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Export Deleted Records from HubSpot: A Guide (2024)


Exporting deleted records in HubSpot involves leveraging the Export Data API or utilizing data recovery techniques before using standard export options. This process requires a nuanced approach and may need custom development for direct access to deleted records.

The key takeaway is that while HubSpot offers robust data export functionalities, accessing deleted records specifically demands additional steps or custom solutions.

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Exporting Deleted Records in HubSpot

Exporting data, including deleted records, from HubSpot is a crucial process for data management and recovery. This guide explores various methods to export data, focusing on deleted records, leveraging HubSpot's functionalities and APIs.

While exporting deleted records from HubSpot manually requires navigating through its data recovery options, leveraging automation with Bardeen can significantly streamline this process.

HubSpot Data Export

HubSpot provides comprehensive options for exporting content and data, which include website content, files, analytics, CRM content, and more. However, it's important to note that direct export options primarily focus on existing data within your account. To export deleted records, additional steps or APIs may be required.

Export Data from HubSpot

For standard data export, HubSpot allows users to export records such as contacts, companies, deals, and tickets directly from the CRM. This is done by navigating to the specific section (e.g., Contacts), selecting the records or views, and choosing the export option. The export can include various file formats like CSV, XLSX, and more. This method is suitable for active data but does not directly apply to deleted records.

HubSpot Export Data API

The HubSpot Export Data API offers a more flexible solution for exporting data programmatically. This API can be used to export records and property data from your HubSpot account, including the option to specify filters for the export. While the API documentation does not explicitly mention deleted records, it provides a robust framework for exporting data based on specific criteria.

To start an export using the API, make a POST request to '/crm/v3/exports/export/async' with details such as file format, object type, and properties to export. Although directly targeting deleted records may require additional steps or custom solutions, the API's flexibility could be leveraged by developers to access a broader range of data.

Export HubSpot Data to Excel

Exporting HubSpot data to Excel is a common requirement for data analysis and backup. While HubSpot's interface and API support exporting data in formats compatible with Excel (e.g., CSV, XLSX), specific methods for exporting deleted records are not directly provided. Users looking to export deleted records into Excel might need to use a combination of data recovery techniques and standard export functionalities.

For records that have been recently deleted, it's worth checking HubSpot's recycle bin or attempting to recover the records before they are permanently removed. Once recovered, the standard export options can be used to export the data to Excel.

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In summary, while HubSpot provides comprehensive tools for exporting data, exporting deleted records requires a nuanced approach. Leveraging the Export Data API with custom filters may offer a pathway for accessing deleted records, albeit with a need for custom development. For standard data export needs, including exporting to Excel, HubSpot's built-in functionalities and API provide robust solutions.

Automate HubSpot Record Recovery with Bardeen

While exporting deleted records from HubSpot manually requires navigating through its data recovery options, leveraging automation can significantly streamline this process. Bardeen offers powerful automation playbooks specifically designed to enhance data management within HubSpot, making the process of handling deleted records more efficient.

Here are examples of automations that can be built with Bardeen:

  1. Sync LinkedIn Messages to HubSpot Contact: Enhance CRM data by automatically saving LinkedIn messages to a HubSpot contact, ensuring no interaction is lost and enriching lead profiles for better engagement strategies.
  2. Copy all HubSpot contacts to Coda: Seamlessly migrate or backup your HubSpot contacts to Coda, providing a versatile way to manage and utilize your CRM data across platforms.
  3. Copy all HubSpot tickets to Coda: Automate the transfer of support tickets from HubSpot to Coda, enabling improved ticket management and team collaboration.

These Bardeen playbooks can effectively complement your data management strategy, especially when dealing with deleted records. Start automating by downloading the Bardeen app.

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