Lemlist vs Waalaxy 2024: Best Cold Outreach Tools?

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May 6, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article compares lemlist and Waalaxy on their cold outreach capabilities to help you select the best tool. It provides a detailed look at how these tools perform in cold outreach, although both offer more features.

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Campaign CreationDesigns complex multi-step campaigns easilyOffers a variety of LinkedIn-focused templates
DeliverabilityAdvanced deliverability with lemwarm productCredit system controls sending limits
PersonalizationAdvanced personalization with custom variablesBasic personalization with custom variables
AIRobust AI tools for campaign creationAI for lead discovery and personalized messages
Native EnrichmentBasic lead data enrichmentDynamic LinkedIn data integration
Social AutomationComprehensive LinkedIn automationFocuses on CRM integration
PricingStarts at $39/month, multiple tiers availableFree plan available, priced in Euros

Campaign Creation - lemlist vs Waalaxy: Channel Versatility

When comparing lemlist and Waalaxy for campaign creation in sequences, lemlist provides a more comprehensive solution. It supports a wider variety of channels including email and multiple social platforms like LinkedIn, making it versatile for different outreach strategies.

lemlist campaign creation interface with multi-channel support

Waalaxy, while strong in LinkedIn-based campaigns, offers limited email functionality, making it less suitable for comprehensive email marketing strategies. It excels in LinkedIn automation and integration, which could be ideal for users primarily focused on this platform.

To enhance your campaign results, consider using Bardeen to automatically generate personalized outreach emails based on LinkedIn activities. This tool can enrich your leads with timely information, enhancing open and response rates.

Overall, if your strategy requires robust multi-channel capabilities including emails, lemlist offers more comprehensive features, whereas Waalaxy is a strong contender for LinkedIn-centric strategies.


Sandbox interface for building complex email sequences with branching logic in lemlist.

lemlist's Sequences feature provides a powerful sandbox environment for creating complex, multi-step campaigns to engage with sales leads. The visual interface enables users to design workflows that combine automated emails, LinkedIn messages, and manual tasks, with support for conditional branching based on lead interactions.

Key features of lemlist Sequences:

  • Visual sandbox editor: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for building campaigns
  • Multi-channel engagement: Integrate email, LinkedIn, and other touchpoints
  • Conditional branching: Create dynamic sequences based on lead behavior
  • Automated and manual steps: Mix automated actions with personalized outreach
  • AI-assisted campaign creation: Leverage AI to generate effective campaigns
👍 "Lets. Fucking. Go." - r/Emailmarketing

Reddit users share comprehensive guides and tips for creating successful cold email campaigns using lemlist, emphasizing the importance of personalization, segmentation, and thoughtful sequencing to improve response rates.


Waalaxy offers a variety of sequence templates focused on LinkedIn and email automation.

Waalaxy provides a library of sequence templates to help users automate their LinkedIn and email outreach. These templates are designed for various use cases such as lead generation, networking, and job applications. With a focus on LinkedIn automation, Waalaxy simplifies the process of connecting with potential leads and nurturing relationships.

Key features of Waalaxy's sequences:

  • LinkedIn-focused templates: Waalaxy provides a range of templates specifically tailored for LinkedIn outreach, including invitations, messages, and profile visits.
  • Multi-channel sequences: Users can create sequences that combine LinkedIn actions with email outreach, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to lead generation.
  • Personalization options: Waalaxy allows users to personalize their outreach by incorporating custom variables and dynamic content.
  • Compliance with LinkedIn policies: The platform is designed to adhere to LinkedIn's terms of service, ensuring that users can automate their outreach without risking their accounts.
"Step 2: Create your first outreach campaign. Choose a campaign type and define your target audience." - r/Waalaxy
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Deliverability - Boosting Email Reputation and Avoiding Spam

Comparing Waalaxy and lemlist in terms of deliverability, lemlist takes a slight edge due to its specialized product, lemwarm, which directly tackles email deliverability.

lemwarm's dashboard showing deliverability tools

While Waalaxy supports multiple inboxes and utilizes email warming and rate limits, it does not offer a dedicated deliverability product akin to lemwarm, which is specifically designed to enhance deliverability and minimize spam issues.

To further improve your email campaigns, consider using automation tools like Bardeen which can automatically categorize and label emails as spam, enhancing your deliverability and maintaining a healthy sender reputation.

