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Easy Google Sheets Sorting Guide in 3 Steps

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February 7, 2024

Learn to sort data in Google Sheets, including alphabetically, by dates, and by color, to enhance data analysis and productivity.

  • Sort alphabetically by selecting the range, choosing 'Sort range' under 'Data', and specifying the order.
  • Sort by dates using 'Sort sheet' for single columns or the 'SORT' function for dynamic sorting.
  • Sort by color through the filter function, selecting 'Sort by Color' and choosing the desired color.

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How to Sort in Google Sheets

Sorting data in Google Sheets is a fundamental skill that allows you to organize your data in a way that makes it easier to analyze and understand. Google Sheets offers several methods to sort data, including sorting alphabetically, numerically, by dates, and even by color. Whether you're dealing with a small dataset or a large spreadsheet, mastering these sorting techniques can significantly enhance your productivity and data analysis capabilities.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Google Sheets

To sort data alphabetically in Google Sheets, follow these steps:

  1. Open your spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Highlight the range of cells you'd like to sort. If your sheet includes a header row, freeze the first row by clicking View > Freeze > 1 row.
  3. Click Data > Sort range > Advanced range sorting options.
  4. If your columns have titles, check the Data has header row option.
  5. Select the column you'd like to sort by and choose the sorting order (A to Z for ascending or Z to A for descending).
  6. Click Sort.

To sort an entire sheet alphabetically, right-click the letter of the column you want to sort by and select Sort sheet A to Z or Sort sheet Z to A.

How to Sort by Dates in Google Sheets

Sorting by date in Google Sheets can be achieved through the Sort sheet option for single columns or the SORT function for dynamic sorting. Here's how:

For a single column:

  1. Ensure all values in the column are in a valid date format. Use Data > Data validation with the criteria set to Is valid date.
  2. Freeze the header row if necessary.
  3. Select a cell within the column containing dates, then click Data > Sort sheet > choose either Sort sheet by column A to Z (earliest to latest) or Sort sheet by column Z to A (latest to earliest).

For dynamic sorting with the SORT function:

'=SORT(range, sort_column, is_ascending)'

Replace range with your date column range, sort_column with the column index, and is_ascending with TRUE for ascending order or FALSE for descending order.

How to Sort by Color in Google Sheets

Sorting by color in Google Sheets involves using the filter function. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Highlight the dataset you want to sort by color.
  2. Click the filter icon on the toolbar to enable sorting functions.
  3. Click the filter button on your column headers and select Sort by Color > choose either Fill Color or Text Color and select the color you want to sort by.
  4. The selected color will now be prioritized in your sorting.

To sort by multiple colors, repeat the process for each color you want to sort by. Remember, Google Sheets will sort based on the order you apply each color sort, so plan the sequence accordingly.

For combined sorting (e.g., alphabetical and by color), sort by your primary format last. If sorting alphabetically after color, apply the color sort first, then sort alphabetically.

Automate Google Sheets Sorting with Bardeen

Sorting your data in Google Sheets can be automated to increase efficiency and accuracy. While manual sorting is effective for individual or less frequent tasks, automating with Bardeen can significantly streamline your workflows, especially when dealing with large datasets or when needing to perform sorts on a regular basis. Automations can also minimize human error, ensuring data integrity.

Here are examples of how Bardeen can automate sorting and related tasks in Google Sheets:

  1. Classify past emails and save to Google Sheets: Automatically categorize and log emails into Google Sheets, streamlining email management and trend analysis.
  2. Get a daily summary of your emails and save to Google Sheets: Summarize and save daily email activities into Google Sheets, perfect for tracking communications and tasks.
  3. Classify and save desired emails to Google Sheets: Filter and save specific emails directly into Google Sheets, allowing for targeted email management and data collection.

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