Salesforce vs Salesloft: Best for Cold Outreach?

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June 7, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article dives into comparing Salesforge and Salesloft, focusing on their cold outreach capabilities, to help you pick the best tool. We aim to offer a detailed breakdown of each, showing how they can improve your sales process.

While both tools offer more than just cold outreach features, our comparison will focus solely on this aspect to better assist you in your selection process. Salesforge and Salesloft each have unique strengths in facilitating effective cold outreach.

Our motivation is to help you save time on repetitive tasks by selecting the most suitable tools, including using Bardeen, a task copilot powered by AI that automates sequences of actions across your apps and tabs.

Campaign CreationAI-driven, multi-language, manages multiple mailboxesSupports multi-channel, detailed scheduling, task tracking
DeliverabilityOffers email warming, validation, manages send limitsFocuses on best practices, reputable IPs, gradual volume increase
PersonalizationAI-generated content, uses fallback templatesUses behavioral data, customizable for each lead
AIGenerates emails with customizable tonalityGenerates personalized drafts, suggests strategic actions
Native EnrichmentRelies on third-party tools for lead enrichmentSupports third-party integrations for lead data enhancement
Social AutomationAutomates data fetching from LinkedIn, websitesLacks automation for LinkedIn messaging
PricingTransparent, offers free trial, monthly/annual optionsRequires contact for pricing, has multiple tiers

Campaign Creation - Managing Multichannel Outreach

Salesforge and Salesloft both offer robust capabilities for creating and managing sales campaigns, but they excel in different areas.

Salesforge's sequence builder interface for creating email campaigns.

Salesforge's strength lies in its advanced AI-driven features, such as AI email warm-up and email validation, which ensure high deliverability and personalization at scale. It supports multilingual campaign creation, making it suitable for global reach.

Salesloft's campaign interface shows key details like members, hierarchy, and upcoming tasks.

In contrast, Salesloft provides a detailed scheduling system and supports a mix of automated and manual touchpoints across multiple channels, including email, phone, and social interactions. This multichannel approach is beneficial for teams that engage with prospects through varied communication methods.

For teams looking for advanced AI features and support for multiple languages in email campaigns, Salesforge may be the better choice. However, for those needing strong multichannel support and detailed campaign management, Salesloft stands out. Additionally, integrating tools like Bardeen's automation playbooks can enhance either platform by streamlining the creation of Salesforce opportunities directly from your campaign activities.


Salesforge's sequence builder interface for creating email campaigns.

Salesforge is a sales engagement platform that helps create and manage email outreach campaigns through its Sequence builder. The platform offers advanced AI-driven features to send personalized emails at scale and in multiple languages.

Key features of the Sequence builder:

  • Easy campaign setup: Give your sequence a name, select the product, and choose the language for your campaign.
  • AI-powered capabilities: Leverage AI for email warm-up, validation, and sending personalized emails at scale.
  • Multi-language support: Create sequences in different languages to engage with a global audience.
  • Manage multiple mailboxes: Oversee multiple mailboxes from a single interface while maintaining high deliverability and low bounce rates.

A Reddit user queried about automatically adding demo request leads into Salesforce's Outreach sequence, highlighting the need for seamless integration between lead generation and sales engagement tools.

😐 "Does anyone know how can I make SF automatically add demo request leads into the Outreach sequence?" - r/salesforce


Salesloft's campaign interface shows key details like members, hierarchy, and upcoming tasks.

Salesloft's Sequences feature offers powerful tools for creating and managing multi-channel campaigns that help sales teams engage prospects effectively. The intuitive interface provides a clear overview of campaign details, making it easy to track progress and take action.

  • Multi-channel campaigns: Sequences support a mix of automated and manual touchpoints across email, phone, and social channels, enabling personalized outreach at scale.
  • Detailed scheduling: The robust scheduling system allows for precise timing and sequencing of campaign steps, ensuring consistent and timely follow-up.
  • Campaign hierarchy: Users can view the campaign structure and hierarchy, providing a clear understanding of how individual touchpoints fit into the overall strategy.
  • Upcoming tasks: The interface highlights upcoming and overdue tasks, helping sales reps stay on top of their outreach efforts and prioritize their activities.

Reddit users have mixed opinions about the sequence creation process in sales engagement platforms like Salesloft:

👍 "Salesloft is easier to use and adopt" - r/sales
👎 "Our reply rates on sequences are terrible" - r/sales
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Deliverability - Safeguarding Your Sender Reputation

Salesforge offers better support for email deliverability with its integrated features like email warming and validation, which are critical for maintaining a good sender reputation and improving inbox placement rates.

