Salesloft vs Woodpecker 2024: Best Cold Outreach Tools

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article offers a detailed comparison of Salesloft and Woodpecker, focusing exclusively on their cold outreach capabilities, although both tools offer broader features. Our goal is to help you choose the best tool by breaking down their functionalities in this area. While Salesloft and Woodpecker serve multiple purposes, we focus on their use as cold outreach tools to provide a clear view of which might serve your needs better. At Bardeen, we're committed to saving you time on repetitive tasks, and choosing the right tools is crucial for this. Learn more about Bardeen, your AI-powered task copilot in the browser.

Campaign CreationComprehensive multi-channel campaigns; detailed scheduling; centralized management; upcoming tasks visibleUser-friendly interface; customizable campaign paths; prospect management; campaign summary before launch
DeliverabilityReputable IPs; gradual volume increase; email content optimizationEmail warm-up; Bounce Shield; multiple mailboxes support; error monitoring and resolution
PersonalizationCustom columns for personalization; behavioral personalization based on lead actionsCustom fields; snippets for streamlined creation; LinkedIn integration; delivery time optimization
AIAI-generated email drafts; smart action prioritization; personalized suggestionsCustomized emails; relevant messaging; time-saving automation; improved performance
Native EnrichmentNo native enrichment; supports third-party integrationsNo native enrichment; no buyer signals; needs third-party tools for more insights
Social AutomationNo LinkedIn messaging; focuses on email automationNo built-in social features; primarily email outreach
PricingNo free trial; contact sales for pricing; three pricing tiersSingle pricing plan; annual discount; free trial available; usage-based pricing

Campaign Creation - Planning Multichannel Outreach Efficiently

Salesloft stands out with its comprehensive tools for creating multichannel sequences, offering robust scheduling and automation features that are ideal for detailed campaign planning.

Salesloft campaign creation interface highlighting multichannel features

While Woodpecker also supports multichannel campaigns, its interface is more streamlined, focusing on ease of use and straightforward campaign setup without the extensive customization options that Salesloft provides.

Woodpecker's streamlined campaign setup page

If you need a powerful and detailed approach to campaign management with tailored engagement strategies, Salesloft is the better choice. However, if simplicity and quick setup are your priorities, Woodpecker might be more suitable. For users looking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their outreach strategy, consider using Bardeen to automate tasks and enrich contact information effortlessly.


Salesloft's campaign creation view with member details, activity feed, and upcoming tasks.

Salesloft's Sequences feature provides a comprehensive solution for creating and managing multi-channel sales campaigns. With a focus on automation and scheduling, users can build sequences that include emails, phone calls, and social interactions to engage prospects effectively.

  • Multichannel sequences: Salesloft supports the creation of sequences that span across multiple channels, including email, phone, and social media, allowing for a diverse and targeted approach to prospect outreach.
  • Detailed scheduling: The platform offers a robust scheduling system that enables users to plan and automate their sequences with precision, ensuring timely and consistent communication with leads.
  • Centralized campaign management: Salesloft's interface provides a centralized view of campaign members, hierarchy, and activity, making it easy to track progress and make data-driven decisions.
  • Upcoming and overdue tasks: The activity feed prominently displays upcoming and overdue tasks, helping users stay organized and on top of their sales activities.

While Salesloft's Sequences feature is powerful, some users on Reddit have expressed frustration with centralized control over sequence creation, which can limit personalization and innovation in outreach.

👎 "Our reply rates on sequences are terrible" - r/sales

However, others have praised Salesloft's ease of use and superior automation features compared to alternatives like HubSpot.

👍 "Decided to go SalesLoft after all. Thank you!" - r/sales


Woodpecker campaign creation with email connection and path steps

Woodpecker provides a user-friendly interface for creating automated email campaigns. The platform offers a step-by-step approach to guide you through the process of setting up your outreach sequence.

Key features of Woodpecker's campaign creation:

  • Email account connection: Easily connect your email account to send follow-ups directly from Woodpecker.
  • Customizable campaign path: Define the steps in your campaign, such as sending emails and integrating LinkedIn tasks.
  • Prospect management: Import and manage your list of prospects within the campaign creation flow.
  • Campaign summary: Review a summary of your campaign setup before launching.

With Woodpecker, you can automate personalized email sequences and multichannel outreach, while maintaining control over the content and timing of your messages. The visual campaign builder simplifies the process of creating complex sequences to engage your prospects effectively.

