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Get Github project profile data
Get Github project profile data
Get Github project profile data
Get Github project profile data

Get Github project profile data

This playbook will get data from a Github project page.

Bardeen automates your repetitive tasks without code.
Install the Chrome extension for free.

You can scrape Github project information in one click. Technical recruiters, in particular, are going to find this playbook very useful.

First, navigate to a Github project page. Then run the playbook from this page.

Finally, save the information into Google Sheets, Airtable or Notion.

Find supplementary integration selections for GitHub integrations, Scraper integrations, or customize the playbook to better align with your personalized workflow.

Learn more about the awesome product development integrations and data sourcing integrations available.

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June 1, 2023

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Bardeen is a real game-changer for me. Removes a ton of friction from my work and gives back valuable time!
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Bardeen has been the real game-changer for my productivity! I love it because it combines my favorite tools with website data.
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