Your AI Agent for
repetitive  tasks

Make AI work for you with proactive automation

Effortlessly automate tasks in the apps you use for work. No clunky builders or complex interfaces,  just tell Bardeen what you want to do.

The #1 AI Automation Extension for Chrome

Finally, an automation platform built for those actually doing the work

Bardeen is built to empower, not replace, the people who find opportunities, close deals, and directly solve customer problems. Why? Because you know your processes better than anyone else.


More than a connector.
Bardeen works like you do, where you do

That means understanding the web, clicking menus, and using your most important apps. Treat Bardeen like an AI-powered extension of you.


Creating automations is effortless. Just describe it with words

Our goal is to free your time, so why should building automations be any different? Forget complex builders and scripts - just describe your task to the MagicBox to automate it.

Proactive automations
Coming soon

Unlock hidden productivity with the proactive Automation Assistant

Your workflows are unique. Bardeen learns from you to build hyper-personalized automations while you work.

how does bardeen work?

Your proactive teammate — doing the busywork to save you time

Integrate your apps and websites

Use data and events in one app to automate another. Bardeen supports an increasing library of powerful integrations.

Perform tasks & actions

Bardeen completes tasks in apps and websites you use for work, so you don't have to - filling forms, sending messages, or even crafting detailed reports.

Combine it all to create workflows

Workflows are a series of actions triggered by you or a change in a connected app. They automate repetitive tasks you normally perform manually - saving you time.

Automate & integrate with an ever-growing list of apps and websites.


Unlock your team’s full potential with automation

Share your innovative workflows to boost productivity across your entire organization.

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Don't just connect your apps, automate them.

200,000+ users and counting use Bardeen to eliminate repetitive tasks

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