Salesforge's email warming and detailed mailbox management.

Salesloft, on the other hand, does not offer native email warming but emphasizes best practices such as using reputable IPs and gradually increasing email volume to avoid triggering spam filters.

To further optimize email campaigns and improve deliverability, consider using Bardeen to personalize and automate your email tasks, enhancing your overall productivity and effectiveness in email outreach.

If email deliverability is a priority, Salesforge may be the better choice due to its comprehensive tools designed specifically for improving email performance and sender reputation.


Salesforge offers email warming and multiple mailboxes to improve deliverability.

Salesforge's Sequences feature provides tools to improve email deliverability and avoid spam filters. The platform offers email warming and validation to prepare new inboxes for outreach and catch potential issues before sending.

Key deliverability features:

  • Email warming: Gradually increase sending volume to establish a positive reputation
  • Multiple mailboxes: Distribute outreach across inboxes to manage sending limits
  • Inbox monitoring: Track warming progress and active status of each mailbox
  • Sending limits: Set a maximum number of emails per mailbox to avoid triggering spam filters

Reddit users discuss Salesforge's deliverability tools, particularly praising its ESP matching capabilities:

👍 "You need ESP matching, which providers like Salesforge provide." - r/Emailmarketing
😐 "bought a bunch of domains and mailboxes recently via Salesforge" - r/Entrepreneur


AI-generated follow-up email in Salesloft.

Salesloft focuses on deliverability through best practices rather than specific features like email warming. Their approach includes:

  • Reputable IPs: Salesloft maintains a good sending reputation by using trusted IP addresses.
  • Gradual volume increase: They recommend slowly increasing email volume over time to establish a positive sending history.
  • Personalized content: Encouraging users to send targeted, relevant emails to each prospect helps avoid spam filters.
  • Monitoring and guidance: Salesloft provides tools and advice to help users maintain high deliverability rates.

While Salesloft may not have all the bells and whistles of dedicated email deliverability platforms, their focus on fundamentals and user education enables effective email outreach campaigns.

👍 "Salesloft is easier to use, and adopt" - r/sales
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Personalization - Tailoring Communication for Individual Leads

Salesforge excels in providing AI-driven email customization and fallback options, making it a robust choice for dynamic email personalization.

Salesforge's AI generates personalized email content and supports fallback templates.

Salesloft, however, focuses more on leveraging behavioral data and custom columns for personalization, offering a more tailored experience based on lead interactions.

Salesloft utilizes behavioral personalization and custom columns effectively.

While both platforms offer robust personalization capabilities, Salesforge might be more suited for those who value automated AI-driven tools to streamline email creation. Meanwhile, Salesloft could be preferable for users who prioritize detailed personalization based on user engagement metrics. To further enhance your email personalization strategies, consider integrating Bardeen’s AI-powered automation tools which can help you generate and optimize email content for each unique lead.


Salesforge offers AI-powered email generation and custom variables for personalization.

Salesforge provides a range of personalization options to tailor email sequences to individual leads, helping to improve engagement and response rates.

  • AI-powered email generation: Salesforge's AI can generate personalized email content based on the context of the lead or conversation, reducing the time and effort required to craft effective outreach.
  • Custom variables: Users can insert custom variables, such as the lead's name, company, or other relevant information, into email templates to create a more personalized experience.
  • Fallback templates: If the AI fails to generate an email or the lead is missing a LinkedIn URL, Salesforge allows users to create fallback templates to maintain personalization.
  • Preview emails: The platform enables users to preview and send test emails to ensure the personalization works as intended before launching a campaign.


Personalization options for each lead in Salesloft's cadences.

Salesloft provides robust personalization features within its cadences, allowing you to tailor your outreach to each individual lead. By leveraging custom columns and behavioral data, you can craft highly relevant and engaging emails that resonate with your prospects.

  • Custom columns: Salesloft allows you to add custom columns for each lead, enabling you to include personalized information such as their company, role, or specific pain points. This data can be dynamically inserted into your email templates, ensuring that each message feels unique and tailored to the recipient.
  • Behavioral personalization: Salesloft tracks each lead's behavior and engagement, such as email opens, clicks, and replies. You can use this data to trigger specific actions or adjust your messaging based on how the lead interacts with your outreach. For example, if a lead opens your email multiple times, you can follow up with more targeted content to address their specific interests.

By combining custom columns and behavioral data, Salesloft empowers you to create highly personalized sequences that stand out in a crowded inbox. This level of personalization not only improves open and response rates but also helps build stronger relationships with your prospects, ultimately leading to more successful sales conversations.

