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Export Data from Pipedrive: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 3, 2024

Exporting data from Pipedrive involves using built-in functionality for Excel exports, filtering and exporting contacts, and integrating with Google Sheets for automated data transfers. Methods include exporting all or filtered deals, contacts, and other entities in CSV or Excel formats, with third-party tools like enabling scheduled, automated exports to Google Sheets.

This guide simplifies the process of exporting data from Pipedrive, making it accessible for both admin and non-admin users.

Streamline your Pipedrive data export process and focus on more critical tasks by automating with Bardeen.

How to Export Data from Pipedrive

Exporting data from Pipedrive can be essential for various business needs, including reporting, analytics, or data migration. Pipedrive provides multiple ways to export data, catering to different requirements. This guide covers the methods to export data from Pipedrive, focusing on exporting to Excel, exporting contacts, deals, and integrating with Google Sheets.

Automate your Pipedrive data export with Bardeen and save time for what truly matters. Supercharge your Pipedrive with automation now.

Export Data from Pipedrive to Excel

To export data from Pipedrive to Excel, you can use the built-in export functionality. This method is suitable for exporting all deals, filtered deals, or the details of a specific deal. Admin users have the privilege to export all records for specific data entities such as leads, deals, organizations, people, products, activities, and notes in CSV or Excel formats. Non-admin users can export filtered data sets from the list view in XLS or CSV formats.

Pipedrive Export Contacts

Exporting contacts from Pipedrive can be done in two main ways:

  • Exporting a particular list of contact records: Use the filter feature in the Contacts module to select the needed records. Once selected, choose 'Export filter results…' from the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select CSV as the file format.
  • Exporting all contact data: Navigate to 'Tools and apps > Export data', select the People module, and click CSV. Once the export file is generated, it will be available for download.

Export Pipedrive to Google Sheets

To automate the export of Pipedrive data to Google Sheets, you can use third-party integration tools like This method allows for scheduling automatic data refreshes, making your data analysis-ready by transforming it before loading, and managing your data efficiently. You can export various data entities such as deals, contacts, organizations, and more on a custom schedule without any coding.

Automate your exports with Copy all Pipedrive deals to a Google Sheet playbook and keep your data up-to-date effortlessly.

Pipedrive Export Deals

Exporting deals from Pipedrive can be achieved through:

  • Export all deals: Admin users can export all deals as CSV or Excel files via the 'Export data' option.
  • Export filtered deals: In the List view, apply a filter for the deals you want to export, then select 'Export filter results…' and choose your preferred file format.
  • Export deal’s details: For exporting the details of a specific deal, go to the deal’s detail view and select 'Export as XLS'.

For frequent exports or to build a self-updating dashboard, automating the export of deals using a Pipedrive integration like is recommended. This allows for scheduling exports to Excel, Google Sheets, or other destinations, saving valuable time and ensuring up-to-date data for reporting and analytics.

Automate Your Pipedrive Exports with Bardeen Playbooks

Exporting data from Pipedrive is a crucial task for many businesses, enabling them to analyze their sales processes and make data-driven decisions. While manual exports are possible, automating this process can save valuable time and ensure data is always up-to-date. Bardeen offers powerful automation capabilities that make exporting data from Pipedrive effortless. Discover how you can streamline your data export procedures using Bardeen's playbooks.

  1. Copy all Pipedrive deals to a Google Sheet: This playbook automates the export of deal data from Pipedrive into a Google Sheet, facilitating seamless reporting and analysis.
  2. Copy all Pipedrive contacts to a Google Sheet: Streamline the process of managing contacts by automatically exporting them from Pipedrive directly to a Google Sheet.
  3. Copy all Pipedrive organizations to a Google Sheet: Ensure your organizational data is easily accessible for reporting by automating its export from Pipedrive to Google Sheets.

By leveraging Bardeen's playbooks, you can significantly enhance your productivity and ensure your data is always ready for analysis. Start automating your Pipedrive data export today and focus on what truly matters for your business.

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