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5 Steps to Find Job Seekers on LinkedIn in 2024

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

LinkedIn offers multiple methods to find individuals actively seeking employment, from profile indicators to advanced search techniques.

  • Look for the "Open To Work" filter on profile pictures.
  • Search for the "#opentowork" hashtag.
  • Use LinkedIn Recruiter's "Open to Work" filter for a comprehensive search.
  • Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator's advanced search capabilities.

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How to Find People Looking for Jobs on LinkedIn

Finding people who are open to work on LinkedIn can be approached through various methods, each catering to different needs and resources available. Whether you're a recruiter, a hiring manager, or someone looking to network, LinkedIn offers tools and features that can help you identify job seekers efficiently.

The Open To Work Profile Picture Filter

One straightforward method is looking for the "Open To Work" filter on users' profile pictures. However, it's important to note that not all job seekers choose to display this filter due to concerns about how it might affect their professional image. Additionally, many prefer to keep their job search discreet from their current employers. LinkedIn allows users to indicate they are open to work without displaying the badge on their profile picture, making it a less reliable method for finding job seekers.

The Open To Work Hashtag Technique

Another method is utilizing the "#opentowork" hashtag. By searching for this hashtag in the LinkedIn search bar, you can find posts from individuals who have used it, indicating they are seeking new opportunities. This method provides a real-time stream of job seekers but requires regular monitoring and quick action to reach out to potential candidates.

Using LinkedIn Recruiter

For those with access to LinkedIn Recruiter, the "Open to Work" filter is a powerful tool. It allows you to see who has activated the "Open to Work" feature among LinkedIn members. However, this feature is part of the more expensive LinkedIn Recruiter package, not the Recruiter Lite version, making it a significant investment.

Finding Candidates on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a more budget-friendly alternative with its advanced search capabilities. Here are four strategies to find job seekers on Sales Navigator:

  1. Use the "Current Job Title" filter with specific boolean search strings to identify profiles mentioning job searches.
  2. Expand your search to all profile sections using the keyword search with the same boolean expressions.
  3. Search for unofficial company pages created for job seekers, such as those stating "Looking for a new job" as the company name.
  4. Utilize the Group Filter to find LinkedIn groups dedicated to job seekers, allowing you to connect with active group members.

These methods leverage Sales Navigator's detailed search filters to pinpoint individuals actively seeking new opportunities.

Reaching Out to Open To Work Candidates

After identifying potential candidates, you may want to export their details for outreach. Tools like Evaboot's Chrome extension can simplify this process by exporting LinkedIn URLs and emails into a CSV file, indicating who is open to work. This enables efficient prospecting and increases the chances of getting responses from candidates.

In summary, LinkedIn provides multiple avenues to find job seekers, from direct profile indicators to advanced search techniques. Depending on your resources and the level of investment you're willing to make, you can choose the method that best fits your needs to connect with potential candidates.

Automate Your LinkedIn Job Search with Bardeen

Finding people who are actively looking for jobs on LinkedIn can be streamlined using automation tools like Bardeen. Automating your search process not only saves time but also ensures you don't miss out on potential candidates who could be the perfect fit for your organization. Here are some ways Bardeen can help automate tasks related to finding job seekers on LinkedIn:

  1. Save LinkedIn jobs based on keyword and location to Notion: Automates the collection of job listings from LinkedIn based on specified keywords and locations, saving the information directly into Notion for easy access and organization.
  2. Save LinkedIn jobs based on keyword and location to Google Sheets: Similar to the Notion playbook, this automation fetches job listings from LinkedIn and organizes them in Google Sheets, simplifying the tracking of new job opportunities or potential candidates.
  3. Get listed job posts from currently opened LinkedIn Jobs page: Directly extracts job posting information from the LinkedIn Jobs page you're currently viewing, streamlining the process of gathering data on active job listings.

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