vs Salesloft: Best B2B Cold Outreach Tools 2024

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June 7, 2024
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This article compares and Salesloft to help you select the best tool for cold outreach, providing a detailed analysis of each. Although both tools offer a range of features, we focus exclusively on their cold outreach capabilities. Our goal is to save you time on repetitive tasks, a mission shared by Bardeen, an AI-powered task copilot that automates actions to enhance your productivity.

Campaign CreationIntuitive, multi-channel campaign setupDetailed scheduling, campaign insights
DeliverabilityBasic email settings, multiple inboxesBest practices, deliverability monitoring
PersonalizationAI assistance, dynamic variablesBehavioral personalization, AI suggestions
AIJason AI writes full sequences, editsAI-driven personalization, action suggestions
Native EnrichmentDirect data enrichment, custom fieldsRelies on third-party integrations
Social AutomationMulti-channel outreach, LinkedIn, SMSEmail focus, no LinkedIn messaging
PricingTransparent tiers, free plan availableContact sales for pricing, no free trial

Campaign Creation - vs Salesloft: Multichannel Communication or Detailed Scheduling? provides a versatile platform for campaign creation, especially beneficial for those needing multi-channel communication like email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp within one sequence.

__wf_reserved_inherit's Sequences feature: Flexible and intuitive campaign builder.

Salesloft counters with a robust system that supports detailed scheduling and insights into campaign elements, which can be crucial for teams requiring deep analytics and structured campaign management.

Salesloft's campaign management: Detailed and structured.

If your priority is a streamlined, intuitive user experience for creating diverse communication campaigns, might be the preferred choice. However, if your campaigns require meticulous planning and detailed reporting, Salesloft’s advanced features might serve better. Additionally, consider using Bardeen to automate and enrich your campaign data, enhancing your ability to connect effectively with leads.'s Sequences feature provides a streamlined campaign creation process.'s Sequences feature enables users to create and manage multi-channel campaigns for effective sales outreach. The intuitive interface guides users through the campaign creation process, making it easy to set up personalized sequences that drive engagement and conversions.

Key features of Sequences campaign creation:

  • Multiple communication channels: Integrate email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp messaging into a single campaign
  • Flexible campaign creation options: Start from a template, build from scratch, or leverage AI assistance
  • Conditional variables support: Personalize campaign content based on lead data and behavior
  • Concise, focused interface: The streamlined campaign builder keeps the process simple and efficient
😐 "Drop Apollo, they are doing a lot okay but nothing really well." - r/Emailmarketing


Salesloft's campaign creation interface shows campaign members and upcoming activities.

Salesloft offers a comprehensive platform for creating and managing multichannel sales campaigns, known as Sequences. These Sequences allow sales teams to engage with leads and prospects through a combination of automated and manual touchpoints across email, phone, and social channels.

  • Multichannel campaigns: Sequences support email, phone calls, and social interactions, enabling sales reps to connect with prospects through their preferred channels.
  • Scheduling system: Salesloft's robust scheduling system allows users to plan and execute complex, multi-step campaigns with ease.
  • Campaign insights: The interface provides an overview of campaign members and upcoming activities, giving sales reps a clear picture of their pipeline and next steps.

Reddit users have shared mixed experiences with Salesloft's Sequence creation:

👍 "Gave me so much more confidence - I decided to go SalesLoft after all." - r/sales
👎 "Our reply rates on sequences are terrible" - r/sales
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Deliverability - Managing Email Outreach Effectively provides basic but necessary features for email deliverability, such as email rate limits and blacklists, which are essential for managing outreach campaigns effectively.

Basic email safety settings in

On the other hand, Salesloft focuses on best practices such as using reputable IPs and gradually increasing email volumes, which help maintain high deliverability without specific features like email warmup.

AI-generated follow-up email in Salesloft's approach is more about direct control over deliverability factors, while Salesloft's strategy involves building a strong foundation for deliverability through best practices. If you need granular control over each campaign, might be the better choice. For a more holistic, less hands-on approach, Salesloft's method could be more beneficial.