For users prioritizing integrated solutions for deliverability, lemlist's offering with lemwarm would likely be more beneficial despite the additional cost, whereas Waalaxy offers built-in features without the need for a separate subscription.


lemwarm dashboard showing deliverability score and tips.

lemlist addresses email deliverability through its dedicated lemwarm product, which focuses on warming up email accounts to improve their reputation and avoid spam filters. This full-featured solution requires a separate subscription and offers a range of tools to optimize email sending:

  • Sending limits: lemwarm enforces sending limits per email address, with a maximum of 70 emails per day. This helps prevent accounts from being flagged as spam due to excessive sending.
  • Deliverability score: The platform provides a deliverability score to help users gauge the health of their email accounts. A detailed report offers insights into areas that may need improvement.
  • Custom tracking domain: Setting up a custom tracking domain allows for safe tracking of open and click rates without risking deliverability.
  • Smart Cluster: This feature intelligently manages email sending to optimize deliverability based on the account's reputation and sending history.

Reddit users discuss strategies to avoid spam filters when using lemlist, even with warmed-up accounts:

😐 "Be sure that DMARK/SPF/DKIM are working." - r/agency


Waalaxy's credit-based system for managing daily quotas and deliverability.

Waalaxy takes a proactive approach to maintaining high deliverability rates and avoiding spam issues by utilizing a credit-based system and enforcing daily quotas. This ensures that users stay within the platform's sending limits and maintain a positive sender reputation.

Key deliverability features:

  • Credit system: Credits are removed every month and shared across team members, ensuring that sending limits are adhered to.
  • Daily quotas: The platform enforces daily sending limits for LinkedIn invitations, messages, and profile visits to avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Multiple inboxes: Waalaxy supports the use of multiple inboxes, allowing users to distribute their sending across different email addresses and maintain high deliverability.
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Personalization - Tailoring Emails for Targeted Engagement

lemlist offers more advanced personalization capabilities compared to Waalaxy. While both platforms support the use of dynamic variables such as name and company, lemlist takes it further by enabling liquid syntax for conditionals and fallback values, enhancing the customization of emails based on recipient data.

Advanced personalization in lemlist using liquid syntax and custom variables

Waalaxy, however, sticks to more straightforward variable insertion, lacking the conditional logic that can make messages feel more tailored and responsive to the recipient's context.

For users needing deep customization and the ability to create highly targeted emails, lemlist's comprehensive features provide a clear advantage. Moreover, to further enhance your email personalization strategies, consider using Bardeen to automate and enrich your email campaigns with additional data and AI-generated content.


Personalization options for emails in lemlist Sequences.

lemlist provides several options to personalize emails within Sequences, allowing users to create targeted and engaging campaigns. The platform supports the use of custom variables, images, and landing pages to tailor the content for each recipient.

  • Custom variables: Insert dynamic fields like first name, last name, company name, and more to automatically populate personalized information for each lead.
  • Liquid syntax: Use advanced liquid syntax to add conditional logic, pull variables like the current date, and set fallback values when data is missing.
  • Custom images: Upload personalized images to be included in the email, such as a headshot or company logo.
  • Custom landing pages: Direct recipients to tailored landing pages based on their specific interests or demographics.


Waalaxy's email editor with personalization variables for first name, last name, and company.

Waalaxy enables users to personalize their email sequences using custom variables, ensuring that each message feels tailored to the individual recipient. This feature helps to increase engagement and response rates by making the emails more relevant and targeted.

Key features of Waalaxy's email personalization:

  • Custom variables: Easily insert personalized information such as first name, last name, and company into your emails.
  • Intuitive interface: The user-friendly editor makes it simple to add and manage variables within your email templates.
  • Preview functionality: See how your personalized emails will appear before sending them out to ensure they look professional and error-free.
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AI Comparison - Automating Campaigns vs Lead Discovery

When comparing AI capabilities in sequence tools between lemlist and Waalaxy, lemlist seems to offer a more robust solution for creating full campaigns automatically with AI, although it has limited user customization at the message level.

Lemlist's AI helps craft complete email campaigns

Waalaxy, on the other hand, utilizes AI mainly to enhance lead discovery and automates some aspects of messaging, but it does not appear to support creating complete campaign messages directly with AI.

If your focus is on automating complete campaign creation using AI, lemlist provides a more comprehensive toolset. However, if finding and managing leads efficiently with AI support is more critical, Waalaxy could be the better choice. Additionally, Bardeen can augment these AI features by adding more context about leads, such as social activity and company info, enriching the personalization and effectiveness of your campaigns.


AI-powered campaign creation in lemlist Sequences.

lemlist offers AI-powered tools to help users create entire campaigns more efficiently. The AI generator can create a full campaign based on a few key inputs, such as the campaign's purpose, target audience, and desired tone.