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Deliverability - Boosting Email Open Rates and Sender Reputation

Woodpecker takes the lead with its integrated email warm-up feature, directly enhancing deliverability for cold email campaigns.

Email Warm-up tab in Woodpecker enhances deliverability

Salesloft, while not providing a direct email warming service, uses best practices such as reputable IP utilization and gradual increase in email volume to help maintain a good sender reputation.

For businesses prioritizing a robust, built-in solution to prevent emails from landing in spam and to build sender reputation, Woodpecker’s offerings of email warm-up and advanced deliverability features make it a superior choice. In contrast, Salesloft might require additional tools or services for optimal deliverability, which can be streamlined using Bardeen’s AI-powered email drafting playbooks.


AI-generated follow-up email ready to send in Salesloft.

While Salesloft does not offer a dedicated email warmup feature, it focuses on deliverability through best practices and gradual volume increases. By utilizing reputable IPs and controlling the rate at which emails are sent, Salesloft helps users avoid spam filters and maintain a positive sender reputation.

Key aspects of Salesloft's approach to deliverability:

  • Reputable IP addresses: Salesloft sends emails from well-established IP addresses to minimize the risk of being flagged as spam.
  • Gradual volume increase: The platform gradually increases the volume of emails sent to avoid sudden spikes that could trigger spam filters.
  • Email content optimization: Salesloft provides guidance on crafting email content that is less likely to be marked as spam.

Reddit users have shared mixed experiences with Salesloft's email deliverability:

👍 "Salesloft is easier to use and adopt, less delays in emails going out." - r/sales
😐 "Has anyone felt like their SalesLoft emails are going to the prospects spam folder at a higher rate than if you sent the same email out of Outlook?" - r/sales


Woodpecker provides email warming and deliverability protection features

Woodpecker prioritizes email deliverability by offering built-in features designed to optimize your cold email campaigns and maintain a strong sender reputation. The platform adopts best practices for cold emailing to help you reach your prospects' inboxes and avoid spam filters.

Key deliverability features:

  • Email warm-up: Gradually increase your email sending volume to establish a positive sending history and reputation with mailbox providers.
  • Bounce Shield: Woodpecker's built-in email verification tool checks your prospect list for invalid or risky addresses, reducing bounce rates and protecting your deliverability.
  • Multiple mailboxes support: Rotate sending across multiple mailboxes to distribute email volume and maintain a healthy sending reputation for each address.
  • Error monitoring and resolution: Woodpecker tracks email errors and provides guidance on resolving issues to maintain high deliverability rates.

Reddit users praise Woodpecker's deliverability features, highlighting the platform's effectiveness for cold email automation:

👍 "Woodpecker was highlighted for its deliverability and built-in verification tool." - r/Emailmarketing
👍 "built-in email verification, so you are safe when it comes to deliverability" - r/AutomateTheGrind
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Personalization - Tailoring Messages for Higher Engagement

Salesloft provides a more dynamic approach to email personalization compared to Woodpecker, particularly through its use of behavioral personalization.

Salesloft's interface showing behavioral data integration for personalizing sequences.

While Woodpecker does offer robust personalization features and LinkedIn integration, it lacks the behavioral triggers and detailed lead engagement data that Salesloft utilizes to tailor communications more precisely to the recipient's actions.

Woodpecker email editor with various personalization options for campaigns.

For businesses aiming to leverage real-time data to enhance relevance and timing of their outreach, Salesloft's advanced personalization capabilities provide a distinct advantage. Additionally, using Bardeen's automations can further enhance the personalization process by integrating enriched data and crafting custom messages. This combination can significantly boost engagement rates.


Salesloft provides custom fields to personalize emails for each lead.

Salesloft offers robust personalization options within its Sequences feature, enabling users to tailor their outreach to each individual lead. By leveraging custom fields and behavioral data, Salesloft empowers sales teams to craft highly targeted and relevant messages that resonate with their prospects.

  • Custom columns for personalization: Salesloft allows users to define custom columns for each lead, such as industry, title, or specific pain points. These custom fields can then be dynamically inserted into email templates, ensuring that each message is personalized to the recipient.
  • Behavioral personalization: Salesloft tracks lead behavior and engagement, such as email opens, clicks, and replies. This data can be used to trigger specific actions within a sequence, such as sending a different follow-up message based on whether a lead has opened a previous email. By adapting to each lead's behavior, Salesloft enables sales reps to deliver more timely and relevant communications.


Woodpecker email editor with various personalization options for campaigns.