To further enhance your email outreach strategies, consider integrating Bardeen into your workflow. This can help automate and optimize various tasks, personalize your outreach emails, and improve overall productivity.

__wf_reserved_inherit provides basic email safety settings to manage deliverability. offers some essential features to help manage email deliverability and maintain your email reputation. While it lacks some advanced capabilities, it covers the basics to get you started with safe email outreach.

  • Delay before sending first email: Set a delay in seconds before the first email in a sequence is sent to a new contact. This helps establish a set sending pace.
  • Max daily emails per contact: Cap the number of emails that can be sent to an individual contact per day to avoid overwhelming them.
  • Customize out-of-office handling: Choose how to handle auto-replies and bounces, either within the email client or Reply inbox.
  • Manually input blacklists: Maintain a list of domains to exclude from your outreach to avoid potential spam traps or unengaged contacts.
  • Multiple inboxes supported: Connect and send from multiple email accounts, though campaigns are limited to sending from one inbox at a time.

For more comprehensive deliverability management, consider using a dedicated email warming service alongside This can help establish a positive sending reputation before launching campaigns.


AI-generated follow-up email in Salesloft.

Salesloft takes a proactive approach to maintain high email deliverability rates for its users, focusing on best practices rather than specific features like email warmup.

  • Reputable IP addresses: By sending emails from well-established IP addresses with good sending reputations, Salesloft reduces the likelihood of emails being flagged as spam.
  • Gradual volume increase: Salesloft recommends gradually increasing the volume of emails sent over time to establish a positive sending reputation and avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Personalized content: Encouraging users to create personalized, relevant email content helps improve engagement rates and reduces the risk of being marked as spam.
  • Monitoring and guidance: Salesloft monitors deliverability rates and provides guidance to users on maintaining good email hygiene and avoiding practices that could harm deliverability.

While Salesloft may not offer specific features like email warmup or multiple mailboxes, its focus on best practices and deliverability monitoring helps users maintain high inbox placement rates.

👍 "SalesLoft is easier to use and adopt" - r/sales
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Personalization - Tailoring Your Outreach to Each Lead offers a more versatile personalization toolkit for email sequences compared to Salesloft, making it a better choice for users seeking comprehensive customization options.'s extensive personalization features including AI assistance and dynamic variables. supports a wide range of personalization options, including AI-driven content creation with Jason AI and GPT-3, extensive template libraries, and dynamic variables. This allows users to craft highly tailored emails quickly and efficiently. Salesloft, on the other hand, focuses more on behavioral personalization and custom columns, which can be effective but may require more manual input and data analysis to achieve the same level of customization.

If you are looking to further enhance your email personalization, consider using Bardeen to automate the creation of custom messages using enriched data from platforms like and LinkedIn. This can save time and increase the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns.

For those who prioritize high-level personalization with minimal manual effort,, with its AI capabilities and user-friendly interface, definitely has the edge.

Composing personalized emails in with AI assistance and dynamic variables. provides a robust set of features for personalizing emails within sequences, enabling users to create targeted and engaging campaigns. With a combination of pre-built templates, AI-powered content generation, and dynamic variables, users can efficiently tailor their outreach to individual leads.

  • Extensive template library: offers a wide range of pre-made templates for various situations, allowing users to quickly start building their campaigns.
  • AI-assisted content creation: Integrated AI tools like Jason AI and GPT-3 help users generate or refine email content, saving time and effort.
  • Dynamic personalization variables: Users can insert variables enclosed in {} brackets to automatically populate lead-specific information, such as name, company, or title.
  • Multimedia support: Emails can be enhanced with links, images, videos, and meeting links to provide a more engaging experience for recipients.
  • Real-time previews: The "Preview" button allows users to see how their personalized emails will appear to recipients, ensuring optimal formatting and content.


Salesloft offers a variety of options to personalize emails for each lead.

