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Understanding 3rd-Degree Connections on LinkedIn

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January 29, 2024

'3rd' on LinkedIn indicates 3rd-degree connections, who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections but not to you directly.

  • 3rd-degree connections are one step removed from your direct network.
  • Interaction requires a connection request or InMail for detailed info.
  • Connecting with them expands your network and opportunities.
  • LeadDelta can help manage 3rd-degree connections for networking.

On LinkedIn, the term "3rd" refers to 3rd-degree connections within your professional network. These are individuals who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections but not directly connected to you. Here's a breakdown of what this means and how you can interact with 3rd-degree connections:

  • 3rd-degree connections: These are people who are one step further removed from your immediate network. They are connected to your 2nd-degree connections. You'll see a 3rd-degree icon next to their name in search results and on their profile.
  • To interact with 3rd-degree connections, you cannot directly message them or view their detailed information unless you send them a connection request or use an InMail if you have a premium account.
  • If you wish to connect with a 3rd-degree connection, you can send them a connection request. Once they accept, they become a 2nd-degree connection, and if they accept your invitation to connect, they become a 1st-degree connection.
  • For networking purposes, it's beneficial to expand your network to include 3rd-degree connections as they can provide access to a wider range of professionals and potential opportunities.
  • Tools like LeadDelta can help you manage and keep track of 3rd-degree connections by allowing you to import their information into a separate database, even if they are not directly connected to you. This can be useful for future networking or business opportunities.

Understanding the degrees of connection on LinkedIn is crucial for effectively navigating the platform and leveraging your professional network to its fullest potential.

Bardeen: Supercharge Your LinkedIn Networking

Understanding the meaning of '3rd' on LinkedIn is crucial as it indicates the degree of connection you have with another user on the platform. While grasping this concept manually is beneficial, automating related LinkedIn networking tasks can significantly enhance your productivity. Bardeen offers a suite of automations that seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn, saving you time and helping you connect with third-degree contacts more effectively.

Here are some valuable LinkedIn automations provided by Bardeen that can streamline your networking efforts:

  1. Save LinkedIn group members to Google Sheets: Extract LinkedIn group members, possibly including 3rd-degree connections, and save them directly to Google Sheets for better outreach and networking strategies.
  2. Generate a prospect research report in a Google Doc from an email address using BardeenAI: Create detailed research reports on prospects, which may include 3rd-degree connections, using their LinkedIn profiles or email addresses.
  3. Copy LinkedIn company data to Google Sheets, when I right-click: Quickly capture data from a LinkedIn company page, which could be useful for understanding your relationship to 3rd-degree connections within that company.

To leverage these powerful LinkedIn automation tools, download the Bardeen app at and start transforming your networking today.

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