lemlist vs Woodpecker - Cold Email Tools Face-off 2024

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June 7, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article compares lemlist and Woodpecker, two popular tools in the realm of cold outreach. Our goal is to help you decide which tool suits your needs better by providing a detailed examination of their features.

While both tools offer more than just cold outreach capabilities, our focus here is strictly on comparing their effectiveness in this specific area. This comparison is part of our commitment at Bardeen to help save you time on repetitive tasks by selecting the right tools, such as using Bardeen, a task copilot that automates actions across your apps and tabs.

Campaign CreationMulti-channel, AI, visual editorUser-friendly, integrates LinkedIn
DeliverabilityEmail warming, deliverability toolsIntegrated email warm-up, spam protection
PersonalizationDynamic content, custom landing pagesCustom fields, LinkedIn integration
AICampaign-level AI customizationOpenAI integration, personalized emails
Native EnrichmentBasic lead data, LinkedIn infoNo native enrichment
Social AutomationLinkedIn via browser extensionNo social media automation
PricingMultiple tiers, $39-$159/user/monthSingle package, starts at $56/month

Campaign Creation - Simplifying Complex Outreach Strategies

When comparing lemlist and Woodpecker for campaign creation in sequences, lemlist offers a more visually intuitive and flexible setup.

lemlist's visual sandbox for complex sequence creation

lemlist's sandbox environment supports advanced conditional branching and the integration of multiple communication channels, such as email and LinkedIn, enhancing the user's ability to tailor complex outreach strategies.

In contrast, Woodpecker provides a straightforward campaign setup that focuses on the basics of email and LinkedIn tasks but lacks the depth of customization and visual planning tools found in lemlist.

For users requiring detailed and customized multi-channel campaign strategies, lemlist holds the advantage due to its comprehensive tools and visual interface. Additionally, for further optimization of your outreach campaigns, consider using Bardeen to automate and enrich your lead data, ensuring personalized communication and improving engagement rates.


lemlist's Sequences feature supports both email and LinkedIn for multi-channel outreach.

lemlist's Sequences feature provides a robust and flexible campaign creation process, enabling users to build complex, multi-channel outreach strategies. The visual sandbox editor simplifies the creation of intricate sequences with conditional branching, making it a powerful tool for sales engagement across various platforms.

Key features of campaign creation in lemlist Sequences:

  • Automated and manual steps: Customize campaigns with a mix of automated actions and manual tasks to tailor outreach to specific needs.
  • Multi-channel support: Engage leads through email, LinkedIn, and other social platforms within a single campaign.
  • Visual sandbox editor: Build complex sequences with ease using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and conditional branching.
  • AI-powered assistance: Leverage AI to generate effective multichannel campaigns and optimize existing sequences.
  • Campaign duplication: Efficiently scale outreach by duplicating successful campaigns and adapting them for different audiences.
👍 "Using LemList to create "custom" automated email campaigns" - r/Emailmarketing


Woodpecker's intuitive campaign setup flow for multichannel outreach.

Woodpecker provides a user-friendly interface for setting up automated multichannel outreach campaigns. The intuitive campaign creation flow guides you through connecting your email account, defining campaign paths, and integrating with prospects.

Key features of Woodpecker's campaign creation:

  • Email account integration: Easily connect your email account to send follow-ups from
  • Campaign paths: Define the steps and timing of your outreach, including email sequences and tasks
  • Prospect management: Upload and manage your prospect list for targeted campaigns
  • LinkedIn integration: Incorporate LinkedIn tasks into your outreach for a multichannel approach
  • Customizable templates: Personalize your emails using built-in templates and placeholders
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Deliverability - Safeguard Your Email Reputation

When comparing the deliverability features of lemlist and Woodpecker, Woodpecker takes the lead due to its integrated email warm-up service that comes with the subscription, providing a more streamlined solution for users.

Woodpecker's built-in warm-up feature enhances deliverability directly within the platform

lemlist, although offering robust deliverability tools including its lemwarm product, requires a separate subscription. This might be less convenient and more costly for users who need a comprehensive solution without managing multiple subscriptions.

In contrast, Woodpecker not only provides essential email warming functions but also includes features like Bounce Shield, which further protects users from deliverability issues. This makes Woodpecker a more comprehensive choice for businesses focused on maintaining high deliverability rates without the additional overhead.

For users looking to further enhance their email strategies, leveraging Bardeen’s automation tools can significantly improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns by crafting personalized emails based on LinkedIn profiles.


lemlist's deliverability score and tips to improve email deliverability.

lemlist provides a suite of tools to address email deliverability and spam avoidance, helping users maintain high open and click rates. A key component of this is lemwarm, a separate product that focuses on warming up email accounts to establish a positive sending reputation.

