Salesforge vs Woodpecker: Cold Outreach Tools Face-off 2024

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June 7, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article digs into a detailed comparison between Salesforge and Woodpecker, focusing on their cold outreach abilities to help you choose the most suitable tool. It offers a thorough review aimed at aiding in tool selection. Though both tools offer more features, here we exclusively compare their cold outreach capabilities. The motivation behind this comparison is to assist you in saving time on repetitive tasks, a goal shared by Bardeen, an AI-powered task copilot that automates actions in your browser to save you time.

Campaign CreationAI-driven, multilingual personalizationCustomizable templates, multichannel outreach
DeliverabilityEmail warmup, validation, multiple mailboxesEmail warmup, bounce shield, multiple mailboxes
PersonalizationAI-generated content, custom variablesCustom fields, dynamic content, LinkedIn integration
AICustomizable tonality, personalization creditsOpenAI integration, personalized email generation
Native EnrichmentThird-party integration for contact enrichmentNo native lead enrichment, third-party needed
Social AutomationLinkedIn, website, or combined sourcesNo social automation, focuses on email sequences
PricingMultiple plans, free trial, not per seatSingle plan, free trial, billed per seat

Campaign Creation - AI vs Customization in Email Outreach

Salesforge offers a more advanced, AI-driven approach to campaign creation, focusing on personalization and multilingual email capabilities, which makes it especially potent for global outreach.

Salesforge's AI-driven sequence builder for personalized, multilingual campaigns.

Woodpecker, while also supporting multichannel outreach, focuses more on customization and scheduling flexibility.

Woodpecker's interface for customizable and scheduled campaign creation.

For teams needing highly personalized and diverse language outreach, Salesforge has the edge. However, for those prioritizing clear, customizable pathways in campaign creation with robust scheduling, Woodpecker is the superior choice.

Enhancing email campaigns with data-driven personalization can significantly boost their effectiveness. Consider using Bardeen to enrich your lead data and personalize your outreach, improving open and response rates.


Salesforge's sequence builder interface for creating campaigns.

Salesforge is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that helps sales teams create and manage personalized email outreach campaigns at scale. Its sequence builder allows users to design multi-step campaigns that combine emails, tasks, and other touchpoints to engage prospects effectively.

Key features of Salesforge's sequence builder:

  • AI-driven personalization: Leverages AI to generate highly personalized emails in the prospect's language
  • Email warmup and validation: Ensures high deliverability and low bounce rates through automated email warmup and validation
  • Multi-channel sequences: Combines emails, LinkedIn messages, calls and tasks in a single campaign
  • Centralized mailbox management: Ability to manage multiple mailboxes from one interface for efficient campaign orchestration


Woodpecker's campaign creation interface with multichannel outreach options.

Woodpecker provides a streamlined campaign creation process that allows you to set up automated, multichannel outreach campaigns. The intuitive interface guides you through the key steps of connecting your email account, defining your campaign path, and selecting your prospects.

Notable features for campaign creation in Woodpecker:

  • Multichannel outreach: Integrate email campaigns with LinkedIn tasks for a comprehensive approach
  • Customizable email templates: Tailor your messaging to your target audience
  • Scheduling options: Set the timing and frequency of your campaign touchpoints
  • Prospect management: Easily import and organize your prospect lists within the tool
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Deliverability - Landing Emails in the Right Inbox

Salesforge seems to edge out Woodpecker when it comes to the comprehensiveness of deliverability features, particularly with its built-in email warmup and validation services.

Salesforge dashboard showcasing email warmup and validation options

While Woodpecker also offers an email warmup feature and follows best practices for cold emailing, it lacks the direct email validation feature that Salesforge provides, which can be crucial for reducing bounce rates and improving deliverability.

Woodpecker's Warm-up & Recovery feature

For users looking for a more robust solution to safeguard their email campaigns from being flagged as spam, Salesforge’s additional validation tool might deliver better peace of mind. Additionally, consider enhancing your email campaigns with Bardeen’s playbook to streamline crafting effective outreach emails.


Mailbox management in Salesforge with email warmup and sending limits.

Salesforge provides robust email deliverability features to help users avoid spam filters and maintain good sender reputations. The platform offers email warmup and validation services to improve the chances of emails reaching prospects' inboxes.