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AI - Boosting Personalized Sales Tactics

Salesloft seems to offer a more integrated AI experience compared to Salesforge, focusing heavily on both email personalization and strategic action suggestions based on advanced natural language processing (NLP).

Salesloft's AI-driven email draft creation

Salesforge, while offering robust AI-generated email content with customizable tonality, presents limitations such as a preview available only for the first five contacts and the use of credits for generating new previews. This could potentially restrict flexibility in large-scale campaigns.

Considering AI integration, Salesloft's approach is more comprehensive as it not only personalizes emails but also guides sales actions, making it an excellent choice for teams seeking to leverage AI for both communication and strategic decision-making.

If expanding AI capabilities in your sales tools is a priority, you might also consider enhancing your workflow with Bardeen, which can automate creating personalized email drafts and more, adding valuable context about leads to your outreach efforts.


Salesforge's AI-generated email preview with customizable tonality

Salesforge's Sequences feature offers a powerful AI-driven email generation tool that can write entire emails based on your chosen tonality. This AI assistant helps craft compelling and personalized emails at scale, saving time and effort in your outreach campaigns.

Key aspects of Salesforge's AI email generation:

  • Customizable tonality: Choose from a variety of tones like playful, hilarious, formal, curious, and more to match your brand voice and target audience.
  • Personalization credits: You start with 10 personalization credits, which are used when generating new email previews. Regenerating emails is free.
  • Preview limitations: AI previews are generated only for the first 5 contacts in your sequence. The rest will be generated once you start the sequence.
  • Fallback template: To use the AI email generation, you need to set a "fallback template" that will be used if the AI fails to generate a suitable email.

By leveraging Salesforge's AI capabilities, you can create unique and engaging emails that resonate with your leads, ultimately improving your reply rates and conversion rates. The AI assistant takes care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your sales process.


Salesloft leverages AI to generate personalized email drafts for each recipient.

Salesloft utilizes AI to provide personalized suggestions and automate tasks, helping sales reps prospect more efficiently. The platform's AI capabilities are designed to save time and improve the effectiveness of sales engagement efforts.

  • AI-generated email drafts: Salesloft can generate personalized email drafts based on recipient information, saving reps time while ensuring that each message is tailored to the individual.
  • Personalized action recommendations: The AI analyzes data and provides prioritized actions for each lead, guiding reps on the most effective next steps to build pipeline and close deals.
  • Customizable AI inputs: Users can specify which data points the AI should use when generating content, allowing for a high degree of customization and control over the output.
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Native Enrichment - gathering lead insights through third-party integrations

Salesforge and Salesloft both do not offer native lead enrichment, requiring third-party integrations to gain comprehensive buyer signals and additional lead data.

Salesforge relies on third-party tools for lead enrichment.

While both platforms support integrations with various data providers, they do not differ significantly in how they handle lead enrichment through external services. Salesforge users might use for building contact lists or Findymail for scraping LinkedIn contacts, whereas Salesloft users would also rely on similar integrations to enhance lead data.

For users needing advanced lead enrichment capabilities directly within the sales platform, neither Salesforge nor Salesloft may fully meet these needs without additional tools or subscriptions. However, using Bardeen, you can automate the enrichment of leads from within your existing workflows, significantly simplifying the process and enhancing productivity.


Salesforge relies on third-party tools for lead enrichment.

While Salesforge offers a powerful set of features for sales engagement and outreach, one area where it falls short compared to some competitors is in native lead enrichment capabilities. Salesforge does not provide built-in functionality to enrich lead data with additional insights and buyer signals.

To get more context on leads and accounts, Salesforge users need to rely on integrations with third-party data providers and enrichment tools. Some options mentioned in their documentation include:

  • for building contact lists and scraping contacts at scale
  • Findymail for scraping contacts from LinkedIn and enriching data
  • Builtwith for technographic data on what tools leads are using
  • Launch Gravity for sourcing contact data

The lack of native enrichment features may add some extra steps and complexity for sales teams looking to get a fuller picture of their leads within the Salesforge platform. However, the ability to integrate with popular data providers does provide flexibility to use your preferred enrichment sources.


Salesloft does not offer a native lead enrichment feature within its platform. However, it supports integrations with third-party services that can provide additional data and insights about your leads.

While buyer signals and lead enrichment data can be valuable for sales teams, Salesloft focuses on other areas of the sales engagement process. Users who require this functionality will need to rely on Salesloft's integration capabilities to connect with their preferred lead enrichment providers.

It's important to carefully evaluate your team's need for lead enrichment and compare the options available through Salesloft's integrations to find the best fit for your workflow and budget.

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Social Automation - Integrating and Automating LinkedIn Outreach

Salesforge provides more versatility in social automation compared to Salesloft, primarily through its ability to integrate LinkedIn profiles and website data into its sequences.

