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How An Operations Manager Saves 4 Hours Per Day Automating their AI Education Business

”With Bardeen I save 4 hours a day copy-pasting 200+ job listings, searching for decision makers to close sales, and sharing these job opportunities with our students.”
Federico Morales
Operations Manager
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Federico Morales, the Operations Manager at AnyoneAI, uses Bardeen to automate the collection of new AI/Machine Learning job postings from LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Before using Bardeen, Fede was able to process 20-40 job posts per day and only from 1-2 websites. Since this was done manually, there were often mistakes and errors. After using Bardeen, they can now process 200 new job posts every day!

Collecting job listings is important because it helps their developers land jobs. They identify potential companies that might need their services or be interested in hiring their developers. The automation saves them 4 hours, enabling them to prioritize community building, engagement activities, and data analysis.


First, Federico's team spent 2 hours every day collecting new job posts from LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Then, they spent an additional 2 hours transferring this information to their Notion database (where he creates views for AnyoneAI students), searching for HR contacts on LinkedIn, and searching for their emails on FindThatLead.com to connect fellows and HR professionals.

Bardeen's Solution

A significant part of Federico's day involves copy-pasting job listings from various platforms to gather data about the hiring companies and roles.

First Federico uses Bardeen to copy-paste all open job listings from various websites such as LinkedIn to a Google Sheet. He uses Bardeen to search for these links in Notion.

Then, if the job post doesn’t have a HR contact’s info, he uses Bardeen to natively search LinkedIn for the company, finds the company’s LinkedIn URL, and gets 5-10 HR people at the company. He adds this to Google Sheets.

Next, all the open jobs are copied from Google Sheets to Notion so that their students can apply based on their previous role or experiences.

Finally, they use Bardeen to draft emails for curated job posts using the data from their Notion database. This allows their students to contact hiring managers easily!

Used automation(s)

How it works

We asked Fede to explain, in his own words, how his playbook works:

1. Find and collect links to new job posts on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

These autobooks are scheduled to avoid issues with LinkedIn. The data collection process runs in the background searching for a list of links in Notion unless I manually input the URL. Then, I add these new job listings to a new tab in Google Sheets. Finally, I use the native LinkedIn Search Command in Bardeen to search for the company on LinkedIn, extract the URL, and paste it into another tab of the Google Sheet.

2. Copy the data about each job post and hiring manager profile.

If the hiring profile is not accessible, I search for 5-10 HR contacts within the company. Then, I add the names and profile links to a new tab in Google Sheets.

3. Create a draft in Gmail

We maintain a list of fellows who wish to receive daily updates on our new open positions. We curate specific job posts for them. These curated posts provide them with the ability to contact hiring managers and apply for the most appealing positions.

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