Salesloft provides robust personalization options to tailor your outreach to each individual lead. By leveraging data from custom fields and analyzing lead behavior, you can craft highly targeted and relevant messages that resonate with your prospects.

  • Custom columns: Salesloft allows you to add custom columns for each lead, enabling you to include personalized details like their industry, company size, or specific pain points. This information can be dynamically inserted into your email templates for a more customized approach.
  • Behavioral personalization: Salesloft tracks lead engagement and behavior, such as email opens, clicks, and replies. Based on these insights, you can adapt your messaging to align with their level of interest and tailor your follow-up accordingly. For example, if a lead has shown interest in a particular product feature, you can emphasize that aspect in your subsequent outreach.
  • Dynamic placeholders: With Salesloft's dynamic placeholders, you can automatically populate emails with personalized information like the lead's name, company, or other relevant details. This saves time while still delivering a customized experience for each recipient.
  • AI-powered suggestions: Salesloft's AI capabilities offer intelligent suggestions for personalizing your emails based on factors like the lead's role, industry, and previous interactions. These data-driven recommendations help you craft more effective and engaging messages.

By leveraging Salesloft's personalization features, you can create highly targeted and relevant outreach that stands out in a crowded inbox and drives better response rates.

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AI: Crafting Personalized Email Sequences Efficiently's Jason AI offers a more comprehensive AI-driven approach than Salesloft, making it the superior choice for creating and managing email sequences.

Jason AI's interface in showcasing sequence creation

Jason AI not only writes full email sequences based on initial prompts but also suggests various communication channels and strategies to increase engagement with prospects. Unlike Salesloft, which primarily focuses on email personalization and action suggestions, Jason AI extends its functionality by offering editing capabilities and support in multiple languages.

Salesloft's AI does provide valuable features such as prioritizing daily sales actions and generating AI drafts tailored to specific recipient information. However, it lacks the advanced integration and varied communication channel suggestions that Jason AI provides.

For businesses seeking a robust AI tool that can manage a wide range of tasks and adapt to various international markets, with Jason AI is the better option. Enhance your productivity by integrating Bardeen, which can augment AI features in your sequence tools, adding more context about leads to improve your outreach efforts.

__wf_reserved_inherit's Jason AI writing assistant generates entire sequences based on prompts.'s AI-powered writing assistant, Jason AI, simplifies the process of creating personalized email sequences for sales engagement. With just a simple prompt, Jason AI can generate complete sequences, including the initial email, follow-ups, and social touches.

Key features of Jason AI:

  • Prompt-based sequence generation: Craft entire sequences by providing a brief prompt to Jason AI, setting it in motion to create a tailored sequence for your needs.
  • Comprehensive support: Jason AI offers support for writing, editing, and translation in over 100 languages, making it a versatile tool for global outreach.
  • Effortless editing: Easily modify and refine the generated content by highlighting specific sections you want to change, and let Jason AI handle the rest.
  • Personalized one-line openers: Jason AI can generate 1-2 sentence intros based on the prospect's current activities or summary, using AI credits. This allows for highly targeted and relevant opening lines in your emails.
Example of Jason AI generating a personalized one-line opener for an email based on prospect data.

By leveraging AI to create highly personalized and targeted sequences,'s Jason AI empowers sales teams to engage prospects more effectively and efficiently, ultimately contributing to improved conversion rates and sales success.


Salesloft's AI-powered email drafting tool with personalized inputs.

Salesloft's sequences feature robust AI capabilities to help users personalize their outreach at scale. The AI-powered tools analyze each lead's data to provide tailored suggestions for the next best action, helping sales reps prioritize and engage prospects more effectively.