Salesforge's contact source options include LinkedIn, websites, or both.

This flexibility allows users to pull valuable contact information directly, enhancing personalization and effectiveness of outreach campaigns. On the other hand, Salesloft does not currently support sending LinkedIn messages as part of their email campaigns, which may limit users looking to extend their outreach directly through social platforms within their sequence workflows.

For businesses looking to leverage social data directly in their sales sequences, Salesforge offers a distinct advantage. If integrating social platform actions within your outreach strategy is critical, consider using Bardeen’s automation capabilities to further enhance your sales processes without manual efforts.


Salesforge offers social automation for LinkedIn profiles and websites.

Salesforge provides social automation capabilities within its sequences, allowing users to fetch contact information from LinkedIn profiles, websites, or a combination of both. This feature enables more personalized outreach by incorporating relevant data into email campaigns.

Key aspects of Salesforge's social automation:

  • LinkedIn profile integration: Pull contact details directly from LinkedIn profiles
  • Website data extraction: Gather information from prospect websites
  • Combined approach: Use both LinkedIn and website data for comprehensive insights


Salesloft does not currently support sending LinkedIn messages as part of their email sequences and campaigns. This means that users are unable to automate social outreach on the LinkedIn platform through Salesloft's Sequences feature.

While Salesloft offers a range of automation and personalization options for email campaigns, the ability to integrate LinkedIn messaging is not available at this time. Users who require this functionality may need to explore alternative tools or manually manage their LinkedIn outreach separate from their Salesloft sequences.

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Pricing Transparency - Evaluating Salesforge and Salesloft

Salesforge offers a more flexible and transparent pricing structure compared to Salesloft, making it more accessible for potential users to start without initial commitments.

Salesforge pricing details showing monthly and annual options with a 7-day free trial.

Salesforge provides a 7-day free trial and offers both monthly and annual billing options, with discounts available for annual commitments. This flexibility allows businesses to test the service before fully committing financially.

In contrast, Salesloft does not offer any free trial and requires potential customers to contact their sales team to discuss pricing, which may be a barrier for some small businesses or startups looking to quickly understand costs and features.

For users looking for straightforward pricing and an easier start, Salesforge might be the preferable choice. Additionally, consider using Bardeen’s automation playbooks to streamline your CRM activities, saving time and enhancing productivity.


Salesforge offers monthly and annual pricing for Growth and Pro plans.

Salesforge provides transparent pricing information on their website, with two main plans: Growth at $96/month and Pro at $48/month, billed monthly. Annual billing is also available with 2 months free.

Key aspects of Salesforge's pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: A 7-day free trial is offered for the Growth plan, though it has limited features compared to the paid plan.
  • Monthly and annual billing: Both monthly and annual billing options are provided, with a discount when choosing annual billing.
  • Plan differences: The Growth plan includes higher limits on active contacts, emails per month, email validation and personalization credits, mailboxes, and users compared to the Pro plan. Some features like A/B testing, ESP matching, and advanced settings are exclusive to the Growth plan.
  • Unlimited features: Both plans offer unlimited email warm up and Primebox.
  • Self-service: Users can sign up and get started directly online without needing to contact sales.


Salesloft offers three pricing tiers with increasing feature sets.

Salesloft offers three pricing tiers designed to meet the needs of different sales teams:

  • Essentials: Includes basic features like pipeline generation, automated workflows, and pipeline performance analytics.
  • Advanced (Most Popular): Adds rep coaching, full customer lifecycle workflows, and conversation intelligence to help convert deals.
  • Premier: The top-tier plan focused on generating predictable revenue with features like forecasting, revenue management, and AI-driven next actions.

Some key details about Salesloft's pricing model:

  • No free trial is available.
  • Pricing is not publicly listed. Interested customers must contact the Salesloft sales team for a custom quote.
  • Pricing is likely per user per month, a common model for sales engagement platforms.
  • More advanced features like revenue forecasting and AI-powered insights are limited to the Premier plan.
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The Verdict: Which is Best for Multilingual Campaigns?

Salesforge and Salesloft are both powerful tools for managing sales campaigns, but they shine in different scenarios. Salesforge excels with its AI-driven features and multilingual support, ideal for global campaigns needing personalized emails in various languages.

Salesloft, on the other hand, offers robust multichannel support and detailed campaign management, making it superior for teams that use diverse communication methods to reach prospects.

For campaigns focused on reaching a global audience with tailored content in multiple languages, we recommend Salesforge. If your priority is engaging prospects across various channels with precision, Salesloft is the better choice.

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