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How Bardeen Automates Daily Market Research for Humane’s Talent Team

"Bardeen has revolutionized my workflow, dramatically increasing my productivity and enabling us to scale our talent operations efficiently."
Pat Johnson
Talent Research
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The Challenge

As a talent research professional at Humane, Pat Johnson faced the tedious task of manually searching for market research every morning and organizing the findings in Google Sheets. This routine was not only time-consuming but also detracted from more strategic aspects of Pat’s role.


Pat turned to Bardeen to streamline his daily market research process. Bardeen enabled him to:.

  • Scheduled Event: Every morning at 8:00 AM, Bardeen initiates the market research process.
  • Data Conversion: Converts market research keywords to a URL-encoded string for efficient web searching.
  • Web Scraping: Scrapes relevant data in the background from Google search results using a pre-defined scraper template.
  • Data Organization: Automatically adds the scraped data into a designated Google Sheet.


  • Time Savings: Pat now saves considerable time each morning, as Bardeen performs the market research and data entry tasks autonomously.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Freed from the repetitive task of manual data collection, Pat can now focus on more strategic activities, such as analyzing trends and making informed human resource decisions.
  • Data Accuracy: Bardeen ensures precise data extraction and organization, minimizing errors and improving the reliability of the research data.
  • Consistent Workflow: The automated process provides a consistent and reliable workflow, significantly enhancing overall productivity.

Bardeen’s innovative automation capabilities have redefined efficiency and precision for talent research professionals. By eliminating time-consuming manual tasks, Bardeen empowers professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and high-impact work. This transformation in workflow not only enhances productivity but also drives better decision-making and results.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
About the company:
Computers and Electronics Manufacturing
Company Size:
51-200 Employees

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