Key deliverability features:

  • Sending limits: Set maximum emails, LinkedIn invites/messages, and visits per day to avoid triggering spam filters
  • Deliverability score: Provides an overall rating of your email deliverability health
  • lemwarm integration: Dedicated email warming tool to improve sender reputation (separate subscription required)
  • Custom tracking domains: Allows for tracking open and click rates safely
  • Detailed reports: Insights into key metrics like bounce rates, unsubscribes, and more
🤔 "Be sure that DMARK/SPF/DKIM are working." - r/agency

Reddit users discuss strategies to avoid spam filters when using lemlist, such as ensuring proper email authentication, sending short initial emails, and limiting the number of emails sent per day per domain.


Woodpecker's Deliverability section with email warm-up and protection features.

Woodpecker takes a proactive approach to optimize email deliverability and protect sender reputation. By adopting best practices for cold emailing and providing built-in tools, the platform helps users avoid spam filters and maintain high inbox placement rates.

Key deliverability features:

  • Email warm-up: Gradually increases email sending volume to establish a positive sender reputation.
  • Bounce Shield: Protects deliverability by monitoring and managing bounce rates.
  • Mailbox rotation: Distributes emails across multiple mailboxes to prevent hitting sending limits.
  • Email verification: Checks email list quality to minimize bounces and maintain list hygiene.

Reddit users share mixed opinions on Woodpecker's deliverability features, with some praising its effectiveness while others question its cost-effectiveness for startups.

😐 "Woodpecker... does have some pretty great features, but for a start up it's just not worth it." - r/Emailmarketing
👍 "Woodpecker... has built-in email verification... and makes sure your emails land in the main inbox and not in SPAM." - r/AutomateTheGrind
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Personalization - Tailoring Messages for Each Lead

When comparing lemlist and Woodpecker for email personalization features, lemlist provides a more intuitive interface for adding dynamic content such as custom images and landing pages, which can significantly enhance the recipient's engagement.

lemlist editor showing advanced personalization options

Woodpecker, however, excels with its LinkedIn integration, offering the ability to tailor emails based on detailed prospect data directly from LinkedIn profiles. This feature is particularly valuable for B2B businesses that rely on LinkedIn for lead generation.

Woodpecker's email personalization with LinkedIn data

If your strategy heavily relies on LinkedIn for lead sourcing, Woodpecker's direct integration might offer a significant advantage. For a more visually engaging approach with diverse personalization capabilities, lemlist is the better option. Enhance your email personalization efforts with Bardeen's automation tools that enrich contact data and craft tailored messages effortlessly.


Add personalization options for emails in lemlist Sequences.

lemlist provides several options to personalize emails within a sequence. This allows you to tailor your messages to each lead, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Key personalization features:

  • Custom variables: Insert dynamic fields like first name, last name, company name, and more.
  • Liquid syntax: Use conditional logic, pull variables, and set fallback values for missing data.
  • Custom images: Personalize emails with custom images unique to each recipient.
  • Custom landing pages: Direct leads to personalized landing pages for a tailored experience.


Woodpecker offers flexible email personalization options.

Woodpecker provides robust personalization features to tailor email campaigns to each prospect, helping improve engagement and response rates. With a focus on customization, Woodpecker allows you to:

  • Use custom fields: Personalize emails with prospect-specific information like first name, last name, company, and more.
  • Add custom snippets: Create reusable text snippets that can be inserted into emails for efficiency and consistency.
  • Customize sending times: Set daily sending limits and personalized delivery times for each prospect.
  • Integrate with LinkedIn: Enhance personalization by leveraging prospect data from LinkedIn profiles.
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AI - Tailoring Outreach for Individual Leads

When comparing the AI features in lemlist and Woodpecker for sequence creation, Woodpecker offers a more robust solution. Woodpecker integrates directly with OpenAI to provide highly personalized email content for each lead, leveraging advanced AI capabilities to ensure each message is tailored effectively.

Personalized email generation in Woodpecker using OpenAI

In contrast, lemlist allows campaign-level AI customizations but lacks the depth of personalization at the individual email level, thus not fully capitalizing on AI’s potential to customize interactions based on detailed lead signals.

If you are looking to maximize the personalization of your email sequences with minimal effort, Woodpecker’s integration with OpenAI makes it the superior choice. For those looking to enhance their sequence tools even further, consider using Bardeen to add richer context about your leads, boosting the effectiveness of your AI-driven communications.


lemlist's AI-powered campaign creation generates personalized campaigns based on user input.

lemlist provides AI assistance for creating campaigns, allowing users to generate personalized sequences with minimal manual input. The tool takes into account factors like campaign goals, tone, and target audience to craft tailored campaigns.