Key deliverability features:

  • Multiple mailboxes: Manage multiple email accounts within Salesforge
  • Email warmup: Gradually increase sending volume to establish a positive sender reputation
  • Sending limits: Set daily sending limits to avoid triggering spam filters
  • Email validation: Verify email addresses to reduce bounce rates

Reddit users have discussed Salesforge's deliverability features, highlighting the benefits for improving email marketing performance:

😐 "You need ESP matching, which providers like Salesforge provide." - r/Emailmarketing
👍 " has unlimited free warm up as part of their sequencing subscription" - r/Emailmarketing


Woodpecker's Deliverability tab with Warm-up feature highlighted.

Woodpecker prioritizes deliverability by offering built-in email warmup and adopting best practices for cold emailing. The platform provides tools and features to optimize your emails' chances of landing in the recipient's inbox and avoiding spam filters.

Key features for improving deliverability:

  • Email Warm-up: Gradually increase your email sending volume to establish a positive sender reputation and improve deliverability.
  • Bounce Shield: Protects your deliverability by detecting and handling bounced emails, ensuring a low bounce rate.
  • Multiple Mailboxes: Supports sending from multiple mailboxes, allowing you to rotate inboxes and maintain a healthy sender reputation.
  • Email Verification: Built-in email verification tool checks the accuracy of email addresses, reducing bounces and aiding deliverability.

Reddit users praise Woodpecker for its effectiveness in managing deliverability issues and its user-friendly features.

👍 "Super simple dashboard, easy to create campaigns and then view stats all in one place. Highly recommend." - r/Emailmarketing
👍 "Woodpecker...built-in email verification...inbox rotation...easily assign your prospects to other mailboxes" - r/AutomateTheGrind
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Personalization - Tailoring Communications to Each Lead

Salesforge edges out with its AI-driven capabilities for personalizing emails, which can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to scale their outreach efforts efficiently.

AI-driven email personalization in Salesforge

Salesforge provides AI-generated content and fallback templates, ensuring that even if data is missing, emails remain effective. It utilizes custom variables that adapt to the recipient's specific data, enhancing the relevance of each communication.

Woodpecker also offers strong personalization features, including custom fields and LinkedIn integration, which allows for detailed tailoring based on profile insights. However, it lacks the AI generation feature that could automate the creation process to the same extent as Salesforge.

To truly maximize email personalization and efficiency, consider leveraging AI-powered automation with Bardeen for drafting and managing emails, streamlining your workflow further.


Personalize emails using AI generation and custom variables in Salesforge.

Salesforge provides robust personalization options for email sequences, enabling users to craft tailored messages that resonate with each lead. By leveraging AI technology and custom variables, Salesforge simplifies the process of creating personalized emails at scale.

Key personalization features:

  • AI-powered email generation: Salesforge's AI can generate personalized email content based on the context of the sequence and the lead's information.
  • Custom variables: Users can define and use custom variables specific to each lead, such as their name, company, or any other relevant information.
  • Dynamic placeholders: Placeholders allow for the automatic insertion of lead-specific information into email templates.
  • Fallback templates: In case the AI fails to generate content or a lead is missing a LinkedIn URL, fallback templates ensure that the sequence can still proceed.


Personalize email campaigns with custom fields in Woodpecker.

Woodpecker provides a range of options to personalize email campaigns, allowing you to tailor your outreach to each individual prospect. By leveraging custom fields and dynamic content, you can create highly targeted messages that resonate with your audience.

  • Custom fields: Personalize emails with prospect-specific information like name, company, and other relevant details pulled from your contact list.
  • Dynamic content: Customize email content based on specific criteria, such as industry or location, to deliver more relevant messages.
  • LinkedIn integration: Woodpecker integrates with LinkedIn, enabling you to incorporate valuable insights from prospect profiles into your email campaigns for a more personalized approach.
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AI - Automating Personalized Email Generation

Salesforge and Woodpecker both provide AI-driven capabilities for email generation in their sequencing tools, but with differing approaches and features that may influence your choice depending on your needs.

Salesforge AI email preview with customizable tonality settings.

Salesforge stands out with its customizable tonality options, allowing users to select the tone of their automated emails, which can be beneficial for aligning with brand voice and engaging different audiences. However, its use of personalization credits, which are consumed to generate new email previews, might limit frequent adjustments unless additional credits are purchased.

Woodpecker integrates directly with OpenAI for personalized email creation.

