Easy Google Sheets to Doc Conversion: 4 Methods

Jason Gong
June 6, 2024

Copy and paste data from Google Sheets to Google Docs.

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Convert Google Sheets to Google Doc

Converting Google Sheets to Google Docs involves a few straightforward methods, allowing you to transfer data seamlessly between these two Google Workspace tools. Whether you're looking to copy tabular data or use a Google Workspace add-on, these methods cater to various needs and preferences.

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Copy and Paste Method

This method is ideal for quickly moving tabular data from Google Sheets into a Google Doc, maintaining the original format and offering the option for dynamic updates linked to the original Sheet.

  1. Open both the Google Sheet with the data and the Google Doc where you want to transfer the data.
  2. Highlight the content in the Google Sheet and use the keyboard shortcut to copy it.

      3. In the Google Doc, click where you want to paste the table, select 'Edit' then 'Paste'.

      4. Choose 'Link to Spreadsheet' from the popup window and click 'Paste'.

The table will be pasted with its original format in your Google Doc. If you select 'Paste unlinked', the table won't include a link to the original data source, meaning updates made to the spreadsheet won't reflect in the Google Doc.

Save As Doc Add-on

The 'Save As Doc' add-on is a Google Workspace tool that converts spreadsheet content into a readable format in a Google Document, offering customization options like selecting specific cells, adding page breaks, and choosing heading styles.

  1. Choose 'Save As Doc > Start'.
  2. Select the cells to include or choose 'Select all data'.
  3. Enter a file output name.
  4. Modify the output settings in the sidebar.
  5. Choose 'Save as Doc'.

Note that 'Save As Doc' will output the Google Sheet cell content as a paragraph one after the next, not side by side as laid out in the Sheet.

Mail Merge from Google Sheets to Google Doc

Mail merge involves pulling values from rows in a spreadsheet or another data source and inserting them into a Google Doc template. This process allows for the creation of multiple documents customized with the merged data.

  1. Set up a Google Sheets document with your data organized in rows, with columns representing fields.
  2. Create a Google Doc template with placeholders for the data you wish to merge.
  3. Use Google Apps Script or third-party tools to automate the merging process, replacing placeholders in the template with actual data from the Google Sheets document.

This method is useful for generating multiple customized documents such as invoices or personalized letters.

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Embedding Google Sheets in Google Docs

To embed a Google Sheet into a Google Doc:

  1. Open the Google Sheet and the Google Doc you want to work with.
  2. Copy the data you wish to embed from Google Sheets.
  3. In the Google Doc, select 'Edit' > 'Paste'.
  4. From the 'Paste table' window, select 'Link to spreadsheet' and click 'Paste'.

This method embeds the data with the option to keep it dynamically linked to the original Google Sheet, allowing for updates in the Sheet to be reflected in the Google Doc.

Updating Embedded Google Sheets Data in Google Docs

To update embedded Google Sheets data in a Google Doc:

  1. Select any cell in the embedded table in the Google Doc.
  2. Click the link icon that appears above the table and select 'Change range' to adjust the data range if necessary.
  3. To update the table with the latest data from Google Sheets, select the 'Update' button above your table in the Google Doc.

This ensures that the table in your Google Doc reflects the most recent version of your spreadsheet data.

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Automate Your Google Sheets and Docs Workflow with Bardeen

Converting Google Sheets to Google Docs can be done manually as described above, but automating this process can significantly enhance productivity and ensure data consistency. By using Bardeen, you can automate repetitive tasks between Google Sheets and Google Docs, like generating reports, documentation, or managing data across platforms without manual intervention. Here's how you can automate Google Sheets with Bardeen:

  1. Save ChatGPT transcript to Google Docs: Automatically save valuable ChatGPT conversations directly into a Google Doc for easy reference and documentation.
  2. Copy all Github issues to Google Sheets: Seamlessly transfer and organize GitHub issues within a Google Sheet for better project management and tracking.
  3. Copy an Airtable to Google Sheets: Easily migrate data from Airtable to Google Sheets with a single click, enabling smoother data analysis and collaboration.
Automate Google Sheets to Docs Conversion

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