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Remove HubSpot Branding Easily: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 31, 2024

To remove 'Powered by HubSpot' branding, users can manually delete it from emails or adjust settings in their HubSpot account for meeting scheduling pages. Upgrading to a paid HubSpot plan automatically removes branding. Alternatively, CSS modifications or third-party tools offer creative solutions.

Choosing the right method depends on your branding needs and technical capability.

Enhance your HubSpot workflow and branding strategy by automating with Bardeen.

How to Remove HubSpot Branding

Removing HubSpot branding, often referred to as "Powered by HubSpot," is a common request among users seeking a more customized and brand-centric appearance for their HubSpot assets. This branding appears in various places, including email footers, forms, and meeting scheduling pages. The desire to remove such branding stems from the need for businesses to maintain a consistent brand image across all customer touchpoints without visual distractions or the appearance of third-party marketing.

To further streamline your HubSpot workflow and enhance your branding strategy, consider leveraging automation with Bardeen. Automate tasks efficiently, allowing you to focus on strategic branding efforts.

Remove HubSpot Branding from Emails and Meeting Scheduling Pages

For emails, the "Sent with HubSpot" branding can be manually deleted by placing the cursor underneath the "Sent by HubSpot" text and pressing backspace/delete on your keyboard. This method, however, requires manual intervention for each email sent and may not be a permanent solution. It's important to note that this branding is typically associated with the free versions of HubSpot tools. Upgrading to a paid version generally removes these brandings automatically.

For meeting scheduling pages, the process involves accessing specific settings within your HubSpot account. The exact steps can vary based on the HubSpot tool in use (e.g., Sales Hub, Marketing Hub) and may require navigating to the settings of the embedded meeting widget or form to disable the HubSpot branding option.

Alternative Methods and Considerations

While direct removal of HubSpot branding is straightforward in some cases, such as through account settings or upgrading to a paid plan, other instances may require more creative solutions. For example, when dealing with embedded forms or widgets, users have explored using CSS to hide branding elements. This approach, however, involves technical knowledge and may be subject to changes by HubSpot that could render the CSS modifications ineffective over time.

Another alternative is integrating third-party forms or tools that do not include default branding and offer seamless integration with HubSpot. This solution might be appealing for users who wish to maintain the use of HubSpot's CRM and other functionalities without the branded elements on their site.

Ultimately, the decision to remove HubSpot branding should consider the balance between the desired brand consistency and the functionality offered by HubSpot's tools. In many cases, upgrading to a paid plan provides the most straightforward and reliable method for removing branding, alongside gaining access to advanced features and capabilities.

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Automate Your HubSpot Efforts with Bardeen

While removing the 'Powered by HubSpot' branding from your assets can be done manually as described above, leveraging automation can significantly enhance your workflow and branding strategy. By automating tasks with Bardeen, you can ensure a more efficient use of your time, allowing you to focus on more strategic branding efforts. Here are some examples of how Bardeen can automate tasks related to HubSpot, even though it might not directly remove the HubSpot branding, it can streamline other important processes.

  1. Get social profiles of a HubSpot contact: This playbook automates the process of enriching HubSpot contacts with social media profile data, enhancing your CRM data for better personalization and engagement in your marketing efforts.
  2. Save Crunchbase company to HubSpot: Automatically save valuable company data from Crunchbase directly into your HubSpot CRM. This ensures your sales and marketing teams have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips, optimizing your lead generation process.
  3. Sync LinkedIn Emails with HubSpot CRM: This workflow enriches and updates your HubSpot CRM with LinkedIn email data, creating a seamless integration between your LinkedIn networking activities and your CRM. This automation is invaluable for sales teams looking to streamline lead management and personalization.

To explore these and other powerful automations, start by downloading the Bardeen app.

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