Instantly vs Woodpecker: Best Cold Email Tools 2024

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June 7, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article compares and Woodpecker on their cold outreach capabilities, aiming to help you choose the best tool with a detailed analysis of their features. Although both tools offer more than just cold outreach, this comparison focuses solely on this aspect. Bardeen's goal in writing this comparison is to aid in selecting tools that save time on repetitive tasks, essential for effective workflow management. Learn more about Bardeen, a task copilot that automates actions in your browser to save you time.

Campaign CreationLinear sequences, simple to useAdvanced features, multi-step flow
DeliverabilityUnlimited email warming, mixed resultsBuilt-in warming, bounce protection
PersonalizationCustom templates, variable placeholdersLinkedIn data integration, custom fields
AINo AI featuresOpenAI integration, full sentence generation
Native EnrichmentLead Finder with bulk enrichmentNo native enrichment feature
Social AutomationNo native social media automationNo native social media automation
PricingTiered pricing, starts at $30/monthStarts at $56/month, simple model

Campaign Creation - Comparing and Woodpecker

Woodpecker has the upper hand for users needing advanced campaign management features, especially for multichannel outreach.

Woodpecker's intuitive campaign creation flow for cold email outreach

Woodpecker facilitates the integration of LinkedIn tasks and customizable email sequences, making it ideal for sophisticated, targeted campaigns. In contrast, offers a more streamlined, linear approach to sequence creation, which might appeal to users with simpler campaign needs.

For those looking to enhance their outreach strategies, Woodpecker's ability to schedule campaigns and tailor messages across different channels provides a significant advantage. Additionally, the integration capabilities with LinkedIn ensure a cohesive approach to lead engagement.

If you're looking to save time on repetitive tasks across your apps, consider using Bardeen, which automates sequences of actions to improve your productivity without needing to code.

Simple linear email sequence creation in provides a straightforward way to create email sequences for outreach campaigns. The sequences are designed to be simple and linear, without complex branching or conditional logic.

  • Linear step-by-step sequences: focuses on creating easy-to-follow sequences that progress in a linear fashion, making it ideal for simple outreach campaigns.
  • No complex branching: Unlike some other tools, does not offer conditional branching or forking within sequences, keeping the process streamlined.
  • Customizable steps: Users can add and customize individual steps within the sequence, such as adding variants to emails or adjusting timing between steps.

While may lack some of the advanced features found in other sales engagement platforms, its simplicity can be an advantage for users who prefer a more straightforward approach to email sequencing.

👍 "combine this with for our results" - r/sales


Woodpecker's intuitive campaign creation flow for cold email outreach.

Woodpecker's Sequences feature enables users to create and manage automated email campaigns for cold outreach. The intuitive campaign creation process guides you through setting up targeted campaigns step-by-step.

Key aspects of Woodpecker's campaign creation:

  • Email account integration: Easily connect your email account to send follow-ups directly from Woodpecker.
  • Multi-step campaign flow: Define the path of your campaign, from initial outreach to prospect engagement and summary.
  • LinkedIn task integration: Incorporate LinkedIn tasks within your email sequences for multichannel outreach.
  • Scheduling and timezone options: Control the timing and frequency of your email sends based on prospects' timezones.

With these tools, Woodpecker simplifies the process of creating personalized, automated email sequences to engage prospects and drive conversions.

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Deliverability - Improving Email Reach and Reputation offers a more robust deliverability feature set compared to Woodpecker, particularly with its unlimited email warming included even in the most basic packages.

__wf_reserved_inherit's email warmup settings for improving deliverability not only simulates email opens and reads to enhance sender reputation but also allows for the use of custom tracking domains, which can help with brand consistency and further improve deliverability. On the other hand, Woodpecker also provides built-in email warming and adopts best practices for cold emailing, but it does not offer the same level of integration or unlimited access as

To further boost your email deliverability and optimize your sales engagement, consider integrating Bardeen to automate your tasks and streamline your workflow. This can particularly be helpful in managing responses and categorizing leads based on email interactions.

For users needing extensive email management and robust deliverability support, is the preferable choice, offering comprehensive features that can accommodate a wide range of email marketing needs.