Key AI features for campaign creation:

  • Automatic campaign generation: Provide basic information and let the AI generate a complete campaign
  • Tone customization: Specify the desired tone for the campaign (e.g., conversational, formal)
  • Manual creation option: Users can still choose to create campaigns manually or duplicate existing ones
AI-powered personalization options for individual emails in lemlist Sequences.

At the individual email level, lemlist provides some basic AI-powered personalization options, such as:

  • Text improvement: Enhance the email copy with suggestions for grammar, length, and tone
  • Image personalization: Add personalized images based on prospect data

However, the AI personalization features for individual emails are more limited compared to the campaign-level AI tools. Users may need to rely more on manual personalization and customization for each email in the sequence.


AI Prospect Finder in Waalaxy to automate lead generation

Waalaxy leverages artificial intelligence to streamline and optimize sales engagement processes, particularly in the realm of lead generation and messaging.

  • AI Prospect Finder: Waalaxy's AI Prospect Finder feature automates the process of finding relevant contacts and leads, saving time and effort in the prospecting phase.
  • Personalized messaging: AI is utilized to craft personalized messages for each lead, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  • Campaign optimization: Waalaxy's AI capabilities help optimize campaign strategies by analyzing data and providing insights to improve performance over time.
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Native Enrichment - Boost Lead Data Quality and Relevance

When comparing lemlist and Waalaxy for their Native Enrichment features, Waalaxy stands out for its dynamic integration with LinkedIn, providing real-time buyer signals and lead data enrichment.

AI Prospect Finder in Waalaxy showing LinkedIn data integration

In contrast, lemlist provides basic list building and enrichment functions that may not be as detailed or up-to-date, potentially impacting the quality of lead information.

For users relying heavily on LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation, Waalaxy’s advanced features could provide a significant edge. Additionally, integrating these capabilities with Bardeen’s automation tools can further enhance your lead management processes, making it easier to extract and sync data across platforms.


lemlist's lead enrichment provides additional details like job title and LinkedIn connections.

lemlist provides basic lead enrichment capabilities, allowing users to gather additional information about their leads directly within the platform. While this feature is convenient, the data may not be as comprehensive or up-to-date compared to dedicated lead enrichment tools.

Key aspects of lemlist's lead enrichment:

  • Basic lead information: lemlist enriches leads with data such as job title, company, and location.
  • Social media insights: Users can view the number of LinkedIn connections and other social media details for each lead.
  • Email address finder: lemlist can help users find and push email addresses to their campaigns.
  • Limited data sources: Compared to specialized lead enrichment platforms, lemlist's data may not be as extensive or frequently updated.


Waalaxy enriches prospect data with information from LinkedIn.

Waalaxy's native enrichment feature enhances prospect data by integrating buyer signals and information from LinkedIn. This dynamic lead enrichment provides valuable context to help sales teams personalize their outreach and engage prospects more effectively.

  • LinkedIn data integration: Waalaxy automatically pulls in relevant data points from prospects' LinkedIn profiles, such as job title, company, and location.
  • Buyer signals: The platform identifies and highlights key buyer signals, such as a prospect's recent activity or engagement with relevant content, to help prioritize outreach efforts.
  • Dynamic updates: As prospects' LinkedIn information changes, Waalaxy ensures that the enriched data stays up-to-date, providing sales teams with the most current and accurate insights.
  • Personalization at scale: By leveraging enriched prospect data, sales teams can craft highly targeted and personalized messaging at scale, improving the chances of a positive response.
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Social Automation - Managing LinkedIn Engagement and Lead Integration

lemlist offers a more comprehensive solution for social automation on LinkedIn compared to Waalaxy, particularly with its browser extension that supports a variety of actions like connection requests, messaging, and post engagement directly within the platform.

lemlist Social Automation Overview

Waalaxy, while adept at lead generation via LinkedIn, primarily focuses on CRM integration, like syncing contact details to platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce, which is valuable for ensuring that all lead information is up-to-date across systems.

However, for users seeking robust, direct social media engagement tools integrated within their sales sequence workflows, lemlist's local execution of LinkedIn tasks offers a significant advantage. If enhancing CRM data and streamlining follow-ups is a priority, consider using Bardeen's automation features to sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot leads effortlessly.


Automated LinkedIn chat message setup in lemlist Sequences.

lemlist offers social automation capabilities through its Sequences feature, allowing users to integrate LinkedIn actions into their outreach campaigns. This functionality is powered by a browser extension that performs actions locally, ensuring compliance with LinkedIn's terms of service.

