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Convert Time to Decimal in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
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March 26, 2024

Converting duration to decimal in Google Sheets involves using a formula: '=HOUR(time)+(MINUTE(time)/60)+(SECOND(time)/3600)'. This method breaks down time into hours, minutes, and seconds, converting them into decimal form for billing, payroll, or other calculations.

Adjusting decimal precision and exploring alternative methods like third-party tools can further optimize this process.

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How to Convert Duration to Decimal in Google Sheets

Converting duration to decimal in Google Sheets is a common task for professionals dealing with time data. This conversion is useful for calculations involving billing, payroll, or any scenario where time needs to be quantified in decimal form. There are several methods to achieve this, depending on the format of your duration data and the desired decimal precision.

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Convert Duration to Decimal Google Sheets

The primary method involves using a combination of Google Sheets functions to break down the time into hours, minutes, and seconds, and then convert these into decimal form. The formula for this conversion is:


This formula takes a time value from a cell, separates the hours, minutes, and seconds, and then converts the minutes and seconds into their decimal equivalents relative to an hour.

Steps for Conversion

  1. Identify the cell containing the time duration you wish to convert. For example, if your time is in cell A2, you will reference this cell in your formula.
  2. Enter the formula '=HOUR(A2)+(MINUTE(A2)/60)+(SECOND(A2)/3600)' in a new cell where you want the decimal value to appear. Replace A2 with the reference to your specific cell containing the duration.
  3. Press Enter to apply the formula. The cell will now display the time duration from the referenced cell in decimal form.
  4. If you have multiple rows of durations to convert, you can drag the fill handle (a small square at the bottom right corner of the cell) down to copy the formula to other rows.

Google Sheets may suggest autofilling other rows with similar data. Accepting this suggestion can save time when working with large datasets.

Adjusting Decimal Precision

After converting duration to decimal, you might want to adjust the number of decimal places for consistency or readability. You can do this by selecting the cells with your decimal values, then clicking the "Decrease decimal places" or "Increase decimal places" icons in the Google Sheets toolbar.

Alternative Methods and Tools

For those looking for a more automated solution or dealing with complex time data, third-party tools and time-tracking software like OnTheClock and Clockify offer built-in features to convert time to decimal. These platforms can directly integrate with Google Sheets, providing a seamless way to manage and convert time data without manual formulas.

Additionally, online calculators and conversion charts are available for quick conversions without the need to use Google Sheets or other software. These tools can be particularly handy for one-off conversions or for those unfamiliar with spreadsheet formulas.

Discover more about automating Google Sheets and how addons can enhance your productivity. Check out our blog for tips and tricks.


Converting duration to decimal in Google Sheets is straightforward with the right formula. Whether you're managing payroll, tracking project hours, or simply organizing your schedule, understanding how to perform this conversion can streamline your processes and make your data more actionable.

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While converting duration to decimal in Google Sheets can be achieved through manual input of formulas, automating this process can save significant time, especially when dealing with large datasets. Automation with Bardeen not only streamlines repetitive tasks but also reduces the potential for human error, ensuring accuracy in your data analysis and reporting.

Here are some examples of how Bardeen can automate tasks related to Google Sheets:

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