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How to integrate Facebook with Google Docs?

We're Bardeen, we build an AI Agent that does your repetitive work tasks. Companies like Deel and Casafari, use Bardeen connect apps like Facebook and Google Docs together to save time and increase productivity.

Are you tired of manually copying and pasting content between Google Docs and Facebook? What if there was a way to seamlessly connect the two platforms, saving you hours of tedious work each week? Well, you're in luck! In this complete guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of integrating Google Docs with Facebook, using both classic methods and cutting-edge AI automation tools like Bardeen. Get ready to revolutionize your content workflow and discover the benefits of effortless cross-platform collaboration. By the end of this guide, you'll wonder how you ever managed without this essential skill in your digital toolbox. Let's dive in!


Integrating Google Docs with Facebook can help streamline your workflow and boost productivity. In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate Google Docs and Facebook, allowing you to easily share and collaborate on documents with your Facebook contacts.

By connecting these two popular platforms, you can:

  • Share Google Docs directly to Facebook
  • Collaborate on documents with Facebook friends
  • Get notifications in Facebook when changes are made to shared docs
  • Manage Google Docs permissions from within Facebook

Integrating Facebook and Google Docs is a straightforward process that can save you time and effort. Let's dive in and see how it's done step-by-step.

Why Integrate Google Docs with Facebook?

Connecting Google Docs and Facebook provides several benefits for businesses looking to create a seamless content workflow and maximize their social media marketing efforts.

Integrating Google Docs with Facebook allows you to:

  • Collaborate on social media content more efficiently by working together on posts, ad copy, and other assets within the familiar Google Docs interface
  • Maintain brand consistency across channels by using template documents with approved messaging and imagery that can be easily customized for each Facebook post
  • Automate content publishing by scheduling Google Docs to be posted directly to Facebook on a set cadence, eliminating manual uploading
  • Gain insights into content performance by syncing Facebook engagement metrics like views, likes, and click-through rates back to the respective Google Doc for analysis

Ultimately, integrating these two powerful platforms helps streamline content creation, ensures brand alignment, enables automated posting, and provides valuable data to optimize your Facebook strategy. Use Bardeen to integrate Google Drive with other apps for even more efficiency.

In the next section, we'll walk through the steps to connect Google Docs and Facebook using Bardeen's no-code automation tool.

Bardeen makes it easy to integrate Google Drive with other apps. Automate your workflows and save time.

How to Connect Google Docs and Facebook Using Bardeen

Integrating Google Docs and Facebook is simple with Bardeen's no-code automation platform. You can set up automated workflows between the two apps in just a few clicks, no technical skills required.

Here's how to connect Google Docs with Facebook using Bardeen:

  1. Download the Bardeen desktop app and create an account
  2. Connect your Google and Facebook accounts to Bardeen
  3. Browse the library of pre-built automation templates
  4. Customize the templates with your specific documents and Facebook pages
  5. Set the automation to run on a schedule or trigger it manually
  6. Track results and make adjustments to optimize the workflow

With Bardeen, you can automate tasks like:

Bardeen's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to integrate Google Docs with Facebook and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on higher-impact work. More advanced features like API integration and conditional logic are available for power users.

By connecting Google Docs and Facebook with Bardeen, you can create a seamless content production and social media publishing process, without the manual effort.

Best Practices for Publishing Google Docs Content on Facebook

To get the most impact from your Facebook posts when integrating Google Docs content, follow social media best practices like:

  1. Write attention-grabbing headlines that make a clear promise to the reader
  2. Keep the copy concise, conversational, and true to your brand voice
  3. Always include compelling visuals like high-quality images, videos, GIFs or infographics
  4. Format posts for easy skimming with short paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings
  5. Include relevant hashtags, links and calls-to-action
  6. Preview how the post looks in the Facebook feed and optimize formatting as needed

Integrating Google Docs and Facebook allows you to draft post copy and collaborate with your team in a familiar interface. You can ensure the content is polished and on-brand before publishing.

Visuals are key for driving engagement. Facebook posts with images or videos tend to perform better than plain text. Use tools like Canva to create professional graphics right within your Google Doc.

Monitoring your Facebook analytics over time will help you understand what content resonates with your audience. Track metrics like reach and engagement to continually refine your strategy. Connect Google Sheets with your analytics for better insights.

By crafting compelling copy, adding strong creative assets, and presenting the post in an easily digestible format, you'll be well on your way to Facebook success when publishing from Google Docs.

Want to save even more time? Try using Bardeen to integrate Google Sheets directly with your other apps.

See How a Social Media Manager Streamlines Workflows by Connecting Google Docs and Facebook

Let's walk through a real-life example of how Sarah, a social media manager, uses the Google Docs and Facebook integration to collaborate efficiently and automate repetitive tasks. By connecting the two platforms with Bardeen, she's able to plan, create, and publish content seamlessly.

Sarah starts by creating a master content calendar in Google Sheets, outlining the upcoming month's social posts. She includes columns for copy, visuals, publish dates, and target audiences. After sharing the spreadsheet for team input and approval, Sarah moves the finalized Facebook post text into individual Google Docs.

Within each doc, Sarah expands on the post copy, adding relevant hashtags, links, and CTAs. She assigns her design team to create accompanying images and videos, which they upload directly to the Google Doc. Collaborating closely, Sarah and her manager refine the content using Google Docs' built-in commenting and suggestion features.

Once the posts are polished and approved, Sarah uses Bardeen's simple automation builder to set up workflows that:

  • Automatically publish each Google Doc as a Facebook post at the scheduled date and time
  • Pull key Facebook metrics like reach and engagement back into the source Google Doc

By integrating Google Docs with Facebook, Sarah maintains an organized content pipeline and seamlessly collaborates with her team. Bardeen's automation saves her hours of manual work publishing posts and aggregating performance data.

This real-world use case shows how any social media manager can drive efficiency and impact by combining the power of Google Docs and Facebook. Integrating the two platforms enables you to focus on high-value work like strategy and analysis instead of busywork. For more information, learn how to connect Microsoft Excel for even more streamlined workflows.


Connecting Google Docs with Facebook is key for efficient content creation and social media marketing.

Here's a recap of what you learned:

  • Why integrating Google Docs and Facebook benefits your team's collaboration and productivity
  • How to set up the integration using Bardeen's automation platform
  • Proven tactics for creating engaging, high-performing Facebook posts in Google Docs
  • A practical use case of a social media manager leveraging the Google Docs-Facebook integration

Armed with this guide, you can now combine Google Docs and Facebook to simplify your content workflows. Don't let manual copy-pasting steal any more of your valuable time!

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What can I do with the Google Docs and Facebook integration?

You can automate tasks such as saving and scraping Facebook pages to Google Sheets or creating a Google Doc for specific events. This integration helps you handle data efficiently between the two platforms.

How do I set up the integration between Google Docs and Facebook using Bardeen?

To set up the integration, you need to install the Bardeen browser extension. Then, you can select and configure pre-built playbooks like 'Save / scrape Facebook page to Google Sheets' to connect Google Docs with Facebook.

Can I share Google Docs created from Facebook data with my team?

Yes, you can share Google Docs with your team. Use playbooks like 'Share current page as PDF in Google Drive' to easily distribute documents generated from Facebook data.

How much does it cost to use Bardeen for this integration?

Bardeen offers a free plan for running unlimited non-premium automations. For premium features, including always-on automations, the paid plan costs $20 per month.