Key features of AI-powered campaign creation:

  • Automated campaign generation: Users provide basic information about their campaign goals and target audience, and the AI generates a complete campaign.
  • Personalization at scale: The AI considers factors like company size, industry, and prospect's role to create personalized campaigns for each lead.
  • Tone customization: Users can specify the desired tone for their campaign, such as conversational or formal, and the AI adjusts the generated content accordingly.

While the AI-powered campaign creation is a powerful tool, lemlist's AI capabilities for individual emails and messages are more limited. Users can leverage basic commands for personalization, but the tool does not offer extensive customization options at the individual message level.

AI-powered personalization options for individual emails in lemlist are more limited compared to campaign-level AI.


Woodpecker leverages AI to generate personalized emails for each lead.

Woodpecker integrates with OpenAI to create personalized emails for each lead in your campaign. This AI-powered feature allows you to automate the email creation process while still maintaining a high level of customization.

Key aspects of Woodpecker's AI email generation:

  • Personalization at scale: Generate unique emails for each lead based on their specific details and your campaign goals.
  • Time-saving automation: Automate the email writing process, saving you time while ensuring quality and relevance.
  • Integration with OpenAI: Leverage the power of OpenAI's language models to create convincing and engaging email content.
  • Customization options: Fine-tune the generated emails to match your brand voice and specific campaign requirements.
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Native Enrichment - Boosting Personalized Outreach with Lead Data

When comparing the native enrichment features in lemlist and Woodpecker, lemlist offers a clear advantage as it provides basic lead enrichment capabilities within its platform.

Detailed view of lemlist's lead enrichment showing job titles and LinkedIn profiles

lemlist enriches leads with fundamental details such as job titles, companies, and LinkedIn profiles, which can be crucial for personalized outreach. In contrast, Woodpecker does not offer any native lead enrichment capabilities, which could necessitate the use of additional tools or services to obtain similar data.

If lead enrichment is essential for your sales process and you prefer an all-in-one solution, lemlist would be the more suitable choice. However, for those already using other enrichment tools or services that integrate well with their sales platform, Woodpecker’s lack of this feature might not be a significant drawback.

For a more seamless experience in managing lead data, consider using Bardeen to automate the enrichment of lead information from various online sources directly into your CRM or sales platform.


Enriched lead details showing job title, location, email, and LinkedIn profile.

lemlist provides basic lead enrichment capabilities within its Sequences feature, allowing users to gather additional information about their leads. While not as comprehensive as dedicated lead enrichment tools, lemlist's native enrichment can help provide context for more personalized outreach.

Key aspects of lemlist's lead enrichment:

  • Basic lead details: lemlist enriches leads with fundamental information like job title, location, email address, and LinkedIn profile URL.
  • LinkedIn integration: The platform leverages LinkedIn data to provide insight into a lead's professional background and connections.
  • Bulk enrichment: Users can enrich leads in bulk by selecting multiple leads and clicking "Find email & Push to campaign."
  • Buyer signals: lemlist attempts to surface additional context about leads, such as their industry and seniority level, to inform outreach.
  • Limitations: Compared to dedicated enrichment tools, lemlist's data may be less detailed and up-to-date, as enrichment is not the platform's primary focus.


Woodpecker does not currently offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its sales engagement platform. This means that users cannot automatically pull in additional data points or buyer signals from other sources to supplement their existing lead information.

While this may be a drawback for some users who rely on enriched lead data for more targeted outreach, Woodpecker still provides a robust set of features for creating and managing email sequences, tracking engagement, and automating follow-ups.

If lead enrichment is a critical requirement for your sales process, you may need to explore third-party data enrichment services that can integrate with Woodpecker or consider alternative platforms that offer native enrichment functionality.

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Social Automation - Automating LinkedIn tasks for efficient outreach

When comparing lemlist and Woodpecker regarding social automation within their Sequences feature, lemlist clearly takes the lead.

Setting up LinkedIn automation in lemlist's Sequences feature.

lemlist offers robust LinkedIn automation capabilities, including connection requests, post engagement, and direct messaging, all performed via a local browser extension. This integration aligns well with LinkedIn's terms of service, providing a compliant way to automate social tasks directly from your workflow.

In contrast, Woodpecker does not support social media automation or lead enrichment from social platforms. This limitation may be significant for sales and marketing teams relying on social media interactions to engage leads and build relationships.

