Scraper: How can I do pagination on a page where there’s no next button?

A workaround you can try (which depends on the page) is to build your workflow based on a pattern of the URL's.

In the case of Linkedin Job search for instance, there's a pattern in the url's

Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
Page 4 +: just add +25 to each URL

The workaround would be:
Do a google sheet very quickly and "build those urls"

Run a "scrape data on the background for URLs" action on those Urls.

Learn about data enrichment in this Youtube Tutorial: Data Enrichment & Scrape data in the background

You can also vote for this canny item to solve cases like these, at:

Now, there's some chases that don't have a URL pattern.

What you can do in those cases is to run the "Scrape data on active tab" on each page and paginate manually.

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