Woodpecker, on the other hand, integrates directly with OpenAI to generate personalized emails based on each lead’s specific details, potentially offering a more tailored approach without the need for managing credits. This integration might be particularly advantageous for users who require high degrees of customization and frequent updates to email content.

For users looking to enhance their email outreach with AI tools that provide additional insights about leads, consider using Bardeen’s AI capabilities to augment your process. Bardeen can automate the generation of emails and other tasks, saving time and improving efficiency.


AI-generated email preview in Salesforge with customizable tonality.

Salesforge's AI-powered email generation feature allows users to create personalized emails at scale, based on their chosen tonality. With a variety of tones available, from playful to formal, users can tailor their outreach to match their brand voice and target audience.

Key aspects of the AI email generation feature:

  • Customizable tonality: Choose from a range of tones to match your brand and audience.
  • Personalization at scale: Generate unique emails for each lead in your sequence.
  • Preview limitations: Preview is only generated for the first 5 contacts in your sequence. The rest are generated once the sequence is started.
  • Personalization credits: Users start with 10 credits. Generating new previews costs credits, while regenerating emails is free.
  • Fallback template: A fallback template must be set to use the AI generation function.


Woodpecker's AI integration allows for personalized email generation.

Woodpecker's integration with OpenAI enables users to generate personalized email content for each lead within their sequences. This powerful feature leverages AI to create tailored messaging based on custom data points, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of outreach efforts.

Key aspects of Woodpecker's AI capabilities:

  • OpenAI integration: Woodpecker connects with OpenAI's language models to generate human-like email content.
  • Personalization at scale: Users can create unique, personalized emails for each lead without manual effort.
  • Custom data utilization: The AI draws upon custom data fields to inform the content generation, making emails highly relevant to each recipient.
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Native Enrichment - Gathering Additional Lead Data

Both Salesforge and Woodpecker lack built-in lead enrichment features, requiring users to rely on external tools to gather additional data on leads.

Salesforge facilitates the integration with well-known third-party tools like and Findymail for enriching contact information. This allows users to enhance their contact lists effectively, albeit with additional steps and potential costs involved.

Woodpecker, on the other hand, does not currently offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its platform. This means that users cannot automatically gather additional data points or insights about their leads directly within the Woodpecker interface.

While this may be seen as a limitation for some users, it's important to note that Woodpecker still provides a robust set of features for creating and managing email outreach campaigns. However, if lead enrichment is a critical requirement for your sales engagement process, you may need to consider integrating third-party data enrichment tools or exploring alternative platforms that offer this functionality natively.

For users looking to automate and simplify the data enrichment process, Bardeen offers powerful integrations with sales intelligence platforms, enabling the automation of manual information gathering workflows.


Salesforge uses third-party tools for contact enrichment, such as Findymail and

Salesforge does not provide built-in lead enrichment capabilities, instead relying on integrations with third-party data providers to enhance contact information. This approach allows users to choose their preferred enrichment service based on their specific needs and budget.

  • integration: Salesforge integrates with, a popular B2B contact database and sales intelligence platform, to enable contact list building and data enrichment directly within the Salesforge interface.
  • Findymail for email discovery: Users can leverage Findymail, a tool that helps find email addresses associated with specific domains or individuals, to enrich their contact lists with accurate email information.
  • LinkedIn scraping: Salesforge supports the use of tools like Phantombuster to scrape contact data from LinkedIn, allowing users to build targeted prospect lists and enrich existing contacts with additional professional information.


Woodpecker does not currently offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its platform. This means that users cannot automatically gather additional data points or insights about their leads directly within the Woodpecker interface.

While this may be seen as a limitation for some users, it's important to note that Woodpecker still provides a robust set of features for creating and managing email outreach campaigns. However, if lead enrichment is a critical requirement for your sales engagement process, you may need to consider integrating third-party data enrichment tools or exploring alternative platforms that offer this functionality natively.

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Social Automation - Boost personalization using social data

Salesforge leads the competition when it comes to social automation capabilities within its Sequences feature. By allowing users to select contact information sources, including LinkedIn profiles, websites, or a combination of both, Salesforge provides flexibility in how sales emails are generated. This adaptability ensures that the outreach is as detailed and personalized as possible, leveraging the most relevant data points from each contact's social and professional presence.

Salesforge offers options to use LinkedIn, websites, or both for social automation

On the other hand, Woodpecker does not offer social automation features, focusing solely on email sequences without the capability to enrich leads or automate social platform interactions. This could be a significant drawback for users seeking a comprehensive tool that bridges the gap between email marketing and social media engagement.

