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Get the current page as text
Get the current page as text
Get the current page as text
Get the current page as text

Get the current page as text

This playbook will show the raw text extracted from the HTML of the currently opened page.

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Sometimes you need to get the text of an entire web page without dealing with all the images, ads, or videos, and other times you are presented with a popup you can’t click out of.

If you’re like most people, you either try to copy and paste every text you see or download the page as an HTML file and work from there.

Try this automation instead!

It will extract the text from the HTML of the page and present it to you with one click. You will also have the option to download the text as a .txt file.

To make the playbook work, navigate to the web page, activate Bardeen (or hit OPTION + B), and run the automation. 

The playbook is helpful if you are only interested in the words on a page or want to read an article behind a paywall or a popup.

💪 Pro Tip: Automate your next action. For example, you can save the text automatically in a Google Doc or a Notion Database or send the text as an email. To do that, use the Builder and add your following action.

Find supplementary integration selections for Scraper integrations.

Discover how to modify the playbook to better fit your particular workflow requirements and learn more about the awesome personal productivity automation available.

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Bardeen has been the real game-changer for my productivity! I love it because it combines my favorite tools with website data.
We use Bardeen every day and it saves us around 2 hours of manual work daily! 10/10 would recommend using Bardeen!
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