__wf_reserved_inherit's email warmup settings for improving deliverability. offers a comprehensive email warming service to help improve deliverability and avoid spam filters. This feature is fully integrated into the platform, allowing users to manage their email accounts effectively for outbound campaigns.

  • Unlimited email warming: Even the most basic package includes unlimited email warming, making it accessible to all users.
  • Simulated engagement: The service simulates email opens and reads with your connected inboxes to establish a positive sending reputation.
  • Custom tracking domain: Users can set up a custom tracking domain to further improve deliverability and branding consistency.
  • Adjustable settings: The warmup settings can be adjusted based on the user's needs, including daily sending limits, reply rates, and more.

However, Reddit users report mixed experiences with's Sequences Deliverability feature:

👎 "Been doing the warm up for almost 2 months now and still even basic messages going to spam" - r/Emailmarketing
👎 "email address as SPAM!!! their email warmup is just a claim" - r/Emailmarketing

While some users praise the platform's ability to manage multiple email accounts for scaling outreach, others have encountered issues with emails being labeled as spam despite using the warmup feature. This suggests that individual results may vary, and users should monitor their campaigns closely to ensure optimal deliverability.


Woodpecker's warm-up feature helps protect deliverability.

Woodpecker prioritizes deliverability through a combination of features and best practices that aim to optimize email sending and avoid spam filters.

Key deliverability features:

  • Built-in email warm-up: Gradually increases sending volume to establish sender reputation and improve inbox placement.
  • Bounce Shield: Protects deliverability by monitoring and handling bounced emails.
  • Inbox rotation: Supports sending from multiple mailboxes to distribute email volume and maintain sender reputation.
  • Prospect reassignment: Ability to move prospects to different mailboxes if deliverability issues arise.

Reddit users express mixed opinions on Woodpecker's deliverability features, with some praising its effectiveness and others questioning its value at scale.

😐 "Woodpecker works out cheaper :)" - r/Emailmarketing
👍 "It has built-in email verification, so you are safe when it comes to deliverability and it makes sure your emails land in the main inbox and not in SPAM." - r/AutomateTheGrind
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Personalization - Tailoring Outreach Messages for Impact

When comparing and Woodpecker for email personalization features, Woodpecker takes the edge with its LinkedIn integration, which allows more targeted and personalized outreach.

Woodpecker email editor showcasing advanced personalization options

While provides a robust set of tools for customization, including templates, variable placeholders, and rich content options, it lacks the direct integration capabilities that Woodpecker offers, which can enhance the relevance of outreach efforts based on real-time LinkedIn data.

For those looking to harness even more personalized outreach, integrating Bardeen's automation tools can significantly enhance your email campaigns. Bardeen allows you to automatically craft messages using comprehensive data from various platforms, including LinkedIn, providing a seamless bridge between data gathering and outreach.

If the priority is to create highly tailored communications that resonate on a personal level, Woodpecker, supported by Bardeen’s automation, presents a compelling choice.

__wf_reserved_inherit email editor with personalization variables and preview provides a highly customizable email editor within its campaign feature, allowing users to personalize their outreach emails to each lead. The editor supports a range of personalization options to help create targeted and engaging emails.

  • Customizable templates: Start with a pre-made template or create your own from scratch
  • Personalization variables: Easily insert variables like {{accountSignature}} using placeholders
  • Preview functionality: See how the email will look for each lead with the preview button
  • Rich formatting: Add links, emoticons, and images to enhance the email content
  • Email settings: Configure options such as email tracking and daily sending limits


Woodpecker's email editor with personalization fields for prospect data.

Woodpecker provides robust personalization options within its email editor, allowing users to tailor their outreach to each individual prospect. By leveraging prospect data and custom fields, emails can be crafted to resonate with the unique characteristics and needs of the recipient.

Key personalization features:

  • Prospect data fields: Easily insert data like first name, last name, company, and more into email templates
  • Custom fields: Create custom fields to include specific details relevant to each prospect
  • LinkedIn integration: Personalize outreach based on prospect's LinkedIn profile information
  • Snippets: Save and reuse common personalized phrases to streamline email creation
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AI - Crafting Personalized Emails with Ease

Woodpecker clearly outshines in the AI features for sales sequences, providing robust capabilities through its integration with OpenAI.

