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LinkedIn Outreach Guide: Connect Effectively in 2024

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February 6, 2024

To reach out on LinkedIn, update your profile, use 'Open to Work', and send personalized messages.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile with professional details.
  • Use 'Open to Work' for visibility.
  • Find and connect with recruiters or desired contacts.
  • Send personalized connection requests or InMail.
  • Create a compelling subject line for your message.
  • Attach your resume and provide value in your message.

Reaching out to someone on LinkedIn can be a strategic move for career growth, networking, or seeking mentorship. Here's a synthesized guide on how to do it effectively:

  1. Polish Your LinkedIn Profile: Before reaching out, ensure your profile is updated with a professional picture, a compelling headline, and a detailed summary. Fill out your work experience, education, skills, and accomplishments.
  2. Activate 'Open to Work': Use LinkedIn's 'Open to Work' feature to increase your visibility in recruiter searches.
  3. Find and Connect with Recruiters: Use LinkedIn's search bar to find recruiters by typing "recruiter" and adding relevant keywords. For internal recruiters, visit the company's LinkedIn page and look for employees with recruitment roles.
  4. Send a Personalized Connection Request or InMail: If you have LinkedIn Premium, use InMail to message someone directly. Otherwise, send a personalized connection request, keeping in mind the character limit and that it's limited to 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections.
  5. Write a Compelling Subject Line: Create a subject line that indicates the purpose of your message, without including your name, as it's already visible to the recipient.
  6. Craft a Tailored Message: Personalize your message by mentioning any commonalities, such as shared connections, alma mater, or interests. Be concise and state your intent clearly.
  7. Attach Your Resume: While your LinkedIn profile has detailed information, attaching a resume can be professional and convenient for recruiters. Use the 'attach a file' button in the message window.
  8. Be Specific and Provide Value: When crafting your message, be specific about your questions or interests, and consider how you can offer value to the recipient. Avoid making the interaction feel transactional.
  9. Follow Up: If necessary, send a polite follow-up message within 24 to 48 hours after an interview or initial contact, expressing continued interest and thanking them for their time.
  10. Responding to Recruiters: If a recruiter reaches out to you, thank them, express your interest or politely decline while leaving the door open for future opportunities.

3. Find and Connect with Recruiters: Use LinkedIn's search bar to find recruiters by typing "recruiter" and adding relevant keywords. For internal recruiters, visit the company's LinkedIn page and look for employees with recruitment roles.

Remember, networking is about building relationships, not just transactions. Show genuine interest in the person you're reaching out to and be respectful of their time. Good luck!

Streamline LinkedIn Outreach with Bardeen Automation

Reaching out to someone on LinkedIn can be a pivotal step in expanding your professional network. While you can do this task manually, automating the process with Bardeen can save you time and increase your efficiency, allowing you to focus on crafting personalized messages rather than the repetitive process of sending connection requests.

Here are a few examples of how you can automate LinkedIn outreach:

  1. Connect with a list of LinkedIn contacts: Use this playbook to automate sending connection requests to a list of LinkedIn profiles, and effortlessly manage new connections in a Google Sheet.
  2. Create sales outreach emails using LinkedIn profile links in Google Sheets: This playbook not only automates the process of enriching contacts with but also generates personalized outreach emails for your LinkedIn contacts, streamlining your sales efforts.
  3. Enrich a list of companies with LinkedIn company and employee info in Google Sheets: Take your networking to the next level by automating the enrichment of company and employee data on LinkedIn, directly populating your Google Sheets with valuable insights.

By automating these tasks, you're not only making your networking more efficient but also ensuring that you have more time to engage meaningfully with your new connections. Start automating today by downloading the Bardeen app at

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