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How to integrate Google Drive with Reddit?

We're Bardeen, we build an AI Agent that does your repetitive work tasks. Companies like Deel and Casafari, use Bardeen connect apps like Google Drive and Reddit together to save time and increase productivity.

Connecting Google Drive and Reddit can be a game-changer for productivity. Did you know that 68% of people use automation to save time on repetitive tasks? By integrating these two powerful tools, you can streamline file sharing, automate posting, and keep your data backed up - all without the hassle of manual work.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through both the classic methods and the new AI-powered approach to Google Drive Reddit integration. Get ready to level up your efficiency and simplify your workflows!


Integrating Google Drive with Reddit can streamline your workflow and make it easier to share files and collaborate with others on the platform. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to connect Google Drive to your Reddit account and show you how to use the integration efficiently.

By the end, you'll be able to:

  • Link your Google Drive account to Reddit
  • Share Google Drive files in Reddit posts and comments
  • Manage permissions for files shared on Reddit
  • Use Bardeen's AI automation platform to simplify the integration process

Let's get started and see how integrating Google Drive with Reddit can enhance your productivity and make file sharing a breeze.

Methods to Integrate Google Drive and Reddit

Connecting Google Drive and Reddit can be done in a few different ways, based on your specific requirements and use case. You might want to share Google Drive files on Reddit posts, back up saved Reddit content to Google Drive, or automate posting between the platforms. The right Google Drive Reddit integration will make the process easy and seamless.

1. Benefits of Linking Google Drive and Reddit

Integrating Google Drive with Reddit offers several key advantages. It allows you to effortlessly share files hosted on Drive directly in Reddit posts and comments. This is handy for quickly linking to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

Connecting the two platforms also enables you to automate posting. For example, you could configure a workflow that automatically creates a new Reddit post whenever a file is uploaded or updated in a specific Google Drive folder. This saves time and ensures your Reddit audience always has access to the latest versions of your content.

Additionally, integrating Google Drive with Reddit provides a way to back up data. You can set up an automated system that saves Reddit posts and comments to a Google Drive folder. This protects your content in case anything happens to your Reddit account.

2. Built-in Sharing vs Third-Party Integration Tools

When it comes to connecting Google Drive and Reddit, you have two main options: using the built-in sharing features or leveraging third-party integration tools.

Google Drive includes native options for generating shareable links to files. You can copy these links and manually paste them into Reddit posts or comments. This approach is straightforward but requires extra steps and doesn't support any automation.

Third-party integration platforms, like Bardeen, provide a more powerful and efficient way to link Google Drive with Reddit. These tools enable you to create custom automations that handle file sharing and posting for you. The initial setup takes a bit more work, but the long-term time savings are substantial.

3. Simplify Google Drive Reddit Integration with AI Automation

AI-powered automation tools make it incredibly easy to connect Google Drive and Reddit. Platforms like Bardeen provide a simple, code-free interface for building custom integration workflows.

Save time and effort by using Bardeen to connect Google Sheets and Reddit with just a few clicks. Let AI handle the repetitive tasks for you.

With just a few clicks, you can set up automations that share Google Drive files on Reddit, back up Reddit saves to Drive, and more. The AI does the heavy lifting for you, so there's no need to manually copy/paste links or write complex scripts.

Bardeen also offers a library of pre-built automation templates. You can quickly search for common Google Drive Reddit integrations, customize them for your needs, and get up and running in minutes.

4. Steps to Connect Google Drive and Reddit via Automation

Here's a basic overview of how to integrate Google Drive with Reddit using an AI automation platform like Bardeen:

  1. Install the Bardeen browser extension and create a free account
  2. Connect your Google Drive and Reddit accounts to Bardeen
  3. Use the visual workflow builder to set up your automation
  4. Pick a trigger, like "New file in Google Drive"
  5. Select an action, such as "Create Reddit post with Google Drive link"
  6. Customize the settings to fit your specific needs
  7. Save and activate the automation

That's it! Your Google Drive Reddit integration will now run on autopilot based on your defined workflow. It only takes a few minutes to set up and can save countless hours of manual work.

Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting Google Drive and Reddit with Bardeen

Bardeen offers a user-friendly, no-code solution to integrate Google Drive with Reddit in just a few clicks. Using Bardeen's AI-powered automation platform, you can create custom workflows that automatically sync files, post content, and more between the two tools. No technical skills are necessary to connect Google Drive to Reddit with Bardeen.

Here's a quick step-by-step on how to integrate Google Drive and Reddit using Bardeen:

1. Install the Bardeen Chrome Extension

To get started, download the Bardeen browser extension for Chrome from This will allow you to access Bardeen and start building Google Drive Reddit integrations right away.

2. Link Your Google Drive and Reddit Accounts

Open up the Bardeen extension in Chrome and click to create a new automation. Choose Google Drive and Reddit as the platforms you want to connect. Log in and securely grant Bardeen permission to access each account.

3. Automate Posts with the Visual Workflow Builder

Bardeen features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for setting up automations. Simply select a trigger event, such as uploading a new file to Google Drive. Then pick an action step, like creating a Reddit post that includes a link to the Google Drive file. Customize the workflow settings and you're all set!

Integrating Google Drive with Reddit is fast and effortless using AI automation tools like Bardeen. The visual builder makes it easy to link your accounts and automate content sharing between the platforms, without any coding required.

Install Bardeen's Chrome Extension to Start Building Google Drive Reddit Integrations

To connect Google Drive and Reddit, your first step is downloading the Bardeen browser extension for Chrome. Simply go to to add Bardeen to your browser.

