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How to integrate Eventbrite with Salesforce?

We're Bardeen, we build an AI Agent that does your repetitive work tasks. Companies like Deel and Casafari, use Bardeen connect apps like Eventbrite and Salesforce together to save time and increase productivity.

Struggling to keep your Eventbrite and Salesforce data in sync? You're not alone. Over 60% of businesses report challenges with manual data entry between systems. But what if there was a way to seamlessly connect Eventbrite and Salesforce, saving hours of time and reducing errors?

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn exactly how to integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce like a pro. We'll cover the traditional manual approach, plus introduce a new way to automate the integration with AI tools like Bardeen. By the end, you'll be able to sync registrations, trigger workflows, and unlock powerful event insights in Salesforce. Ready to become an Eventbrite Salesforce integration expert? Let's dive in.


Integrating Eventbrite and Salesforce can help streamline your event management and customer relationship management processes. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce without any coding using Bardeen's AI automation platform.

By connecting Eventbrite and Salesforce, you can:

  • Automatically sync attendee data from Eventbrite to Salesforce
  • Create new leads or contacts in Salesforce from Eventbrite registrations
  • Update existing Salesforce records with Eventbrite attendee information
  • Trigger automated workflows based on Eventbrite events and attendee actions

Integrating these two powerful platforms can save you time, reduce manual data entry, and provide a more comprehensive view of your event attendees and customers. Let's get started with the integration process using Bardeen's no-code automation tool.

Benefits of Integrating Eventbrite with Salesforce

Integrating Eventbrite with Salesforce provides several key benefits for event organizers looking to maximize the impact and ROI of their events:

  1. Automated Lead and Contact Creation: When someone registers for your Eventbrite event, their information can be automatically added to Salesforce as a new Lead or Contact record. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures your CRM stays up-to-date.

  2. Enriched Salesforce Data: Map custom Eventbrite registration fields to Salesforce Lead, Contact, or Account fields. This allows you to capture additional attendee details and enrich lead information for more targeted marketing and sales follow-up.

  3. Automated Workflows: Trigger Salesforce workflows based on Eventbrite actions, such as sending follow-up emails after a purchase or notifying sales reps of new VIP registrations. Integrating Eventbrite with Salesforce helps automate key event-related tasks.

By connecting Eventbrite and Salesforce, you can streamline event data management, gain deeper insights into attendees, and enable more personalized, timely engagement. Integrating these two platforms saves time, improves data accuracy, and allows you to get more value from your events program.

Bardeen can further enhance your event tasks. Automated lead management with Bardeen saves you time and makes your process seamless.

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce

Follow these steps to set up the integration between Eventbrite and Salesforce:

  1. Install the Eventbrite Sync App: Find and install the "Eventbrite Sync for Salesforce" managed package from the Salesforce AppExchange. This app provides the core functionality to connect Eventbrite and Salesforce.

  2. Connect Your Eventbrite Account: In Salesforce, go to the Eventbrite Sync app's settings page. Click to connect your Eventbrite account and authorize the necessary permissions.

  3. Map Eventbrite Fields to Salesforce: Configure the field mappings to specify which Eventbrite data, such as attendee name, email, and ticket type, should sync to the corresponding Salesforce Lead, Contact, and Account fields.

  4. Configure Salesforce Automations: Use Process Builder or Flow in Salesforce to set up trigger-based automations. For example, send a follow-up email when a VIP ticket is purchased or assign a task to a sales rep when a new registration occurs.

By completing these steps, you will establish the basic integration between Eventbrite and Salesforce. This allows event and attendee data to sync automatically, saving time and ensuring your CRM stays up-to-date. However, more advanced configurations may require additional technical expertise.

Integrating Eventbrite with Salesforce empowers you to streamline event management, capture valuable lead data, and trigger timely sales and marketing follow-up. While the integration process involves some technical setup, the benefits of connecting these two powerful platforms are well worth the effort. Consider using automation tools for data enrichment to enhance your workflow further.

Automate Eventbrite and Salesforce Integration Without Coding

Bardeen offers a simple, no-code solution to integrate Eventbrite with Salesforce. With its AI-powered automation platform, you can connect these apps and automate data syncing in just a few clicks:

  1. Easily Connect Accounts: Link your Eventbrite and Salesforce accounts to Bardeen and grant necessary permissions. No complex setup required.

  2. Build Automations Visually: Use the intuitive builder to select an Eventbrite trigger, like "New Attendee", and a Salesforce action, like "Create Lead". Map fields using drag-and-drop.

  3. Activate with One Click: Once you've designed the integration workflow, just turn it on. Bardeen will run it automatically in the background.

Bardeen provides a user-friendly way to automate Eventbrite Salesforce integration without coding or technical skills. It's the perfect solution for seamlessly capturing event leads, enriching CRM data, and triggering follow-up.

If you want to integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce without the technical hassle, Bardeen's AI automation platform is the way to go. You can set up powerful workflows between the two apps in minutes, no coding expertise needed.

If you want to save time on data entry, you can use Bardeen's AI web scraper to extract data from Eventbrite automatically.


Integrating Eventbrite and Salesforce is essential for event marketers looking to improve efficiency and maximize event ROI. In this guide, you learned:

  • The benefits of connecting Eventbrite and Salesforce
  • A step-by-step technical guide to set up the Eventbrite Salesforce integration
  • How Bardeen automates Eventbrite Salesforce workflows without coding

By integrating Eventbrite with Salesforce, you can automatically capture event leads, enrich CRM data, and trigger timely follow-up. Bardeen makes it easy to connect the two platforms and automate data syncing without any technical expertise.

Don't let manual work hold back your event program. Integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce today to streamline your event marketing operations and drive better results.

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How can I integrate Eventbrite with Salesforce using Bardeen?

Bardeen allows you to create automations that connect Eventbrite and Salesforce. For example, you can automatically save Eventbrite attendees as leads in Salesforce. This helps streamline your event management and sales processes.

Do I need a premium account to integrate Eventbrite with Salesforce?

No, you can integrate Eventbrite with Salesforce using Bardeen's free plan. However, if you need 'always-on' automations that run even when your computer is off, you'll need a premium account.

What types of automations can I create with Eventbrite and Salesforce?

You can create various automations like saving Eventbrite attendees as Salesforce leads, exporting attendee data to Salesforce, and more. These automations help manage your leads and improve your event follow-up.

How much does it cost to use Bardeen for integrating Eventbrite and Salesforce?

Bardeen offers a free plan that includes non-premium automations. For premium features like 'always-on' automations, the cost is $20/month. You can start with the free plan and upgrade if needed.