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How An Agency Owner Saves 7 Hours Automating Lead Gen Every Week

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Bardeen saves me 7 hours per week! I highly recommend using Bardeen whether you are doing outreach on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.
Kais Al Balkhi
Owner at ClientBoom.ai
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Today we’re learning how Kais Al Balkhi, the founder of digital marketing agency ClientBoom.ai, uses Bardeen to automate his outreach on Instagram to get leads for his boutique agency.


Kais struggled with generating leads from Instagram and Kais’ agency relies on Instagram outreach to get clients.

He was manually copy-pasting relevant followers of influencer accounts in the real estate space. To add more pain, not every follower was a relevant lead to Kais. 

To filter out low quality leads and avoid bot accounts, Kais narrowed his search to accounts that matched following criteria:

  • included the word “realtor” in their bio
  • had a certain number of followers 
  • posted recently

The result of this narrowed search is a high quality lead for Kais.

This is one of the real estate influencer accounts that Kais wanted to collect followers from.

Then, Kais would click on "Followers" and manually click on each profile to verify if they were a quality lead

In this case, this account would not be relevant for Kais because their bio doesn't include "realtor" and their account is private.

But, this account would be relevant and Kais would want to add it to his CRM for cold outreach.

Bardeen's Solution

With the help of Bardeen’s team, Kais was able to copy-paste hundreds of followers from an Instagram account and filter for accounts that matched exactly what he was looking for.

How? With the click of a button!

Now, Kais’ team can save 7 hours per week automating their lead gen.

This time saved is valuable for boutique digital marketing agencies like ClientBoom.ai.

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Time Savings
By using Bardeen to automate lead generation on Instagram, digital marketing agencies can save significant amounts of time, specifically 7 hours per week in this case study. This time-saving benefit allows agency owners and their teams to focus on other essential tasks and be more productive.
Increased Productivity
With the manual task of copy-pasting relevant followers filtered by specific criteria removed, agency teams can redirect their efforts and energy towards more productive and revenue-generating activities. By maximizing productivity, agencies can scale their operations and take on more clients without compromising on lead quality.
High-Quality Leads
Bardeen enables agencies to filter out low-quality leads and potential bot accounts effectively. By targeting accounts with specific keywords in their bio, a certain number of followers, and recent activity, agencies can pinpoint high-quality leads. This targeted approach ensures that the agency's efforts are focused on leads that are more likely to convert into paying clients.

Final Thoughts

By automating the manual, pain-staking process of lead generation, Bardeen enables agencies to focus on what truly matters - building relationships with high-quality leads and driving business growth. Agency owners like Kais can save 7 hours per week with Bardeen automations like this one -- and this opens up opportunities for agencies to expand their client base, enhance productivity, and stay ahead in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

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