Once installed, the Bardeen extension will allow you to easily integrate Google Drive with Reddit. You'll be able to automate workflows like:

  • Automatically sharing Google Drive files on Reddit
  • Backing up saved Reddit posts to a Drive folder
  • Connecting Google Forms responses to Reddit for seamless sharing

Installing Bardeen's Chrome extension is quick and gives you immediate access to start building custom Google Drive Reddit automations. No coding skills are required to integrate the two platforms and put your workflows on autopilot. You can also use Bardeen to automate lead management tasks, making your work even easier.

Bardeen can help with scraping LinkedIn data into your favorite tools like Google Sheets, simplifying your workflow and saving you time.

Connect Your Google Drive and Reddit Accounts in Bardeen

After installing the Bardeen Chrome extension, open it up and click to create a new automation. From the list of available tools, choose Google Drive and Reddit as the platforms you want to integrate.

Bardeen will prompt you to log into your Google Drive and Reddit accounts. This grants the automation platform secure access to connect the two tools. Rest assured that Bardeen employs industry-standard security measures to protect your data.

Once you've successfully logged in and authorized the connection, Bardeen can integrate your Google Drive and Reddit accounts. You're now ready to start automating workflows between the two platforms, making it simple to organize and share files and back up data.

Build Custom Google Drive Reddit Automations in Minutes

Bardeen makes it simple to integrate Google Drive and Reddit using its intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder. No coding required!

To create an automation, start by selecting a trigger event, such as "New file uploaded to Google Drive." Then, choose a corresponding action step, like "Create new Reddit text post with Google Drive link." Customize the settings to fit your needs.

For example, you might configure the automation to share any new Google Docs uploaded to a specific Drive folder to a particular subreddit. Or set it to post weekly digests of Google Form responses. The possibilities are endless.

With just a few clicks, your Google Drive Reddit integration will be up and running. Bardeen handles the heavy lifting, seamlessly connecting the two platforms to automate your desired workflows. You can also connect Google Docs to other apps for more flexibility.

Bardeen can also help you connect Microsoft Excel to other platforms. Save time and automate repetitive tasks with ease.

Google Drive Reddit Integration Examples to Automate Your Workflows

Connecting Google Drive and Reddit opens up many possibilities to streamline your tasks. Here are some specific examples of automations you can set up:

1. Automatically Share New Google Drive Files on Reddit

Let's say you regularly create Google Docs, Sheets or Slides that you want to share on a particular subreddit. You can build an automation that triggers whenever a new file is added to a designated Google Drive folder.

The workflow would then automatically create a new Reddit text post, sharing the file's link and any other relevant details. This saves you the manual steps of copying the link, opening Reddit, and pasting it into a new post.

2. Back Up Saved Reddit Posts to Google Drive

If you frequently save interesting Reddit posts for later reference, you can automate backing them up to Google Drive. This protects against losing access to your saved items.

Set up an integration that runs on a schedule, such as once per day. It will scan your Reddit saved posts, extract the content and any media, and copy it to a Google Drive folder. Now you'll always have a backup of your favorite Reddit content.

3. Post Google Form Responses to Reddit

Google Forms are handy for collecting data or feedback. But what if you want to share the responses on Reddit? You can connect the two with an automation.

Whenever a user submits the Google Form, the integration will grab the response details and post them to a specified subreddit. This could be useful for sharing survey results, user-generated content, or feedback with a wider audience on Reddit.

4. Save Files Shared on Reddit to Google Drive

Scrolling through Reddit, you often come across interesting files, images, or videos that you want to save. An automation can handle this for you without disrupting your browsing.

Build a workflow that scans Reddit posts or comments for file links matching your criteria. When it finds a match, the automation will automatically download the file and save a copy to your Google Drive. It's an effortless way to capture content from Reddit for later access.


Integrating Google Drive and Reddit can significantly improve your productivity by automating common tasks. In this guide, you learned:

  • Several methods exist to connect Google Drive with Reddit, and using an automation tool is the simplest approach
  • Bardeen allows you to integrate the two platforms in just a few clicks, without any coding
  • You can set up automations to share Drive files on Reddit, back up saved posts, automatically post form responses, and more

Streamline your LinkedIn data collection with Bardeen's playbook to enrich LinkedIn profiles. Focus on what matters and let Bardeen handle the rest.

Mastering Google Drive Reddit integration will put your workflows on autopilot, saving you time and effort. Stop letting repetitive manual tasks slow you down - leverage the power of automation with Bardeen today!

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How can I connect Google Drive to Reddit using Bardeen?

To connect Google Drive to Reddit using Bardeen, you can set up custom automations or use pre-built playbooks. For instance, you can create a playbook to upload a screenshot of a web page to Google Drive periodically. This helps you keep track of Reddit discussions or content for later reference.

Can I share Google Drive files directly on Reddit?

While you can't share Google Drive files directly on Reddit, you can use Bardeen to simplify the process. For example, you can create a Google Drive folder, upload your file, and then share the link in your Reddit post. Automations like these save you time and keep your workflow organized.

What types of tasks can I automate with Google Drive and Reddit?

You can automate a variety of tasks with Google Drive and Reddit using Bardeen. Some examples include uploading screenshots of web pages to Google Drive, sharing current pages as PDFs, and creating folders and documents for sharing. These automations help you manage content and data efficiently between the two platforms.

How much does it cost to use Bardeen for this integration?

Bardeen offers a free plan that allows you to run unlimited non-premium automations. For premium features, including some advanced integrations and always-on automations, the paid plan is available at $20/month. This makes it accessible for individuals and small teams to start automating their tasks without upfront costs.