Actions & Triggers

Bardeen provides two types of automations called Playbooks and Autobooks.

Playbooks are automations that you launch manually. And Autobooks are the automations that get triggered automatically when something happens or on a specific date / time.

All automations are just a series of actions connected to each other.
Triggers tell the automation when it has to start the series of actions.

Integrate Zoom Meetings with Salesforce CRM

Seamlessly integrate Zoom meeting scheduling and tracking with Salesforce. Bardeen streamlines your event management and enhances customer support by syncing call logs, meeting transcripts, and recordings directly into your Salesforce workflow.

Why automate Salesforce and Zoom workflows?

how does bardeen work?

Your proactive teammate — doing the busywork to save you time

Integrate your apps and websites

Use data and events in one app to automate another. Bardeen supports an increasing library of powerful integrations.

Perform tasks & actions

Bardeen completes tasks in apps and websites you use for work, so you don't have to - filling forms, sending messages, or even crafting detailed reports.

Combine it all to create workflows

Workflows are a series of actions triggered by you or a change in a connected app. They automate repetitive tasks you normally perform manually - saving you time.

Available actions & triggers

App Name Icon
App Name Icon
Create Salesforce contact
Find Zoom recordings
Create Zoom meeting for event
Find Zoom link
Create instant Zoom meeting
Find Zoom meetings
Create Zoom meeting
Delete Zoom meeting


How does Bardeen integrate Salesforce with Zoom?

Bardeen connects Salesforce and Zoom via their APIs, allowing data flow and automated tasks between the platforms. This integration helps businesses streamline their customer relationship management and communication processes.

What can Bardeen’s automations do with Salesforce and Zoom?

With Bardeen, sales team members can automatically schedule Zoom meetings from Salesforce. For instance, whenever a new lead is added in Salesforce, an automation can trigger a Zoom meeting, ensuring prompt follow-ups and improved customer engagement.

Why should I automate my tasks in Salesforce?

Automating tasks in Salesforce transforms your sales and recruiting processes, dramatically saving time and optimizing results. For sales professionals, automation means more efficient lead nurturing, quick follow-ups, and effective pipeline management. Recruiters can utilize this automation to streamline candidate sourcing, tracking, and communication, freeing up their time to focus on relationship building and strategic planning. By automating tasks in Salesforce, you can significantly increase your productivity, allowing for a more impactful use of both the platform and your own abilities.

Why should I automate my tasks in Zoom?

By automating tasks in Zoom, you'll free up countless hours and boost your impact in your professional sphere. For instance, recruiters can streamline the interview scheduling process and automatically record sessions for later review, while sales teams can automate meeting reminders and follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Founders can keep their teams connected and organized through automated meeting scheduling and data sharing. In essence, automation in Zoom lets you focus on what truly matters - engaging conversations, decisive meetings, and strategic planning, enhancing your productivity and effectiveness.

How do I set up Zoom in Salesforce?

With Bardeen, you can easily integrate Zoom with Salesforce. Just follow the step-by-step instructions on Bardeen's user-friendly interface to set up the integration effortlessly.

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting in Salesforce?

With Bardeen, you can automate scheduling Zoom meetings directly in Salesforce. Simply create a workflow that connects your Salesforce and Zoom accounts, then customize it according to your needs.

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