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Extract Numbers from Strings in Google Sheets: A Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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Google Sheets
April 15, 2024

Learn to extract numbers from strings in Google Sheets using REGEX functions and built-in tools like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID. For more complex data, add-ons like Power Tools simplify the process without formulas.

This guide provides multiple methods to suit various user needs.

Streamline your Google Sheets data extraction process with Bardeen's automation playbooks.

How to Extract Numbers from Google Sheets

Extracting numbers from strings in Google Sheets is a common task that can be accomplished using various methods, including formulas and add-ons. This guide covers several techniques to help you efficiently extract numerical data from mixed content within cells.

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Extract Numbers from String Google Sheets

One of the primary methods for extracting numbers from strings in Google Sheets involves using the REGEXEXTRACT, REGEXREPLACE, and REGEXMATCH functions. These functions allow you to specify patterns (regular expressions) to match and extract or replace text.

Google Sheets REGEX Extract

To extract numbers using REGEXEXTRACT, you can use a formula like:


This formula extracts the first sequence of digits from a string. For extracting multiple numbers or more complex patterns, adjust the regular expression accordingly.

For extracting all numbers by removing non-numeric characters, use REGEXREPLACE:


This formula replaces anything that's not a digit with an empty string, effectively leaving only numbers.

Google Sheets Extract Number from String

An alternative method to extract numbers, including integers, decimals, and negative signs, is:


This formula is useful for extracting numbers with more complexity, such as decimals and negatives, from a string.

Extract Numbers from Cell Google Sheets

Besides regular expressions, you can use built-in functions like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID to extract numbers based on their position within the string. These functions are particularly useful when the structure of the cell content is consistent.

For example, to extract the first 6 characters from the left:


To extract 2 characters from the right:


And to extract a substring from the middle:


Combine these with SEARCH to locate and extract numbers relative to specific text within the string.

Formula-free Ways to Extract Data from Google Sheets Cells

For those preferring not to use formulas, Google Sheets add-ons like Power Tools offer user-friendly interfaces for extracting numbers, text, and other data types without writing formulas. These tools provide options for extracting data based on specific criteria, including text case, position, and patterns.

Additionally, the Split Date & Time tool within Power Tools can separate date and time from timestamps, simplifying the extraction process for date-related numbers.

Discover more about enhancing your Google Sheets experience with add-ons and automations in our blog posts on addons for Google Sheets, how to automate Google Sheets, and explore our collection of Google Sheets automations.

Whether you're dealing with simple or complex data, Google Sheets provides multiple methods to extract numbers efficiently, catering to various user preferences and requirements.

Automate Google Sheets Data Tasks with Bardeen

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  3. Scrape Redfin Listings Contact Numbers to Google Sheets: Real estate professionals can benefit from this playbook by automating the extraction of contact numbers from Redfin listings into Google Sheets, facilitating an organized approach to lead generation and market research.

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