For teams looking to integrate social media tasks directly into their sales sequences, lemlist offers a more comprehensive solution. Additionally, if you're looking to further enhance your outreach capabilities, consider using Bardeen's automation tools to create personalized outreach emails from LinkedIn posts.


Sending LinkedIn messages via a local browser extension in lemlist Sequences.

lemlist's Sequences feature supports LinkedIn automation through a browser extension that performs actions locally on the user's device. This allows users to incorporate LinkedIn outreach into their sales engagement workflows seamlessly.

Key features of lemlist's LinkedIn automation:

  • Browser extension: Automates LinkedIn actions through a local browser extension, ensuring compliance with LinkedIn's terms of service.
  • Diverse actions: Supports connection requests, post engagement, and direct messaging on LinkedIn.
  • Personalization: Allows customization of messages and alternate messages if the recipient is not a LinkedIn connection.
  • Sender selection: Enables users to choose which LinkedIn account to send messages from, facilitating team collaboration and account management.


Woodpecker does not currently offer social media automation or enrichment capabilities within its Sequences feature. The tool is primarily focused on email outreach and does not have built-in functionality for automating messages on social platforms or enriching lead data from social media sources.

While this may be a limitation for some users who rely heavily on social media for their sales engagement efforts, Woodpecker's email-centric approach allows the tool to excel in its core functionality of creating, personalizing, and automating email campaigns.

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Pricing Plans - Tailoring to Different User Needs

When comparing lemlist and Woodpecker in terms of pricing, lemlist offers greater flexibility with multiple pricing tiers catering to different user needs, while Woodpecker provides a more streamlined, single-package approach.

lemlist's tiers range from $39 to $159 per month, each including a 14-day free trial and scaling up in features and email verification credits as prices increase. This structure benefits businesses that might scale or require flexibility based on their growth and campaign needs.

Conversely, Woodpecker promotes simplicity with its single pricing plan, which starts at $29 per month, and includes all features such as A/B testing, AI assistance in crafting emails, and a mail warm-up service. The simplicity of this model can be attractive for users who prefer a straightforward, all-inclusive package.

For users valuing a tailored approach with specific features aligned to different business scales, lemlist holds the advantage with its variety of plans and dedicated support for larger teams. However, those seeking a simple, all-encompassing solution might find Woodpecker's single-plan approach more appealing.


lemlist pricing plans range from $39 to $159 per user per month.

lemlist offers four pricing tiers to suit different needs and budgets, with plans starting at $39 per user per month for the Email Starter plan and going up to $159 per user per month for the Outreach Scale plan. The pricing model is based on the number of users and the features included in each plan.

  • Billing model: Monthly subscription per user, with the price increasing as more features are included in higher-tier plans.
  • Free trial: All plans come with a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required.
  • Usage limits: Plans include unlimited campaigns, but email verification credits are an additional cost. Higher-tier plans come with more email verification credits per month.
  • Key features in paid tiers: Advanced features like custom landing pages, premium support, and CRM integrations are only available in the higher-tier plans like Email Pro and Multichannel Expert.
  • Enterprise pricing: For teams with more than 10 users, lemlist offers custom enterprise pricing and requires contacting their sales team.


Woodpecker offers a single pricing package, with a slight discount for annual billing.

Woodpecker provides a straightforward pricing model with a single package designed to scale with your agency. The pricing is based on the number of contacted prospects, stored prospects, and active clients, making it easy to understand and predict costs.

  • Billing model: Monthly or annual subscription, with a discount for annual billing
  • Free trial: 7 days or 50 contacted prospects, whichever limit is reached first
  • Price: Starts at $56 per month for 500 contacted prospects, 2,000 stored prospects, and 1 active client
  • Key features: All features are included in the single package, such as A/B tests, AI email assistant, and warm-up powered by Mailwarm
  • Sales contact: Not required, as the pricing is self-serve and transparent

The pricing page also highlights Woodpecker's February 2024 update, which optimized the tool for Gmail changes, demonstrating their commitment to keeping the platform up-to-date and effective for users.

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The Verdict: Which is Best for Multi-Channel Campaigns?

lemlist and Woodpecker each offer unique advantages for campaign creation. lemlist excels with its visual sandbox editor, making it ideal for complex, multi-channel campaigns. It's great for users who need robust customization and enjoy visually planning their outreach strategies.

Woodpecker, while simpler, provides straightforward campaign setups and is very user-friendly. It's better suited for those who prefer a more basic approach without the need for extensive customization.

Both tools are powerful, but your choice should align with the complexity of your campaigns and your comfort with campaign setup tools.

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