Key features of lemlist's social automation:

  • LinkedIn integration: Connect with prospects on LinkedIn directly from lemlist
  • Personalized messaging: Send customized LinkedIn messages as part of a sequence
  • Connection requests: Automate the process of sending connection requests to prospects
  • Post engagement: Interact with prospects' posts to build relationships

By combining email outreach with LinkedIn automation, lemlist enables users to create comprehensive, multi-channel campaigns that maximize their chances of connecting with potential customers and driving conversions.


Waalaxy integrates with various CRM tools to sync prospect data.

Waalaxy's Sequences feature allows users to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation and social automation. By connecting your CRM, such as Hubspot, noCRM.io, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Google Sheets, or Webhook, you can seamlessly sync prospect data from LinkedIn directly into your CRM system.

Key aspects of Waalaxy's social automation:

  • LinkedIn lead generation: Utilize LinkedIn to find and connect with potential leads for your sales pipeline.
  • CRM integration: Sync prospect data from LinkedIn directly into your preferred CRM tool.
  • Streamlined workflow: Automate the process of moving leads from LinkedIn to your CRM, saving time and effort.
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Pricing Models - Balancing Costs and Features

When comparing pricing models, lemlist offers a more structured tier system ranging from $39 to $159 per month, which can be advantageous for users looking for options that scale with their needs.

lemlist pricing tiers include various features and free trials

Waalaxy, while also offering a free plan, has its pricing displayed only in Euros, which may require additional conversion consideration for international users. It's priced between €0 to €160 per month, with optional purchases like additional credits for email finder tools.

Waalaxy offers a flexible plan structure with a free option

Both platforms provide free trials and require no credit card for sign-up, appealing to users who want to test services without initial commitment. For users needing a detailed cost analysis for their business strategies, consider using this Playbook from Bardeen to gather and compare pricing information efficiently.

For businesses looking for a more comprehensive package with additional email and CRM features from the start, lemlist's inclusive pricing tiers might be more beneficial, despite the higher starting price.


lemlist offers 4 pricing tiers ranging from $39 to $159 per month with a 14-day free trial.

lemlist provides a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets, with plans starting at $39 per month for the Email Starter plan and going up to $159 per month for the Outreach Scale plan. All plans come with a 14-day free trial, and no credit card is required to sign up.

  • Billing model: Per user per month, with the price increasing based on the number of users and features included.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial available for all plans, no credit card required.
  • Price per seat or usage: Plans are priced per user, with the Email Starter plan at $39/mo per user (1 sending email), Email Pro at $69/mo per user (3 sending emails), Multichannel Expert at $99/mo per user (5 sending emails), and Outreach Scale at $159/mo per user (15 sending emails).
  • Key features in paid tiers: Higher-tier plans include additional features such as email warm-up and deliverability booster, CRM integrations, custom image personalization, and AI access.
  • Enterprise pricing: For teams with more than 10 users, custom enterprise pricing is available by contacting the sales team.
  • Additional costs: While all plans include unlimited emails, credits for the email finder and verifier tool may incur additional costs (e.g., 100 credits/mo for Email Starter, 250 credits/mo for Email Pro).


Waalaxy offers three pricing tiers, including a free plan, with prices shown in Euros.

Waalaxy provides a flexible pricing model with three main tiers to suit different needs and budgets. Prices are displayed in Euros, with the option to view monthly or annual billing.

Key aspects of Waalaxy's pricing:

  • Free plan: Waalaxy offers a free plan with limited features, allowing users to try the platform before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Paid plans: The two paid plans, Advanced (€112/month) and Business (€160/month), offer more advanced features and higher usage limits compared to the free plan.
  • Add-ons: Users can purchase additional features, such as Waalaxy's Inbox and extra credits for the email finder tool, to enhance their experience.
  • Auto-renew: All plans are set to auto-renew by default, ensuring uninterrupted service for users.
  • Cloud-based solution: Waalaxy is a cloud-based platform, meaning users can access it from anywhere without the need for installation or maintenance.

To get started with Waalaxy, users can choose a plan that best fits their needs and budget, with the flexibility to upgrade or add features as their requirements change.

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Which Tool is Best for Complex Sales Campaigns?

When comparing lemlist and Waalaxy for campaign creation in sequences, we find notable differences. Lemlist offers a more robust multi-channel capability, making it suitable for diverse and complex campaign strategies. Conversely, Waalaxy focuses more on LinkedIn automation, making it ideal for those primarily using LinkedIn for outreach.

If your campaigns require extensive use of multiple channels including emails and social platforms, lemlist would be the better choice due to its comprehensive features. For LinkedIn-focused campaigns, Waalaxy’s specialized approach provides targeted tools that could be more beneficial.

Both tools offer valuable capabilities, but your choice should align with your specific campaign needs and platform preferences.