  • AI-generated email drafts: Salesloft's AI can generate personalized email drafts based on key information about the recipient, such as their role, company, and recent activity. This helps reps craft compelling messages quickly without sacrificing personalization.
  • Rhythm prioritization: The Rhythm feature uses AI to guide reps on which actions to take to build pipeline and close deals. It analyzes data points to surface the leads and activities that matter most.
  • Personalized next steps: Based on a lead's unique data and the rep's sales process, Salesloft's AI suggests the optimal next steps, such as sending a specific email template, scheduling a meeting, or making a call. This helps reps consistently move deals forward.

By leveraging AI to automate personalization and guide reps' actions, Salesloft's sequences enable more efficient and effective outreach. The AI-powered features help teams engage prospects with relevant, timely communications at scale.

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Native Enrichment - Boosting Contact Data Accuracy offers a stronger solution for lead enrichment directly within its platform, providing a significant advantage over Salesloft's approach.

Enrich contact data directly in with options for standard or custom fields.'s native enrichment feature allows users to enhance their contact and account data with valuable buyer signals, offering options for both standard and extended enrichment with custom fields. This ensures that the data remains accurate and up-to-date, which is crucial for effective sales strategies. Salesloft, on the other hand, does not have native capabilities for lead enrichment and relies on third-party integrations to provide similar data insights, which can complicate the enrichment process and incur additional costs.

To streamline your workflow and reduce reliance on multiple tools, consider using Bardeen to automate the enrichment of your contacts. This can significantly enhance your data management and lead qualification efforts without the need for manual input.

Businesses seeking a more integrated and efficient approach to enriching lead data will find's native features more beneficial, although Salesloft’s flexibility with third-party integrations should not be overlooked if you already rely on external data providers.

Options for standard or extended enrichment with custom fields in Reply.

Reply's native enrichment feature provides valuable buyer signals by integrating data from various sources, giving you a more comprehensive view of your leads. This data enrichment process allows you to access essential information for each contact or account, helping you make informed decisions and personalize your outreach.

  • Accurate and up-to-date data: Reply's database is regularly updated to ensure the accuracy and currency of enriched fields, providing reliable information for your sales efforts.
  • Extensive data points: The enrichment process includes key details such as email addresses, phone numbers, department, company address, and more, giving you a well-rounded understanding of your leads.
  • Flexible enrichment options: You can choose between standard fields enrichment or extended enrichment with custom fields, allowing you to tailor the data to your specific needs.
  • Easy data enhancement: Contacts or accounts added to Reply through various methods can be easily enriched, incorporating relevant details to enhance your database.
  • Cost-effective: Reply's data enrichment is priced at 1 data credit per contact, making it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.


Salesloft does not offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its Sequences feature. However, it supports integrations with third-party services that can provide additional data and insights about your leads, helping you make more informed decisions and personalize your outreach.

While native enrichment is not available, Salesloft's integration options still allow you to:

  • Connect with various data providers
  • Enrich your lead information from external sources
  • Gain valuable insights into your prospects
  • Personalize your communication based on enriched data
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Social Automation - Boosting Engagement Across Multiple Platforms offers a significant advantage over Salesloft in terms of social automation capabilities within their Sequences feature. enables multi-channel outreach across email, LinkedIn, SMS, and more.

While supports multi-channel outreach, including email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp integrations within a single sequence, Salesloft lacks the ability to send LinkedIn messages, limiting its functionality in social automation.

This makes a more versatile tool for sales teams looking to engage prospects across various platforms seamlessly. For sales strategies involving extensive social media engagement, clearly provides more robust tools.

Integrating social media effectively into sales sequences can dramatically increase engagement and conversion rates. For an even more streamlined workflow, consider using Bardeen to automate and enrich your social media interactions.

__wf_reserved_inherit enables multi-channel outreach across email, LinkedIn, SMS, and more.'s Sequences feature goes beyond traditional email campaigns, allowing users to engage prospects through multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn connections, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and more. This multi-channel approach enables sales teams to reach their target audience where they are most active and responsive.

Key features of's social automation:

  • Diverse communication channels: Engage prospects through email, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp, and other platforms, all within a single sequence.
  • Seamless integration: Connect your various communication tools to for a centralized outreach strategy.
  • Personalized messaging: Tailor your messages for each channel to optimize engagement and response rates.
  • Automated follow-ups: Set up automated follow-ups across different channels to nurture leads effectively.


