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Convert Text to Number in Salesforce Formulas: A Guide


To convert text to a number in Salesforce, use the VALUE(text) function, ensuring the text only contains numerical digits to avoid errors. Conversely, use TEXT(value) to convert numbers to text for display or concatenation purposes.

Mastering these conversions is crucial for data integrity and process compatibility in Salesforce.

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Understanding Salesforce Formula Fields for Data Conversion

When working within the Salesforce environment, professionals often encounter the need to manipulate data types to ensure compatibility and functionality across various processes. A common task is converting data from one type to another, such as transforming text values into numeric data. This operation is critical for sorting, calculations, and data integrity checks. This article delves into methods for converting text to numbers and vice versa, utilizing Salesforce formula fields, thereby addressing common queries like salesforce formula convert text to number, convert text to number in salesforce formula, salesforce convert text to number, and convert number to text salesforce formula.

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Converting Text to Number in Salesforce Formula

To convert text to a number in Salesforce, the VALUE(text) function is typically used. This function converts a text string that represents a number into a number type. However, it's crucial to ensure the text string does not contain any characters other than numerical digits, or the conversion will fail. The basic syntax for this operation is:


It's important to note that if the text field contains non-numeric characters or is empty, Salesforce will return an error. Therefore, validation and cleaning of data might be necessary before conversion to avoid runtime errors.

Common Issues and Solutions

Users may encounter an error stating that the text field may not be used in this type of formula. This issue often arises due to field type restrictions. For instance, LongTextArea and encrypted text fields cannot be utilized in formula fields for conversion. Ensuring the text field is of a compatible type is crucial for successful conversion. Additionally, when working with custom fields, ensure the API name is correctly referenced, including the '__c' suffix for custom fields.

Converting Number to Text in Salesforce Formula

Conversely, converting a number to text in Salesforce leverages the TEXT(value) function. This function is useful when there's a need to display numbers without formatting or to concatenate numbers with text strings in formula fields. The syntax for this conversion is straightforward:


This method is particularly useful for maintaining numeric data's integrity when it needs to be displayed or used within text-based contexts, ensuring that operations such as concatenation or display formatting do not alter the underlying numeric value.

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In conclusion, Salesforce formula fields offer powerful functions for converting data types, with VALUE and TEXT being central to text and number conversions, respectively. Understanding these functions and their correct application is essential for Salesforce professionals looking to manipulate and present data effectively within their organization's Salesforce environment.

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Converting text to numbers in Salesforce formula fields is essential for data analysis and reporting. While manual conversion using Salesforce formula syntax is straightforward, automating your Salesforce workflows can dramatically increase efficiency and accuracy. Bardeen offers several playbooks that can automate various Salesforce tasks, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring your data remains consistent and up-to-date. Automate your Salesforce operations today by downloading the Bardeen app.

  1. Log Received Text Messages as Salesforce Notes: This playbook automates the logging of text message communications directly into Salesforce, ensuring all interactions are recorded and easily accessible for future reference.
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  3. Send Salesforce contact information in Slack: Enhance team collaboration by automatically sending Salesforce contact details to Slack, facilitating quick sharing and discussion of customer data.
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