For businesses prioritizing advanced lead generation and nurturing techniques that include social data integration, Salesforge clearly provides a more robust solution. Additionally, consider using Bardeen to further enrich contact data and streamline your social media tasks, enhancing your overall sales and marketing efforts.


Salesforge offers LinkedIn, website, or combined information sources for AI-generated emails.

Salesforge's Sequences feature includes a social automation component that allows users to select the source of contact information for AI-generated emails. The options are:

  • LinkedIn profile: Pulls information solely from the contact's LinkedIn profile.
  • Website: Uses only the contact's website as the source of information.
  • LinkedIn + website: Combines both the LinkedIn profile and website to generate more comprehensive emails.

By providing these choices, Salesforge enables users to tailor their outreach based on the available data for each contact. If a source is unavailable, a fallback template will be used to ensure the email can still be generated and sent.


Woodpecker does not currently offer social automation features within its Sequences. The tool is primarily focused on email outreach and does not have the ability to enrich leads from social platforms or automate messaging on social media channels.

While this may be a limitation for users looking for a comprehensive sales engagement solution that includes social automation, Woodpecker's email sequences still provide a robust set of features for personalized outreach and follow-up.

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Pricing Structure: Comparing Salesforge and Woodpecker

Salesforge offers a more flexible pricing structure compared to Woodpecker, catering to a broader range of business needs with multiple plan options.

While Salesforge provides a 7-day trial across its growth plans, Woodpecker offers a 7-day or 50 contacted prospects trial, which might end sooner depending on your usage. Woodpecker’s single package might appeal to users looking for simplicity, but it lacks the tailored options that Salesforge's tiered plans offer, such as advanced features reserved for higher tiers.

Salesforge's pricing is not dependent on the number of seats, which could be beneficial for larger teams, whereas Woodpecker charges per seat, potentially increasing costs for larger teams.

In conclusion, for businesses looking for diverse options and advanced features without the need for custom pricing, Salesforge's multiple plans provide an edge. Additionally, those looking to automate pricing comparisons can benefit from Bardeen’s capabilities to streamline their decision-making process.


Salesforge offers monthly and annual pricing plans with a 7-day free trial for Growth plans.

Salesforge offers two main pricing plans: Growth at $96/month and Pro at $48/month, both billed monthly. Annual billing is available with 2 months free. A 7-day free trial is offered for the Growth plan, providing access to a limited set of features.

Key pricing details:

  • Billing model: Monthly and annual billing options
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for Growth plan with limited features
  • Price structure: Fixed monthly price per plan, not per seat or usage-based
  • Enterprise features: Advanced features like A/B testing, ESP matching, personal onboarding, and priority support are exclusive to the Growth plan
  • Sales contact: No requirement to speak with sales; plans can be purchased directly online


Woodpecker offers a single pricing tier with monthly and annual billing options.

Woodpecker's pricing model is straightforward, offering a single plan called "Agency" with a monthly subscription cost of $56 per seat. Opting for annual billing reduces the price to $49 per month, providing some savings for long-term commitments.

Key aspects of Woodpecker's pricing:

  • Free trial: Woodpecker offers a free trial that lasts for 7 days or until you reach 50 contacted prospects, whichever comes first.
  • Billing options: You can choose between monthly and annual billing, with a discount for annual subscriptions.
  • Included features: All features are included in the single "Agency" plan, such as unlimited email accounts, team members, A/B tests, and more.
  • No enterprise tier: Woodpecker does not have a separate enterprise tier or custom pricing for larger organizations.
  • Self-service: You can sign up and manage your subscription directly through the website without needing to contact a sales representative.
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The verdict, which is best for global outreach?

Between Salesforge and Woodpecker, each tool offers distinct advantages for specific scenarios. Salesforge leverages advanced AI to provide multilingual and highly personalized email campaigns, making it ideal for global outreach where diverse language capabilities are crucial. Woodpecker, however, excels in customizable campaign creation with user-friendly scheduling and management tools, suited for teams prioritizing flexibility in campaign execution.

We recommend Salesforge when your focus is on reaching a global audience with tailored messaging in various languages. For more localized campaigns where customization and scheduling are key, Woodpecker offers the necessary tools to efficiently manage your outreach efforts.

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