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How a Venture Firm Saves 3 Hours Automating Outreach Every Week

About the company:
Riceberg Ventures
Venture Capital
Company Size:
Bardeen saves me 3 hours per week and is a complete game changer! Now, I am able to automate the copy-pasting of founders and investors from LinkedIn to my Google Sheets. Thanks to Bardeen, I am more productive using LinkedIn for outreach.
Lino Gandola
Founder at Riceberg Ventures
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Outreach to founders and investors for their new fund is a crucial aspect of Riceberg Ventures's operations. The ability to efficiently identify and connect with potential investors can make a significant impact on the firm's success. This case study delves into how Riceberg Ventures, led by Lino Gandola, utilized Bardeen to automate his outreach process. By automating tasks such as LinkedIn profile scraping, data entry, and connection requests, Riceberg Ventures achieved substantial time savings and enhanced productivity.


Lino Gandola faced a significant challenge when it came to acquiring contacts from LinkedIn searches. As the firm focused on outreach to potential investors and founders for their fund, Lino's manual approach to researching and collecting LinkedIn profiles proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. 

Each search required him to manually extract the relevant profile information and enter it into the firm's databases for further analysis. This process not only consumed a substantial amount of Lino's valuable time but also hindered the firm's ability to scale its operations effectively.

Bardeen's Solution

The Solutions Engineering Team at Bardeen built a customized solution to solve Riceberg Ventures's lead generation challenges. Using Bardeen, Lino was able to automate the copy-pasting of relevant LinkedIn profile information into Google Sheets.The Bardeen team also showed Lino how to automate sending LinkedIn Connection Requests enhancing the effectiveness of outreach efforts.

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Time savings and improved efficiency:
Automating LinkedIn profile scraping and data entry into Google Sheets reduced the time and effort required to collect and organize lead information. This resulted in a significant increase in productivity and allowed Riceberg Ventures to focus on higher-value tasks.
Streamlined connection requests:
The automation enabled Riceberg Ventures to automate the sending of connection requests to potential investors and founders, eliminating the need for manual outreach. This streamlined process allowed for consistent and personalized engagement with leads.
Enhanced scalability:
Bardeen's automation capabilities allowed Riceberg Ventures to scale their lead generation efforts without the need for additional resources. By automating repetitive tasks, Riceberg Ventures could efficiently handle a larger volume of leads, leading to increased opportunities for investment.

Final Thoughts

Lino Gandola recognized the vast potential of Bardeen beyond the initial automation implemented for lead generation. He expressed interest in exploring further features and possibilities offered by Bardeen, such as email enrichment, website scraping, and utilizing other premium commands like OpenAI and HubSpot integration.

Riceberg Ventures's adoption of Bardeen automation has revolutionized their lead generation process, empowering Lino Gandola and his team to efficiently identify and engage with potential investors and founders. By automating LinkedIn profile scraping, data entry, and connection requests, Riceberg Ventures achieved significant time savings and enhanced productivity. Bardeen's ability to streamline repetitive tasks and its potential for further automation unlocks new possibilities for Ventures firms like Riceberg Ventures.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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