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Sync Apple Calendar with Notion: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 17, 2024

Connecting Apple Calendar to Notion involves using workarounds, as direct integration is not available. This guide provides two methods to achieve this.

  • Method 1 involves using Notion's Integration feature, although direct integration with Apple Calendar might not be supported.
  • Method 2 uses the Notion to Calendar service for viewing Notion database events in Apple Calendar, without two-way synchronization.

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How to Connect Apple Calendar to Notion

Integrating Apple Calendar with Notion enhances productivity by allowing you to manage your calendar events directly within Notion. This guide outlines the steps to link Apple Calendar to Notion, using two different methods. While direct integration might not be available, these workarounds provide a seamless way to access your Apple Calendar events in Notion.

Method 1: Using Notion's Integration Feature

  1. Open the Notion app or visit the Notion website and log in.
  2. Create a new page in Notion where you want to display your Apple Calendar events, or select an existing page.

      3. Go to the 'Integrations' section within Notion, represented by a puzzle piece icon.

      4. Search for 'Apple Calendar' in the list of available integrations. If 'Apple Calendar' is not listed, this method cannot be used as Notion does not support direct integration with Apple Calendar.

      5. If available, select the Apple Calendar integration and follow the prompts to authenticate and link your Apple Calendar account.

      6. Choose the specific calendars from your Apple Calendar account that you want to display in Notion.

      7. Adjust the display options for how calendar events will appear in Notion.

      8. Save your settings. Your selected Apple Calendar events should now be visible on the Notion page.

Note: Direct integration with Apple Calendar may not be supported by Notion. The steps above are a general guide for integrating services within Notion and may not apply to Apple Calendar specifically.

Method 2: Using Notion to Calendar Service

  1. Visit Notion to Calendar Login and sign up with your Notion account.

      2. Grant access to the Notion databases you wish to connect to Apple Calendar.

      3. After selecting your databases, press 'Get Link' to copy the calendar link to your clipboard.

      4. For macOS: In Apple Calendar, select File > New Calendar Subscription. Paste the copied URL in the dialog box that appears.

      5. For iOS: Go to the Calendar app, tap on Calendars > Subscribe to new Calendar. Paste the copied link in the dialog box.

      6. Complete the subscription process. If iCloud sync is enabled, the calendar will automatically appear across your Apple devices.

This method allows you to view Notion database events in your Apple Calendar but does not support two-way synchronization. Changes made in Notion will reflect in Apple Calendar, but not vice versa.

Unfortunately, due to the local-first nature of Apple Calendar, it does not provide a straightforward way to establish a two-way sync with Notion. Therefore, all updates must be made within Notion to ensure they are reflected in your Apple Calendar.

Automate Your Notion with Bardeen Calendar Integrations

While connecting Apple Calendar to Notion can streamline your scheduling and note-taking practices, diving into automation can elevate your productivity to new levels. Bardeen offers several playbooks to integrate calendar events with Notion, ensuring every meeting or event is automatically organized within your workspace.

Here are a few examples of how Bardeen can automate these processes:

  1. Create a Notion page for the current Microsoft Outlook Calendar event: Automate the creation of Notion pages for upcoming Microsoft Outlook events, including all necessary details like date, organizer, and meeting links.
  2. Create and open a new Notion page for a Google Calendar event: This playbook creates a Notion page for each Google Calendar event, opens it automatically before the event starts, ensuring you're prepared with all the event details.
  3. Copy Google Calendar meetings to Notion: Seamlessly transfer all your Google Calendar meetings within a specified timeframe to a Notion database, keeping your meeting records organized and accessible.

By leveraging Bardeen's automation capabilities, you can effortlessly sync your calendar events with Notion, ensuring that your workspace remains updated and organized without manual input.

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