Daily Email Limits with Lemlist: Best Practices for 2024

Jason Gong
June 28, 2024

Send 100 emails per user daily with Lemlist.

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Sending the right number of emails per day with Lemlist is crucial for maximizing your outreach success while maintaining a healthy sender reputation. But how many emails should you send daily to strike the perfect balance? In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into Lemlist's recommended email volume, factors influencing email delivery, and strategies to optimize your sending capacity.

Did you know that according to recent statistics, the average office worker receives around 121 emails per day? With such a crowded inbox, it's essential to fine-tune your email strategy to stand out and achieve your desired results. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting with cold emailing, understanding the optimal email sending frequency is key.

Throughout this guide, we'll not only cover the traditional manual approach to managing your email volume but also introduce you to new, automated solutions using AI agents like Bardeen. Imagine having a virtual assistant that helps you handle repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on crafting compelling email content and closing deals.

Are you ready to take your email outreach to the next level? By the end of this guide, you'll have a clear understanding of how many emails to send daily with Lemlist, along with practical tips and strategies to maximize your results. Get ready to boost your open rates, increase replies, and ultimately, close more deals. Let's get started!

Lemlist's Optimal Daily Email Volume: 100 Emails Per User

Lemlist recommends a daily email quota of around 100 emails per user to maximize results while protecting your domain. This applies to both Gmail/Google Suite and custom SMTP accounts. Lemlist's complex sending algorithm considers factors like bounce rate, open rate, domain age, and technical setup to safeguard users' success in the long run.

1. Set Daily Email Limits in Lemlist Settings

Lemlist's paid plans allow you to set your preferred maximum number of emails sent in 24 hours. Navigate to "Account Settings," choose "Limits," and input your desired daily email limit. Remember to double-check your settings, as changes are automatically saved.

While Lemlist provides configuration freedom, Google has its own algorithm for blocking emails. If you exceed your quota, Lemlist will temporarily pause sending and resume later. However, it's crucial to proactively monitor your email volumes and not solely rely on Lemlist's detection system.

2. Adhere to Email Provider Recommendations for Custom SMTP Accounts

For custom SMTP accounts, follow your email provider's recommended daily sending limit. As a general guideline, aim for around 100 emails per user per day, similar to the approach used for Google accounts.

Keep in mind that your alias service may impose additional constraints beyond Google's limits. Understand both Google's limits and those of your alias service to ensure a smooth and compliant email sending experience.

3. Focus on Strategic, Long-Term Cold Emailing

Lemlist is designed to prioritize users' long-term success over reaching a specific number of emails sent. Sending too many emails at once can harm your domain's reputation. Cold emailing is a strategic, long-term game, and Lemlist aims to protect users from getting their accounts banned due to unconsidered risks.

If your primary focus is on hitting a high volume of emails, Lemlist may not be the ideal tool for your needs. The platform prioritizes safeguarding users' success over allowing them to take excessive risks.

4. Maximize Sending Volume with Inbox Rotation

To send larger amounts of cold emails over short periods, utilize Lemlist's Inbox Rotation feature. This tool allows agencies and larger teams to conduct campaigns through multiple sending accounts simultaneously, effectively increasing their overall sending volume without compromising individual account limits.

By strategically distributing your email campaigns across multiple accounts, you can maintain a steady flow of outreach while adhering to recommended daily sending limits. This approach ensures optimal deliverability and minimizes the risk of account suspensions or domain reputation damage. Consider using AI tools to generate emails and save time while maintaining quality.

3 Strategies to Maximize Lemlist's Daily Email Sending Capacity

To increase your email sending volume with Lemlist, consider using multiple email addresses, optimizing your sending schedule, and maintaining high deliverability. By rotating inboxes, you can distribute your outreach across several accounts. Timing your emails strategically allows you to send more consistently throughout the day. Adhering to best practices ensures your emails reach recipients' inboxes, even at higher volumes.

1. Utilize Lemlist's Inbox Rotation for Multiple Accounts

Lemlist's Inbox Rotation feature allows you to connect multiple email addresses to your account, enabling you to send a larger total volume of emails. By distributing your outreach across several inboxes, you can maintain a steady flow of emails without exceeding the recommended daily sending limits for individual accounts.

For example, if you have three email addresses connected to your Lemlist account, you can send up to 300 emails per day (100 per address) while adhering to best practices. This approach is particularly useful for agencies and larger teams conducting multiple campaigns simultaneously.

2. Optimize Your Email Sending Schedule for Consistency

To maximize your daily sending capacity within Lemlist's limits, optimize your email schedule for consistency. Instead of sending all your emails at once, spread them out evenly throughout the day. This approach allows you to maintain a steady outreach flow without triggering spam filters or exceeding sending limits.

Consider using Lemlist's scheduling features to automate your email sending at specific intervals. For instance, you can set up your campaigns to send 20-25 emails every hour during business hours, ensuring a consistent and manageable sending volume throughout the day.

3. Maintain High Deliverability with Best Practices

As you increase your email sending volume, it's crucial to maintain high deliverability rates. Implementing email best practices helps ensure that your messages reach recipients' inboxes, even at higher volumes. Some key strategies include:

  • Regularly cleaning your email list to remove invalid or inactive addresses
  • Personalizing your email content to improve engagement and reduce spam complaints
  • Monitoring your email metrics (e.g., open rates, click-through rates) to identify and address any deliverability issues promptly

By prioritizing deliverability, you can confidently increase your sending volume without compromising your email campaigns' effectiveness.

Lemlist's daily email sending recommendations help you maximize results while safeguarding your success. With smart strategies, you can send more emails consistently and effectively. Thanks for sticking with us this far - your dedication to mastering Lemlist is admirable!


Understanding Lemlist's optimal daily email volume is crucial for achieving the best results from your campaigns. This guide covered Lemlist's recommended sending limits, factors influencing email delivery, and strategies for increasing your sending volume effectively. By setting custom limits, utilizing inbox rotation, optimizing your schedule, and maintaining deliverability, you can maximize your outreach potential. If you're looking to further improve your process, consider

If you're looking to further improve your process, consider automating your sales prospecting to save time and manage leads efficiently.

. Don’t let poor email practices hold you back from cold emailing success!


Knowing Lemlist's optimal daily email sending volume is essential for maximizing campaign results.

  • Lemlist recommends specific sending limits based on your email provider and account standing to maintain deliverability
  • Factors like domain reputation, list quality, and content influence how many emails you can safely send daily
  • Increasing your sending capacity involves tactics like inbox rotation, schedule optimization, and adherence to best practices

By understanding these principles and implementing proven strategies, you can confidently scale your outreach while achieving the best possible outcomes. Don't let a lack of Lemlist mastery hold you back from cold email success!

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