Salesloft's Sequences feature does not include the ability to send LinkedIn messages as part of email campaigns. This means that users are limited to email-based outreach when creating their sales engagement sequences within the platform.

It's important to note that while social media outreach can be a valuable component of a comprehensive sales strategy, Salesloft has chosen to focus its Sequences feature on email communication. Users who require LinkedIn integration for their campaigns may need to explore alternative solutions or use separate tools alongside Salesloft to achieve their desired level of social media engagement.

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Pricing Transparency - Evaluating and Salesloft offers more transparent and accessible pricing options compared to Salesloft, making it more user-friendly for potential customers.'s clear tiered pricing and features's pricing model is structured around four tiers, including a free plan which allows users to test basic features without financial commitment. Paid plans start from $49 per user per month, catering to varying needs from individual users to large teams, and do not require interaction with a sales team unless opting for specialized "Unlimited" or "Agency" plans.

Salesloft's tiered packages require contacting sales for pricing

In contrast, Salesloft does not offer a free trial and necessitates contacting their sales team for all pricing inquiries, which can be a barrier for smaller businesses or those seeking quick setup. Salesloft’s approach targets enterprises prepared for a longer sales cycle and customized solutions.

If you're exploring automation solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business operations without upfront commitments, consider using Bardeen, which also offers playbooks to gather pricing information efficiently.

__wf_reserved_inherit offers four pricing tiers with varying features and usage limits. provides a transparent pricing model with four tiers to accommodate different business needs and budgets. The platform offers a free plan for users to get started, as well as three paid tiers: Starter, Professional, and Ultimate.

  • Billing model: charges on a per-user, per-month basis. Prices are billed annually.
  • Free trial: The Free plan allows users to explore basic features without a time limit or credit card requirement.
  • Price per seat: Paid plans range from $49 to $139 per user, per month, with the price decreasing as the tier increases.
  • Key features in paid tiers: Higher-tier plans offer more advanced features such as multichannel automation, increased data search credits, AI credits, and premium support services.
  • Enterprise pricing: For larger organizations or those with specific needs, offers "Reply Unlimited" and an "Agency" option, both requiring a consultation with the sales team for custom pricing.

Overall, aims to provide a scalable solution for businesses of various sizes, with a pricing structure that aligns with the features and support level required at each stage of growth.


Salesloft offers three pricing tiers with increasing levels of features.

Salesloft provides three pricing packages designed to cater to the varying needs of sales teams. The company does not offer a free trial, and pricing details are not publicly available on their website. To get started with Salesloft, you must contact their sales team for a customized quote.

Key aspects of Salesloft's pricing:

  • No free trial: Salesloft does not provide a free trial option for any of its packages.
  • Contact sales for pricing: To obtain pricing information, you must reach out to Salesloft's sales team, who will provide a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.
  • Three pricing tiers: Salesloft offers Essentials, Advanced, and Premier packages, each with an increasing level of features and capabilities.
  • Feature differentiation: Higher-tier packages include advanced features such as Conversation Intelligence, Opportunity Management, and Forecasting & Revenue Management, which are not available in the Essentials package.
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The Verdict: Which is Best for Multichannel Campaigns? and Salesloft both offer powerful features for cold outreach, but they excel in different scenarios. is great for creating diverse communication campaigns thanks to its user-friendly interface and support for multiple channels like email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp. It's ideal for businesses that value a straightforward setup and ease of use.

Salesloft, on the other hand, excels with its robust scheduling system and detailed insights into campaign performance. This makes it better suited for teams that require comprehensive analytics and structured campaign management.

Both platforms have their strengths: for its simplicity and multi-channel support, and Salesloft for its detailed analytics and advanced features. Choosing the right tool depends on your specific needs for campaign complexity and channel diversity.

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