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Excel Web Scraping Guide: Methods & Tips (3 Steps)

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Web scraping with Excel can be achieved through automated tools, Excel VBA, or Excel Web Queries, each offering different levels of complexity and control. Automated tools like Octoparse provide a no-code solution, while Excel VBA caters to those with coding skills for more precise data extraction. Excel Web Queries offer a straightforward, no-code option for beginners.

Choosing the right method depends on your technical comfort and specific data needs.

Enhance your data collection by learning how to automate web scraping tasks with Bardeen, saving time and reducing errors.

How to Web Scrape with Excel

Web scraping with Excel involves extracting data from websites directly into an Excel spreadsheet. This process can be automated using various methods, including no-code tools, Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and Excel Web Queries. Each method has its advantages and can be chosen based on the user's comfort level and specific needs.

Explore how Bardeen's no-code scraper tool can revolutionize your data extraction tasks, seamlessly integrating with popular work apps.

Using Automated Web Scraping Tools

Automated web scraping tools like Octoparse and Nanonets allow users to scrape data without coding. Users can input the URL of the webpage they wish to scrape, and these tools can automatically extract the data and export it to Excel. These tools are user-friendly and efficient for extracting data from multiple web pages.

Using Excel VBA for Data Extraction

Excel VBA is a powerful method for web scraping, allowing for automation of complex tasks. Users can write VBA scripts to interact with web pages, extract specific data, and import it into Excel. This method requires some basic coding skills but offers flexibility and precision in data extraction.

Using Excel Web Queries for Data Extraction

Excel Web Queries is a feature that allows users to import data from the web into Excel without coding. Users can specify the URL and select the data they wish to import. This method is straightforward and does not require coding skills, making it accessible to beginners.

Learn how to scrape a website without code, enhancing your data collection strategies.

Comparison of Methods

Automated web scraping tools are ideal for users looking for a powerful and easy-to-use solution. Excel VBA is suitable for those with some coding knowledge and specific data extraction needs. Excel Web Queries offer a simple, no-code option for importing web data into Excel. The choice of method depends on the user's specific requirements and skill level.

Handling Potential Issues or Errors

Users may encounter issues such as connectivity problems or errors due to the website's structure. It's important to ensure that the website allows scraping and to follow its terms of use. Tweaking settings and following guidelines can help mitigate these issues.

For more efficient web scraping, explore Bardeen's collection of instant data scrapers for various websites.


Web scraping with Excel can streamline workflows and gather insights efficiently. Whether using automated tools, Excel VBA, or Web Queries, users can choose the method that best suits their needs to extract and analyze web data effectively.

Automate Excel Scraping: Boost Efficiency with Bardeen

While web scraping with Excel is a valuable skill for data analysis and collection, automating these processes can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. With Bardeen, users can automate various web scraping tasks without the need for complex programming or manual data entry. This approach is not only time-saving but also reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual scraping.

Here are examples of how Bardeen can automate web scraping tasks for Excel users:

  1. Get keywords and a summary from any website save it to Google Sheets: This playbook automates the extraction of key information from websites, summarizing the content and identifying essential keywords, then saving the results directly into Google Sheets. Ideal for market research and content analysis.
  2. Get data from Crunchbase links and save the results to Google Sheets: Perfect for business analysts and investors, this playbook retrieves valuable data from Crunchbase and organizes it neatly in Google Sheets, streamlining competitor analysis and market research without manual data entry.
  3. Get web page content of websites: This playbook extracts entire web page contents from a list of URLs provided in a Google Sheet, updating each row with the website content. This is particularly useful for SEO analysis, content aggregation, and competitive intelligence.

These automations demonstrate the versatility and power of Bardeen in simplifying data collection and analysis tasks, making it an indispensable tool for Excel users looking to enhance their web scraping capabilities. Start automating your web scraping tasks by downloading the Bardeen app at

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