Woodpecker provides robust personalization features to tailor email campaigns to each prospect, allowing you to build more meaningful connections. With support for custom fields and LinkedIn integration, you can craft outreach that resonates with your leads.

Key personalization capabilities:

  • Custom fields: Dynamically insert prospect-specific information like first name, last name, company, and more
  • Snippets: Save and reuse common personalized phrases to streamline email creation
  • LinkedIn integration: Incorporate LinkedIn data to further customize messaging based on prospect profiles
  • Delivery time optimization: Automatically send emails at the optimal time for each recipient to maximize open rates
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AI - Personalizing Emails and Suggesting Actions

Salesloft presents a more integrated AI solution for sequences compared to Woodpecker, focusing heavily on AI-driven interactions and lead engagement.

Generate AI Draft step in Salesloft Sequences

While both platforms use AI to generate personalized email content, Salesloft excels with its ability to suggest contextually appropriate actions based on NLP analysis of lead interactions, offering a more dynamic approach to sales engagement.

AI personalization in Woodpecker Sequences

Woodpecker, though effective in creating personalized emails via OpenAI integration, lacks the proactive action suggestions and the in-depth AI customization that Salesloft offers. For sales teams needing to optimize every interaction based on AI insights, Salesloft is the preferable choice.

Enhance your email campaign's effectiveness and personalize at scale with Bardeen, especially if you're looking to integrate AI seamlessly into your sales process.


AI-powered email draft generation in Salesloft Sequences.

Salesloft Sequences leverages AI to personalize emails and suggest actions for each lead, making it a powerful tool for sales development representatives (SDRs) looking to prospect more efficiently.

Key AI features in Salesloft Sequences:

  • AI-generated email drafts: Salesloft uses OpenAI to generate personalized email content based on relevant inputs like the recipient's role, company name, and key information about the deal.
  • Smart action prioritization: The platform's AI analyzes data points for each lead and guides SDRs on which actions to take to build pipeline and close deals.
  • Personalized suggestions: AI provides tailored recommendations for each step in the sequence, such as the optimal call-to-action to include in an email.

By harnessing the power of AI, Salesloft Sequences enables sales teams to create highly targeted, personalized outreach at scale, ultimately driving more conversions and revenue.


AI-powered personalization for each lead in Woodpecker Sequences

Woodpecker Sequences leverages AI technology, powered by OpenAI integration, to create highly personalized emails for each lead. This allows users to tailor their outreach at scale while maintaining a human touch.

Key features of AI-powered sequences:

  • Customized emails: Generate unique email content for each lead based on their specific details and context
  • Relevant messaging: Ensure that the email content resonates with the recipient, increasing engagement and response rates
  • Time-saving automation: Automate the process of personalizing emails, saving significant time and effort
  • Improved performance: Boost open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign effectiveness with AI-optimized content
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Native Enrichment - Integrating external data for lead insights

Salesloft and Woodpecker both lack native lead enrichment capabilities, requiring integration with third-party services to access detailed lead data.

While Salesloft supports third-party integrations that can enrich leads, Woodpecker offers no such feature, potentially limiting its utility for users needing advanced lead insights directly within the platform.

If enriching lead data is crucial for your sales process, consider using Bardeen's playbooks to automate and enhance information gathering from various external sources efficiently.

Salesloft might be preferable if you rely heavily on third-party integrations for lead enrichment, offering a slight edge over Woodpecker in flexibility and potential data depth.


Salesloft's Sequences feature does not offer built-in lead enrichment capabilities. However, it supports integrations with third-party services that can provide additional data and insights about your leads.

To get more context on your leads within Salesloft, you'll need to connect with an external data provider. This allows you to access buyer signals and other relevant information that can help you tailor your outreach and improve your chances of success.

While native lead enrichment would be a convenient addition, Salesloft's integration options still enable you to get the data you need to make informed decisions and personalize your sales engagement efforts.


Woodpecker does not currently support native lead enrichment or provide buyer signals from other data sources to supplement information about your leads. This means that users need to rely on their own lead data or integrate with third-party tools to gather additional insights about their prospects.

While this may be a limitation for some users who require more comprehensive lead data, Woodpecker focuses on providing a streamlined and efficient sales engagement platform for email outreach and follow-up.

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Social Automation - Multi-channel engagement limitations

Salesloft and Woodpecker both lack native support for social automation within their sequence functionalities, notably for platforms like LinkedIn.

Neither platform allows users to send LinkedIn messages or automate social messaging as part of their campaign sequences. This limitation could be significant for sales teams that prioritize multi-channel engagement strategies.

