaging 1st-degree connections but face weekly connection request limits.
  • Sales Navigator offers 50 InMail credits per month, while Premium accounts vary.
  • InMail credits expire after 90 days, but are refunded if the recipient responds.
  • LinkedIn advises personalizing connection requests and using InMail for non-connections to manage outreach effectively.

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How Many Messages Can You Send on LinkedIn?

Understanding the limitations on how many messages you can send on LinkedIn is crucial for effective networking and outreach. LinkedIn's messaging limits vary based on the type of account you have (free or paid) and your activities on the platform. There is no strict daily limit for sending messages to your 1st-degree connections, but LinkedIn imposes weekly limits on connection requests and monitors your activity to prevent spamming.

How Many Messages Can You Send on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium service, offers enhanced messaging capabilities. Subscribers receive a certain number of InMail credits per month, which allows them to send messages to LinkedIn members they are not connected with. The number of InMail credits varies by subscription tier:

  • Premium Career: 5 InMail credits per month
  • Premium Business: 15 InMail credits per month
  • Sales Navigator Core: 50 InMail credits per month

InMail credits expire after 90 days, but if a recipient responds to your InMail, the credit is returned to your account. It's important to note that InMail credits are not transferable between different LinkedIn subscriptions.

How Many Messages Can You Send on LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium users also benefit from additional InMail credits, allowing them to reach out to users outside their network. The exact number of credits depends on the specific Premium subscription. Like Sales Navigator, these credits are replenished monthly, and successful responses result in the credit being refunded.

How Many Messages Can You Send on LinkedIn Per Day

While there's no official daily limit for sending messages to your connections, LinkedIn imposes a cap on connection requests. You can send around 100 connection requests per week, which averages out to about 20 per day. Exceeding this limit might lead to temporary restrictions. To manage your outreach effectively:

  • Target your connection requests carefully and personalize them.
  • Utilize LinkedIn's InMail feature for reaching out to non-connections, as these do not count towards your daily limit.
  • Consider using LinkedIn automation tools judiciously to manage your outreach without violating LinkedIn's policies.

Remember, the key to successful LinkedIn networking is quality over quantity. Focus on meaningful interactions and personalized messages to avoid hitting limits and ensure your account remains in good standing.

Automate Your LinkedIn Tasks with Bardeen

Understanding the limitations of how many messages you can send on LinkedIn is essential for maintaining an effective outreach strategy without violating the platform's policies. While manual messaging is straightforward, automating your LinkedIn activity can significantly enhance your productivity and ensure you stay within LinkedIn's communication limits. Bardeen offers several playbooks to automate various LinkedIn tasks efficiently.

  1. Send mutual connections from a LinkedIn profile to Slack: This playbook enables you to automatically extract mutual connections from a LinkedIn profile and share this information within your Slack workspace, fostering team collaboration and streamlining the sales prospecting process.
  2. Create a sales outreach email draft in Microsoft Outlook for the currently opened LinkedIn profile: Automate the creation of personalized sales outreach emails based on information from a LinkedIn profile, saving the draft directly in Microsoft Outlook for your review and send-off.
  3. Connect with a LinkedIn user and display a message: This playbook extracts information from a LinkedIn profile to craft a custom connection request message, personalizing your outreach and increasing the likelihood of acceptance.

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