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Understanding Gmail Labels: Organize Your Inbox Efficiently

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Labels in Gmail are tags for organizing emails and contacts, allowing multiple categorizations for easy access and management.

  • Labels enable categorizing emails in multiple ways, enhancing searchability.
  • Reserved system labels like Inbox, Spam, and Sent have predefined roles for automatic sorting.
  • Custom labels can be created, edited, and deleted for personalized email organization.
  • Labels in Gmail Contacts help group contacts for simplified email sending to specific groups.

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What is a Label in Gmail?

Labels in Gmail serve as a versatile tool for organizing your emails. Unlike traditional folders, labels allow you to categorize your emails in multiple ways simultaneously. For instance, a single email can have labels such as "Project X," "To-Do," and "Follow Up" all at once. This system enables you to find emails easily by clicking on a label in Gmail's left panel or by searching for the label's name. Labels can be applied to individual emails or entire conversations, and you can create as many labels as you need to keep your inbox organized.

What is a Reserved System Label in Gmail?

Reserved system labels in Gmail are pre-defined categories that correspond to Gmail's core functionalities, such as Inbox, Spam, Trash, Sent, Drafts, and categories like Personal, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. These labels are integral to Gmail's structure, helping users automatically sort and access their emails based on Gmail's predefined criteria. Unlike custom labels created by users, system labels have specific roles and cannot be renamed or deleted. For example, emails you send are automatically tagged with the "Sent" label, and spam emails are moved to the "Spam" label.

In Gmail, What is a Label?

A label in Gmail is essentially a tag that you can apply to your emails or conversations to categorize and organize them efficiently. Labels are highly flexible, allowing you to assign multiple labels to a single email or conversation for multifaceted categorization. This feature is particularly useful for managing large volumes of emails, enabling you to quickly locate specific emails based on the labels you've assigned. You can create, edit, and delete labels as needed, customizing your email organization system to suit your personal or professional workflow.

What is a Label in Gmail Contacts?

Labels in Gmail Contacts work similarly to labels in Gmail, allowing you to organize your contacts into various groups for easier management and access. You can create labels for your contacts, such as "Family," "Colleagues," or "Newsletter Subscribers," and assign multiple labels to a single contact if necessary. This organization method simplifies the process of sending emails to groups of contacts by enabling you to address emails to a label, automatically including all contacts associated with that label in the email. To manage labels in Gmail Contacts, you can create, edit, and delete labels, as well as add or remove contacts from labels, directly within the Google Contacts interface.

Automate Gmail with Bardeen: Labels Redefined

Managing your inbox can be streamlined by effectively using labels in Google Mail. Beyond manual organization, labels can trigger powerful automations with Bardeen, saving time and enhancing productivity across various platforms:

  1. Create ClickUp task when label is added to an email: Automate task creation in ClickUp directly from your Gmail for efficient project tracking and management.
  2. Classify and update the labels of newly received emails: Utilize AI to automatically categorize incoming emails and apply appropriate labels for superior inbox organization.
  3. Create a new Salesforce lead when a label is added to an email: Convert emails into Salesforce leads automatically when a specific label is applied, enhancing your sales process efficiency.

Discover the power of email automation by downloading the Bardeen app at and explore these workflows to optimize your email management strategy.

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