However, for users needing to integrate social media outreach within their sales sequences, Bardeen offers solutions that can automate tasks across multiple platforms. You can use Bardeen to create and automate LinkedIn outreach efforts effectively, enhancing your overall sales strategy.

Given that both Salesloft and Woodpecker focus primarily on email automation without built-in social media integration, teams requiring robust social automation should consider using Bardeen alongside these tools to fill the gap.


Based on the information provided, Salesloft does not currently support sending LinkedIn messages as part of their email campaign sequences. This means that users are not able to automate social outreach on the LinkedIn platform directly within Salesloft's Sequence feature.

While social automation can be a valuable addition to email campaigns, allowing sales teams to engage with prospects across multiple channels, Salesloft has chosen to focus their Sequence capabilities primarily on email automation at this time.

It's important to note that Salesloft's Sequence feature still provides robust email automation functionality, enabling users to create personalized, multi-step email campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions. However, if automated LinkedIn outreach is a priority for your sales team, you may need to consider alternative tools or solutions that offer this specific capability.


Woodpecker does not offer built-in social automation features for lead enrichment or messaging. The platform is primarily focused on email outreach and does not include native integrations with social media platforms.

While Woodpecker excels in email-based sales engagement, users looking to automate their social media outreach and lead enrichment processes may need to use additional tools alongside Woodpecker to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Pricing Models - Comparing Salesloft and Woodpecker

When comparing the pricing strategies of Salesloft and Woodpecker, Salesloft requires a more tailored approach, possibly leading to higher costs, whereas Woodpecker provides a more accessible and straightforward pricing model.

Salesloft offers three tiered pricing options, each with increasing features and support levels, but lacks transparency on specific costs without contacting their sales team. This could pose a barrier for those seeking quick and easy access to pricing information.

On the other hand, Woodpecker offers a single pricing plan with clear costs and the option to save by paying annually. It also provides a free trial which allows users to test the service before committing, making it more appealing for those who prefer transparency and simplicity in pricing.

For small to medium businesses looking for an easy-to-understand and accessible pricing model, Woodpecker’s straightforward approach with a free trial option is generally more advantageous than Salesloft’s tiered and less transparent pricing structure.


Salesloft pricing tiers with key features and option to request a demo.

Salesloft offers three pricing tiers designed to meet the needs of different sales teams, but does not provide specific pricing details on their website. To get started with Salesloft, you must contact their sales team to request a demo and discuss your requirements.

Key aspects of Salesloft's pricing:

  • No free trial: Salesloft does not offer a free trial period for any of its plans.
  • Contact sales for pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Interested users must reach out to the Salesloft sales team for a custom quote based on their specific needs.
  • Three pricing tiers: Essentials, Advanced, and Premier, each offering progressively more features and capabilities.
  • Feature differentiation: Higher-tier plans include additional features like full customer lifecycle workflows, conversation intelligence, and forecasting & revenue management.


Woodpecker offers a single pricing plan with discounts for annual billing.

Woodpecker offers a straightforward pricing model with just one package, making it easy for agencies to scale their campaigns. The pricing is based on the number of contacted prospects, stored prospects, and active clients, with the option to choose monthly or annual billing.

Key aspects of Woodpecker's pricing:

  • Single pricing plan: Woodpecker offers a single plan, simplifying the decision-making process for agencies.
  • Annual discount: Opting for annual billing provides a slight discount compared to the monthly plan.
  • Free trial: Woodpecker offers a free trial that lasts for 7 days or until you reach 50 contacted prospects, whichever comes first.
  • Usage-based pricing: The cost scales based on the number of contacted prospects, stored prospects, and active clients, allowing agencies to pay for what they need.
  • No enterprise tier: Woodpecker does not offer a separate enterprise tier or require users to contact sales for pricing information.
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The Verdict: Which is Best for Multichannel Campaigns?

Salesloft and Woodpecker offer distinct advantages for managing sales campaigns. Salesloft excels with its comprehensive tools for multichannel campaigns, detailed scheduling, and automation, making it ideal for complex, large-scale campaign management. However, its centralized control may limit personalization for some teams.

Woodpecker, on the other hand, provides a more user-friendly setup with a focus on email campaigns. It's excellent for teams needing quick, straightforward campaign management with less complexity.

Choose Salesloft if your focus is on a robust, multi-layered campaign approach. Opt for Woodpecker when simplicity and speed are your top priorities in campaign management.

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