Woodpecker's AI integration allows for crafting personalized emails easily

Woodpecker leverages AI to enable complete sentence creation and tailoring content based on custom signals for each lead., despite its name, lacks AI-driven features for writing sentences or customizing messages based on lead-specific data. This makes Woodpecker a more suitable choice for businesses looking to harness AI for enhancing personalization and effectiveness in their email campaigns.

For those needing advanced AI capabilities in their sales sequence tools, consider using Bardeen to further augment your sales process by integrating detailed context about leads and automating repetitive tasks with AI.

Based on the provided information, does not appear to offer any AI-powered features for creating or managing sales sequences. While the domain name may suggest otherwise, there is no evidence of AI capabilities within the Sequences feature.

Key observations:

  • Lack of AI-generated content for sequences
  • No mention of leveraging custom lead signals with AI
  • Domain name does not reflect actual product features


Woodpecker uses AI to personalize emails for each lead.

Woodpecker integrates with OpenAI to leverage artificial intelligence for creating personalized emails tailored to each lead. This feature allows users to write entire sentences with AI assistance, making the email creation process more efficient and effective.

Key aspects of Woodpecker's AI-powered email personalization:

  • OpenAI integration: Woodpecker connects with OpenAI to access advanced language models for generating personalized email content.
  • Custom signals: The AI can utilize custom signals and data points specific to each lead to create highly relevant and targeted emails.
  • Full sentence generation: Users can rely on the AI to write complete sentences, going beyond simple variable substitution for personalization.
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Pro Tip:

Native Enrichment - Boosting Lead Data Quality in and Woodpecker offers more versatility in lead handling compared to Woodpecker, as it allows users to upload and enrich leads through its Lead Finder feature.

Advanced filtering options in's Lead Finder

Woodpecker, on the other hand, lacks a native enrichment feature, which means users must rely on external sources for additional lead data, potentially complicating the sales process.

If enhancing your lead data is crucial for your sales strategy, is the better choice, especially for teams looking to streamline their workflow. Additionally, to further enhance your lead management and enrichment processes, consider using Bardeen to automate and integrate additional data sources efficiently.

Lead Finder results with filters for job title, location, industry, and more.

Instantly's Lead Finder allows you to search for and enrich leads with key information to help you find the right prospects. While it does not offer a native enrichment database, you can upload a list of leads to enrich their details.

Key features of Lead Finder enrichment:

  • Filters for targeted searches: Narrow down leads by job title, location, industry, company size, revenue, and more to find ideal prospects.
  • Bulk enrichment: Upload a list of leads to enrich multiple records at once with additional data points.
  • Key buyer signals: Enrich leads with information like job title, company, and email to better understand and engage prospects.


Woodpecker does not currently offer a native lead enrichment feature within its platform. This means that users are unable to automatically gather additional data points or buyer signals about their leads directly within the Woodpecker interface.

While lead enrichment can provide valuable context for sales outreach, its absence does not hinder the core functionality of the tool. Users can still import their lead data from external sources and leverage Woodpecker's capabilities for email automation and follow-up sequences.

To summarize:

  • No native lead enrichment feature available
  • Users must rely on external data sources for lead context
  • Core email automation features remain unaffected
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Social Automation - Tackling Multi-Channel Outreach Limitations

Neither nor Woodpecker provide native capabilities for automating social media platforms like LinkedIn. This may require users to integrate with third-party tools such as Dripify or Hey Alfred for full social selling functionality.

While lacks built-in features for social automation, it maintains robust email automation functionalities. This limitation is shared by Woodpecker, which also does not support the enrichment of leads from social media or messaging automation within its Sequences feature.

For users specifically seeking to enhance their sales process through automated social media engagement, neither platform offers a direct solution. However, using a tool like Bardeen can complement these platforms by creating personalized outreach emails and automating other tasks that bridge the gap in social automation capabilities.

In this scenario, the choice between and Woodpecker should be based on other feature preferences, as both have similar limitations in social automation. For enhanced functionality, consider integrating with Bardeen to leverage its automation capabilities, including those in social media engagement. does not appear to have native capabilities for automating social media outreach on platforms like LinkedIn. To fully leverage social selling, users may need to integrate with additional tools such as Dripify or Hey Alfred.

