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How A Software Company Saves 6 Hours Automating Lead Prospecting Every Week

About the company:
DGT Network
Company Size:
14 Employees
Using Bardeen’s exceptional LinkedIn to Airtable playbook, I am able to save 6.5 hours per week. Usually, it would take me 3 minutes to export a contact, now it takes me 15 seconds. I found that Bardeen truly reinvented my workflow and I am able to focus more on actually building relationships rather than endless menial tasks!
Alexander Khvatov
Cofounder & Head of Business Development
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DGT Network, a software company operating since 2017, specializes in providing web infrastructure solutions to traditional enterprises. Their mission is to help companies tokenize assets and establish data sharing ecosystems. Alexander, one of the founders, primarily focuses on business development and seeking investments. As the company grew, managing contacts for business development became increasingly challenging and time-consuming, leading them to seek a solution to streamline their contact management processes.

On a daily basis, here are the tasks that Alexander focuses on:

• Working with new business development contacts on LinkedIn

• Exporting them to Airtable CRM, adding them on LinkedIn, sending cold messages

• Conducting calls with potential partners, investors, and clients


DGT Network faced a specific challenge in effectively managing their contacts for business development and seeking investments. The previous manual process, combined with the use of external tools like Phantom Buster and Excel, resulted in messy data, duplicates, and limited functionalities. Additionally, automating interactions on LinkedIn posed risks of account lockouts and restricted any sales outreach processes altogether.

Bardeen's Solution

DGT Network recognized the need for an efficient solution that seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn and enhances their contact management workflows. They discovered Bardeen, a powerful automation tool that could export LinkedIn contacts to Airtable, enabling them to manage their contacts more effectively and efficiently. Upon implementing Bardeen, DGT Network experienced significant improvements in their contact management processes and overall efficiency. Alexander estimated saving approximately 6.5 hours per week, thanks to Bardeen's automation features.

Here's an example of how Alexander's BDR tasks of copying LinkedIn profiles to Airtable were automated with Bardeen:

Using this LinkedIn profile as an example, Alexander wants to add this information to his Airtable CRM to begin outreach
With Bardeen, he can push one button and voila!
All the information from that LinkedIn profile is added to Airtable where he can keep track of all his leads for sales and outreach

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Time Savings
By automating the export of contacts from LinkedIn to Airtable, DGT Network saved approximately 6.5 hours per week, allowing team members to allocate more time to strategic initiatives.
Improved Efficiency
Bardeen eliminated the manual efforts, messy data, and duplicates associated with their previous processes, enabling the team to leverage the full functionalities of Airtable for better contact management.
Enhanced Operations
With streamlined contact management, the team experienced improved efficiency, reduced errors, and increased productivity, enabling them to focus on essential business development activities

Final Thoughts

Based on the positive experience with Bardeen, DGT Network recommends the solution to other companies facing similar contact management challenges. The time savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced operations achieved through Bardeen's automation features make it a valuable tool for any business seeking to streamline their sales and outreach processes. Additionally, DGT Network wants to build more automations with Bardeen, such as automating social media postings and synchronizing tasks. This reflects their confidence in the solution's capabilities and their commitment to leveraging automation to drive greater efficiency and growth.

Bardeen's integration with LinkedIn and Airtable proved to be a valuable solution for DGT Network, enhancing their BDR workflows and setting the stage for future automation opportunities.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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