While provides robust email automation features, the lack of built-in social automation may be a limitation for users looking to streamline their outreach efforts across multiple channels.


Woodpecker does not currently offer social automation features within their Sequences. Unlike some other sales engagement platforms, Woodpecker focuses primarily on email outreach and does not provide the ability to enrich leads from social media platforms or automate social messaging.

While this may be a limitation for some users who rely heavily on social media for their sales prospecting, Woodpecker's email-centric approach allows them to specialize in delivering a robust and user-friendly email automation solution.

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Pricing - Comparing and Woodpecker's Plans

When comparing Instantly and Woodpecker in terms of pricing, Instantly provides more flexibility with multiple tiered options catering to different business sizes, while Woodpecker offers a simpler, one-package approach.

Instantly's plans range from $30 to $286.30 per month, accommodating email volumes from 5,000 to 500,000 per month. All plans include unlimited email accounts and a 14-day free trial without needing to interact with sales. Conversely, Woodpecker's singular package starts at $29 per month, aimed at smaller scale operations, providing a free trial that ends either after 7 days or 50 contacted prospects.

Both services offer annual payment options with savings, but Instantly's tiered system might better serve businesses with scaling needs. Woodpecker, however, simplifies decision-making with one comprehensive package that includes several tools like an email verification tool and unlimited team members, which could appeal to users looking for straightforward pricing without tier complexities.

For businesses scaling their email campaigns and requiring diverse plan options, Instantly might be the preferable choice due to its flexibility in plan sizes and the inclusion of unlimited warmup emails. However, for those seeking a no-fuss, all-inclusive package, Woodpecker's single plan could be more attractive.

Instantly offers simple, transparent pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.

Instantly provides straightforward pricing options designed to fit the needs and budgets of various businesses. The pricing model is based on the number of emails sent per month, with plans ranging from $30 to $286.30 per month, depending on the volume of emails required.

Key aspects of Instantly's pricing:

  • Flexible plans: Three tiers (Growth, Hypergrowth, and Light Speed) to accommodate different business needs
  • Monthly and yearly billing: Save 20% by opting for annual billing
  • Unlimited email accounts: All plans include unlimited email accounts and warmup emails to prevent messages from being sent to spam
  • Scalable email volume: Plans support anywhere from 5,000 to 500,000 emails per month
  • 14-day free trial: Test the product without requiring a sales call

The pricing structure is designed to scale with a business's growth, making Instantly a suitable choice for startups and established companies alike. The 14-day free trial allows potential users to explore the platform's features without any upfront commitment or the need to engage with a sales representative.


Woodpecker pricing scales with agency size, starting at $56/month for 500 contacted prospects.

Woodpecker offers a simple, straightforward pricing model that scales with your agency's needs. The pricing is based on the number of contacted prospects, starting at $56 per month for up to 500 prospects.

  • Billing model: Monthly or annual subscription, with a slight discount for annual billing
  • Free trial: 7 days or 50 contacted prospects, whichever limit is reached first
  • Pricing tiers: Single package that scales based on the number of contacted prospects, stored prospects, and active clients
  • Key features: All features are included in the package, such as email verification tool, inbox rotation, and AI assistance
  • Sales contact: No need to contact sales, as pricing is transparent and self-service

Woodpecker's pricing model is designed to be simple and accessible for agencies of all sizes, with the ability to scale as your business grows. The inclusion of all features in a single package ensures that you have access to the tools you need without having to upgrade to higher tiers.

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Which Tool is Best for Your Cold Outreach Needs? and Woodpecker cater differently to users' needs. keeps things straightforward, perfect for users preferring a no-frills, easy-to-use solution for simple outreach campaigns. Woodpecker, however, offers advanced features such as LinkedIn integration and multichannel capabilities, ideal for complex, targeted campaigns.

If you need a tool that is easy to use and manages simple campaigns, is a great choice. For more advanced campaign management, especially involving multiple channels, Woodpecker is the better option. Both tools provide valuable features, so your choice should depend on your specific requirements.

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